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  1. I actually think the re-roll is the answer. Sometimes the RNG combos (especially when lanes merge) are just devastating. And, frankly, the higher floors you get to the harder schedules they throw and the higher the risk becomes. The more you can “git gud” the more you can roll with some of them, but I have still lost FAR lower floors trying to help someone with an unlucky set of schedules/mutations. I will say though that revenge of yeti is one of those maps I do fear the most seeing come up because even a little bad RNG luck on schedules can make it super hard (seemingly impossible!). I have
  2. If you are on XBOX I am happy to join a game with you this weekend and see how you are approaching the lanes and offer some tips. Feel free to ping me on XBL. Xbox ID: aMEIzing freeze
  3. This would be a huge nerf in higher onslaught floors. It would also make slimes basically useless for burn lanes, which I can’t imagine they would do. I am hoping this is a bug. I feel like they wouldn’t have forgotten to mention this in the patch notes! I hope we get clarity.
  4. Update sounds exciting. Will XBOX get the first one “targeting next week” too?
  5. Also, although Assassins might be an “annoyance” at lower floors, as I have progressed higher they are a much more dangerous to Dryad already anyway (because if you die, of course your corrupt is down). I have already had to adapt to survive them in extreme ways (and that is approaching a wall). I have had to massively focus on health and damage mitigation because of Assassins. I have had to adjust all my Dryads gear to ensure they all have a (good) health stat. I have had to re-allocated my ascension to maximize health first. I have had to ensure I have a location with Cannons (with stun) and
  6. TE, is this true (re:Dryad)? If so, you might as well just get rid of her corrupt form because when the hardest overall wave of enemies and bosses hits and you are solo (which is pretty much the only way to progress high floors) I am tied up with Assassins for an extended period and would basically have to always build for no corrupt (hence why have it). I am on XBOX so don’t have the new patch yet, but my enjoyment playing the Dryad massively boosted my hours playing, I have been a huge fan of Onslaught and looking forward to a reset process (and thousands of hours of future playtime) once I
  7. I like the point about highest floor achieved. Once we get back to 65 why not go ahead and unlock the highest floor achieved? Replaying floors above 65 beaten in past has no value at all. I pile onto that suggestion!
  8. Is it possible to change the order of the hero’s in the “master deck” roll on the Xbox (not just the main deck of 4, but the order of them when you scroll through them all or look at them all together?) Over time I added hero duplicates and now my different classes aren’t grouped together. It would make adjusting deck during building SO MUCH faster if I could adjust the order. Just a way to move them around when looking at all the hero’s cards? Thx
  9. few points on that, the current game is very anti grouping unless you are on the same floor and join before the first map is over on onslaught ( or 3rd round on trials) you cant group. Difficulty increases with more players in party partially negating the benefits Stacking is fine, however, things like defense power increase don't affect shards like power transfer and crit is where the majority of your damage comes from. Respawn time and Tower build time ... lol The increases are so small and the reward for each prestige lvl is barely noticeable. Lifesteal being the exception. The big reason
  10. The range one seems like a real joke. They should reward deeper investment. Like if first point gives 1%, maybe second point into same stat should do +2% (so 3% total). So with that, 5 points could give you 15%. That is not extreme but would have a real impact. I get that the ascension cap increases are the real LONG TERM benefit, but why even have the points if they are SO LOW impact? To get any noticeable impact of resetting you have to push floors, do lots of resets, etc and THEN go achieve 2-3k ascension levels (which are “easier” since you now get a large experience multiplier if you rese
  11. In an “infinite mode” it is sort of on TE to decide how hard it should be when (since everyone will hit a wall eventually). A significant part of the difficulty is the potential lane combinations/location (schedule, mutations and spawn location combination). I failed floor 131 3x before passing (maybe the most times I have failed a floor since learning the mutations in early 60’s) but last night did 135 and it was SO EASY. And it is mostly based on what it throws at me (not the difficult of the specific enemies). Winning is RNG. 135 had 1/2 the bird lanes I usually get. It had less cyborgs. I
  12. To those that have reset (and done so more than once), are the bonuses from ancient points linear or not? For example, does each extra point give you the same (incremental) return in bonuses that the first did? I get the long term value of increased ascension caps but am trying to understand the potential of the ancient points....
  13. Many lanes allow you to put the slimes enough to the side that they won’t disable them (Put range gambit on slimes, make different Dryad char if you need to). As mentioned, you have to stay in corrupt 100%. and if you fight in the lane don’t do so between them and defense or you will aggro a Disable. Still used PDTs. I use totem, but I have multiple PDTs. One head on, next to like a cannon or something. ANd then do a cross fire PDT and if possible a reverse facing one or another cross fire. The key is to ensure your multiple PDTs aren’t hitting same targets. Then put some bees or something dow
  14. Ah cool, A lot of others are telling me to just try the Abyss lords Rams. Tested my towers yesterday and I think they should be able to get the job done. Thanks for the help so far everyone In full disclosure, I have seen ramsters with deadly strike used and there is a highly effective place for them. But I don’t have Abyss Lord and since I want to start resetting process in next 15-20 floors I am not really interested in adding a new hero I have never used. It hasn’t stopped me from clearing 134. I will say that I have started using flame thrower a bit (I had previously never used it) but fo
  15. When there are a LOT of fast moving frosties I tend to prefer to use some flame auras or EV2 proton beam. The latter needs to be upgraded pretty good to be afk so i usually use that stand alone if it is a new lane opening and I have the gems to upgrade it immediately. If there are frost orcs I usually just power through their nerfs to defenses. But may have additional defenses like earthquake towers, cannons, Nimbus, some bee supplementation, etc. If there are cyber orcs with them, well those are some of the harder lanes (only thing missing is adding BURN :). For these I usually have to put
  16. Unfortunately for those of us grinding higher onslaught floors and being tied up for near 2hrs at a time it makes it harder to jump out. Combined with people that reset and are no longer powerful enough to help as easily it has really eroded the multi-player/community experience :( (especially combined with lower volume of XBOX folks) That said, I still enjoy taking the occasional break to help someone if schedules and timing align, especially for a quick trials map or two. (It can be hard to commit to helping, from a time perspective, a 3 map lower floor.). So feel free to hit me up and if t
  17. I do not use Marks. I need consistency on the high onslaught floors. I care about DPS I am dropping into the lane and not into hypothetical hits. (And you have to balance the application of that DPS across single or multi-target defenses depending on schedule). On a massive map like temple (and playing solo), I can’t have a lady orc slip by because a crit didn’t hit. And I can’t waste DPS on an overkill (if you hit a target for 6M crit and they only had 2M health left you are wasting so much DPS). So I highly value consistency so i can afk as Many lanes as possible.
  18. I had a lost temple map recently (I think it was floor 110) that only had 3 gems and 1300 DU to start. I don’t remember exact number of lanes (it was way less than usual), it felt like a major vacation!! And then, to top it off, NO LANE opened for the second round. I am dead serious. No new lanes and it stayed at 1300 DU. I haven’t seen that in forever (before 65?). I was streaming on twitch at the time and I spent 5+ minutes running around making sure. Rounds 3-5 continued to have new lanes with 200 DU like usual. What a treat that map was!! I am also pretty consistently getting 2 burn lane
  19. I do use nimbuses in strategic locations regularly and they are generally reliable. BUT, as I mentioned earlier in the thread I did see this behavior regularly in mastery when I quickly dropped a lot of nimbuses rapidly during 30 sec build times. It was the only time I saw it personally.
  20. Each floor has 3 maps moving forward.
  21. TE - I rarely see this when playing onslaught, but I saw this same behavior ALL THE TIME on mastery. ESPECIALLY when I was doing the “you have 30 sec to build” maps and I would drop a BUNCH of Nimbuses really fast (they have such high range and dmg they would be great to help with that first round) and a bunch of them wouldn’t do anything. It was 100% consistent. Mastery, grab gems, drop a TON of nimbuses (5-6, a time least, usually in two groups in two different parts of map) and then watch a bunch of them do NOTHING for rounds and rounds until i either lose or sell them off and replace them
  22. Regarding your comment of 200 DU per lane - you CANNOT assume you have to only use that. As a matter of fact, you need to build thinking about what you can later tear down when you can land upgrades. I watch lanes during first wave (even just watching mini map) and you can see lanes that are very secure (plus you get comfortable with min reqs for schedules). It is VERY common for me to sell some stuff during the lost temple round so to re-allocate to lanes that needed more from those that needed less. Especially as I could upgrade. The high enemy quantity burn lanes with cyborgs are super hard
  23. Isn’t the entire game grinding in an endless mode? To move up you grind. If you stop grinding you hit a wall. You can stop at any time. But there is no “finish”. I mean, I guess you could get all 50 ancient points and 999 for your ascension caps and then enough ascention points to fill it all out and use them and then try to push the highest level possible. But I think their intent is to make that take a REALLY long time. Not to make it easy to race to it and then complain that there is no end game content :) I do think if they made it easier to get groups together and do multi-player it would
  24. Look, I think TE needs to fix a lot of things related to Onslaught and Ancient power. Having to play 3 maps back to back is a MAJOR time commitment. There needs to be a way to take a break. I am not even asking for a replay mode (assuming they can do better with game bugs/disconnects. If those are happening a lot for folks then onslaught is unplayable). TE can decide “how hard” it should be and at what floors. (And, I wouldn’t mind a “lock box” I can stick my weapon in if I reset so I can get it back as is when I get back to fl 65 or whatever). But as far as complaints go that it is “too har
  25. Indeed, did the same too, either a skyguard further away, or a nimbus. And sometimes hoping the bees could reach them too. I am glad you mentioned that. There are some GREAT places to put Bees that will get the air attacks and often get them very early. And they are usually super effective. They have VERY poor range though vertically so you have to be sure you have access to them.
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