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  1. Yeah, nvx recommended the Totem skyguard with VE to me and it was a great suggestion. Although 3 of those spark suicide bombers still take it out so i usually still need a backup on
  2. Frost mobs with cyb are the worst! I started having a lot less trouble by using flame auras. I max out gambit and then also add deadly strikes when dealing with those. With that much range you can usually place them far enough that they won’t get it or put them on both sides so if they stop to disable one the other is hitting. Combine the lane with some bees, lightning auras, cannons and/or earthquake tower and you can often concentrate so much DPS that’s they die before they can do anything. Seriously though, max range flame aura can be put a LOT of places that avoids them. Of course, I do s
  3. You can usually put stuff off to the side and they will often ignore. If I feel secure in my other lanes and/or it is first map (so restart not painful) I will often experiment with placements and just watch the lane to see what happens and how they react. (Knowing I can drop in and DPS it if it goes sideways). Trial and error learnings here have been helping me a LOT.
  4. Definately stinks not to be able to “play a quick DD game” that makes any progress unless I have 90min+ AND don’t lose anything. If TE wants the bar SUPER high (ie - must clear 3 maps without failure) I am fine with it but not being able to take a break really stinks. (ANd if there are connection issues those stink, too. I had a bunch back before the second patch but other than a power outage, I haven’t had the game glitch me to a loss in dozens of floors on XBOX. But no doubt it happens and seems unfair).
  5. I am not saying I don’t get frustrated, but I have enjoyed having to actually think (often hard) about how to deal with a lane based on the HUGE combination of who is in it, their mutators and what the geo layout of the lane is. I will say that I was super stuck on 61 until I started thinking VERY differently about how to mix and match defenses across numerous hero’s to deal with dicey lanes. Once I got over that (and had true end game level gear) it has mostly been a rinse and repeat. I just hate not being able to walk away and take a break during 3 B2B maps. They NEED to have a way to take a
  6. If the tree absolutely can’t block the path you need something extra to prevent the lady orcs from going by. I will often just stick a cannon behind my tree to pop them and finish them off as they approach it . That way it can also lay down fire on mobs that may be getting close, too. I generally find it is a more efficient use of DU than a second barricade. Although if I think the barricade will get hit hard by larger mob groups I may still launch down a more traditional barricade or a second tree (ideally from nearby lane so defenses can reside in TWO tree rings when possible for redundancy.
  7. Did you find difficulty change much at 100+? I just finished solo’ing 90 on Xbox. It hasn’t appeared to change much, but I might just be anticipating how to deal with lanes more efficiently and have been offsetting difficulty increases without realizing it. I second the comment about watching the mini-map!!! You have to anticipate a problem early when solo’ing to get there in time. Especially the first round. When I do fail, it is usually the first round where I poorly anticipated a lane build, haven’t upgraded anything and can’t get there in time while solo’ing.
  8. I don’t remember the exact floor (69 maybe?) but it was the first map of floor, destroyed throne room, and the boss spawn was in the way back. The mini-ogres started all spawning literally right next to the throne in the front and started walking around destroying things (including gem). I survived first round killing them all manually (I didn’t see them spawn). So beginning of second round I just watched the “area” where I found them and sure enough, watched them materialize right before my eyes right there in the middle of the map RIGHT next to gem under throne. At least it was the first
  9. Give us a “lock box” (you can make us buy slots!) that allow us to store a VERY MINIMAL amount of gear that then won’t reset but we can’t re-access the gear (unlock the box) until we get back to floor 55. You know, just a place to store that favorite sword or two. You can even still reset the upgrade levels for all I care. I don’t mind grinding gold, but grinding the perfect weapon that matches my playstyle and aesthetic preferences combined is the worst.
  10. TE - I was a huge DD1 fan and was so excited to be able to get access to DD2 on the XBOX this last fall. I may not be the best player or play the most, but on XBOX, I am up there (I know, there aren't anywhere near as many people on XBOX!). I just cleared floor 65 on Onslaught and stopped a couple weeks ago at 576 stars on Mastery (almost all done Solo). I am BEGGING for a couple of simple updates I would like you to consider: 1) My main ask - PLEASE don't make me play all 3 maps per floor back to back in one sitting. I like to come home from work and crank a map out to relax before dinner, ta
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