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  1. Thanks! As of 10:26 PM PST it is still happening. If you let it hang long enough a window will pop up over title screen that said WAITING and in the yellow box it says "Checking for Multiplayer Session Privilege...". That box will just sit there indefinitely with the spinning chromatic circle. If I hit B to back out of it the window will disappear and I will be at the title screen BUT the only options not greyed out are "Leaderboards" and "Options". Pressing Y does nothing and Play Now, Go To Town, and Private Tavern are greyed out and cannot be selected. If I select Options I can LB/RB but c
  2. I posted the details here: XBOX live DD2 not working. "Unable to authenticate with Xbox Live." - Console Feedback and Discussion - Dungeon Defenders Would be good to understand if there is an outage or something we can do. Thanks!
  3. The above error (along with "Please restart your console") appears when trying to get to the main menu. I have restarted console, reinstalled the game, reset all networking and tried alternate xbox live user. I saw someone else post about this happening on DD Reddit. Is there an outage?
  4. I think the re-roll they delivered is a nice compromise to dealing with this if you can’t pull DU from elsewhere. Bad CB schedules (especially with lane mergers) is definitely the worst. Wait until higher floors when there is ALWAYS 3-4 burn lanes at least. At least I can use slimes again (I know, cyborg spoil that usually. But better than what we hadn’t last week).
  5. I still think they should give us a “lockbox” with a limited number of slots that we could stick some weapons/pets or so in it and then reset and perhaps we can’t get back to the gear until back at floor 65. They could even charge for the lockbox slots....
  6. Bees with enough range to not get triggered by cyborgs. If there is also air over lane a Nimbus is a good multi-purpose high DPS single target with a lot of range. No air? Earthshatter with toss keeps them slowed way down while bees slice up cyborgs. You could also potentially use ramsters. I would probably throw full gambit bees at it with maybe a single earthshatter OR Nimbus depending on other variables. Or re-roll :)
  7. Lol I love how you mention replaying and it taking long. I just finished Floor 65, but on the third map I lost 3 times because a berserker kept running past my tree somehow (never saw it go past) and I always thought I had fixed it, until I just decided to DPS that one lane. I spent more time rebuilding than actually fighting. To be blatantly honest I pretty much have stopped using walls all together, I pretty much just pick a ramster cannons and depending on extra in place of a wall I’ll just use a proton beam. Mainly because with enough aoe from a cannon / ram build you can just about melt
  8. Lol I love how you mention replaying and it taking long. I just finished Floor 65, but on the third map I lost 3 times because a berserker kept running past my tree somehow (never saw it go past) and I always thought I had fixed it, until I just decided to DPS that one lane. I spent more time rebuilding than actually fighting. I almost always have a stun cannon covering each gem. It is great if a lady orc gets by stuff, if you get jumped by Assassins, etc. you have no idea how many times they saved me an entire floor redo.
  9. Definitely get the extra 105 stars or whatever for viscous strikes. Game changing. With all 7 chaos levels open for mastery you can get a lot of 2-3 star wins and move to next map. F those no blockades or 30 sec maps. I played all mastery solo, too and it was terrible! But get viscous strikes for sure :)
  10. The hardest difficulty comes from more advanced schedule/mutation combo. I regularly have 3-4 burn lanes on tower, multiple frosty lanes, etc. boss health is getting hard to deal with on REALLY short lanes. And Assassins are putting down a lot of dmg and I have had to do everything possible to boost health and damage reduction to survive their attack waves. (ANd usually be in range of cannons and/or proton beams to get them off me). Reroll and reply can allow a LOT of pushing though. I see a lot more headroom but it is becoming much more of a chore and less fun. And if you use reroll or replay
  11. TE gives us a ton of range options. When high enough ascension you can use Gambits. You can equip deadly strikes. And, of course, you can pretty easily obtain viscous strikes (which they even let you stack with deadly if you really want) and it is fair to give trade off of damage across options. I guess they could give us a higher cap on gambit....so you have near limitless flexibility to trade off DPS for range.
  12. Slimes are really bad for the curse. The spawn too slow. Use something with RAPID attacks so you can depend more on crit which isn’t nerfed. That is why EV2 beams still super effective. Of course, your ramsters and enough range bees effective too. But at higher floors DU is at a premium and when a lane opens up mid temple with this config and I need DU, place 2 ramsters (100), a tree (30) and then X bees (X times 30) is not only expensive, but then upgrading EACH one of them is also expensive. One long chain EV2 strand is 110 and then a single round of upgrades means tier 1-5 all same round an
  13. The crit is still good. Trust me, I will use a full time upgraded and built out EV2 proton lane on Timmy’s with this and it can practically AFK. I maybe have a barricade and cannon at the end. I just did that on floor 155 last night and all I had was proton beam (full time built and upgraded) and a single PDT. Of course, they also had take less phys and more magic, too....but basically NO ONE made it past first 1/3 of the proton path.... I have done it without that mutation though and maybe a PDT+cannon (cannon good for knocking out the bigger guys or if boss drops into lane, also a cannon or
  14. When you further along you can swap deadly strikes (range) for gambit. The extra slot usually allows you to put down more additional DPS than gambit takes away. The “cost” of full gambit is much less RELATIVELY to your total power when you have full C7 gear. I use it on almost everything once I had Late game gear and enough ascension.
  15. If there are no cyborgs, Proton bean from EV2 VERY effective on the curse because it’s range can’t change. If there are cyborgs then you probably weren’t using traps anyway (bees with gambit can still be put in useful places, although the friaries move through bee/trap ranges fast if you aren’t slowing them down).
  16. Try using that OP flame aura on a boss or cyborg lane.... You need to customize defenses based on the schedule and mutation.
  17. But considering then “cost” of burn lane management - it would be a HUGE shard to have. It gives a certain group of people an additional unique option to deal with them that another group doesn’t get. That doesn’t seem right. TE should do something about it.
  18. Totally situational. But I get more than 2.5M DPS out of Nimbus with HUGE range (vert and horizontal, LOS not required) and very rapid attach rate (less overkill DPS waste and more consistent crit application) at tier 1 and that is pretty dang good. They don’t scale as well with upgrades. If the calc is with upgrades I would say cannons (single target), bees (multiple targets) and proton (Full on mobs and/or fast moving targets) are a VERY high ROI. But on onslaught the mutators and schedule can make MANY other defenses better for situations.
  19. Considering the introduction of Burn, it is rediculous that some people get oil shard and some don’t. It is practically a game changing shard. If you have a burn lane with frosties and cyborgs that are resistant to magic (higher damage for physical) anyone with this shard has a MASSIVE benefit. There is literally nothing comparable. I have to spam PDTs and Bees to compensate at likely near 2x the DU as using oil ballista. TE - let us all have access to this!!!! I would love to play with a build using ballista for burn lanes.
  20. You need like 3-4 slimes (especially with Timmy) and maybe a short ev2 proton beam to slow them just before and a PDT for backup and then something to do more dmg (more proton, bees, flame auras, etc). But with Dryad Assassins bug it is trash because your slimes go useless to oil during peak.... that needs serious fix. If lane has cyborgs though it is real nightmare (I usually put full gambit slimes enough off to side to not get triggered, but you lose reliable hits and need extra PDT or 2...ideally cross firing to hit different targets and not keep hitting just the one in front.)
  21. Now you can just re-roll if you don’t like it. I would take most of these examples over the Timmy burn and bullet sponge lane I had tonight on 150 that made me decide to reroll (especially when I had multiple other burn lanes and frosty lanes on same map!). No stun Assassins are terrible though with the Dryad bug! We seriously need that fixed!
  22. I know how to deal with most configs and when I have lost, it is usually a lane mis-calc on wave 1. Replay is great because I don’t have to go strategize each lane. I just quickly build what I had and make a few small tweaks. Don’t get me wrong, re-roll is great too (I decided to bail on a Timmy burn lane tonight when going for 150 (in addition to the 3 other frosty lanes and 2 other burn lanes the map had!)). Then I got a nice easy 4 gem map to defend. Was great!
  23. I am up to 149 all solo on Xbox. It is getting pretty rough. But less because of enemy dmg/health and more because of increased schedule difficulty. Temple often has 4 burn lanes, 3-5 frosty lanes, etc. and now that Dryad is broken with Assassins all my defenses go to hell during peak waves AND more importantly my slimes stop oiling cold lanes. It has sucked any fun out of it. So I will probably prestige for the first time soon. You do need strong traps as well as towers. I like Dryad, but I use a LOT of varied defenses to cater to mutations. DU is at a premium with the schedule difficulties s
  24. I will probably prestige soon. With the Dryad broken with the last update Onslaught is pretty miserable at higher floors. Too many burn and frosty lanes to cripple slimes and other defenses during peak of each wave. Replay and reroll help a lot (GREAT update) but it is really hard to spend that much time per floor, too. Ultimately there are no long term gains without resetting. Every floor I climb doesn’t bring me better gear or experience and ascension points have no additive value until I reset and raise my caps. I sure hope they fix Dryad soon.
  25. TE - I am on Xbox. It has become apparent that there are way more games on east region than west (I have traditionally played west, my default). In anticipation of the replay/re-roll system I am taking a break from grinding floors and was helping a number of people and playing some multi-player. And I began encountering a COMMON bug that used to be very occasional. When entering a map with someone in east region (I am in west but choose east) they would enter a map well before me and if they immediately pressed the button to unlock the gems to build the map, when I would join the gems had alre
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