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  1. I'd love to get a copy of DD:) I can always ask my buddies to join me when it's free!
  2. I personally like the eternian spear. Whoever said sts I better than that dps wise is crazy. I have a sub par eternian spear and it does 65k base. Anyways question between monk wrench and sts? I like the sts better. It has limited range and only 1 projectile, but makes up for that with high damage and ricochet. Really it's your personal preference
  3. I beat CD NMHC and I got a 58^ myth eternian greatsword. 10+ hours working on a build to get that...costume is great though. I could help you out on aqua of you want.
  4. I think the huntress is pretty good for nm (with the right weapon). I use the eternian energy cannon and it has 62k base damage. I love killing ogres and surviving longer than those people that say monks are the only good class. I do think that she could be better because the monk is definitely OP, but the huntress is still good. In my opinion all the classes are good, just the monk and squire are better for the end waves of survival. Sweet pictures btw.
  5. Not all that crazy but I really enjoy the challenge assault. So naturally I had to mess around with it. Me and 2 other people managed to clear all assault maps with only a weapon (no armor or pet) on nmhc. The last assault map was really hard on hc.
  6. I can help as well. Add me if you're interested.
  7. I love the "better" system in this game lol. Clearly your supreme is worse than that myth:)
  8. One of my favorite strategies for beating bosses on nm or nmhc on a first attempt with lower stats (before you are op) is using a squire and having a sword with 100% block and having a good dps pet (used laser bot before seahorse). Attack the boss until you draw aggro then block and let your pet do all the work. With 1k in stats ur pet does most of the dps in nm anyways
  9. Yeah Trendy decided to pretend they were World of Warcraft with Shards content. Now you need good gear just to do it. Original campaign all you need was level 70 an good strategy/skill to beat Insane. But from everything I have seen pretty much all shard content needs gear. If you have not at least farmed Insane Glitter a little bit for gear you probably can't do it. Alternatively you can buy Summoner an face roll through it by covering the entire map in Minions since they don't need DU. You only need level 70 gear and skill to beat insane on the original campaign because well that's all the
  10. I was playing on NMHC with 4 and he was down to about 50mil left and he sat on all 4 of us:( we were like maybe the defense will do something? Then poof he suicided. He knew we worked too hard to lose:)
  11. does any1 else think this jump in exp is a bit lame? Before level 74 it is nearing impossible to move onto Nightmare, yet you have already completed all of the insane content. So at this stage you are forced to grind Glitter for exp, which gets boring very fast. I understand 74+ taking some time to level as your able to wear mythical kit and continue on with the campaign etc, I just feel the 70-74 exp jump is too high. I completely understand. Back when 74 was the highest level I was forced to grind glitter probably 100 times to get all of my chars from 70-74. However, lucky for you there
  12. I really like the blasticus for the hunter/huntress. It's a shame it is no longer really all that useful. I keep one in my tavern just because:)
  13. For a mage the highest DPS is right before the full charge because there is no cool down time. If the charge rate is so high for you that you are constantly fully charging the shots you are losing quite a bit of DPS.
  14. Charge rate is completely up to you (i.e. how often do you like clicking). Personally I like between 50-60 because I mostly use a controller and anything higher than that will murder my index finger. What I would do is test it at each charge rate level to see what rate you like the best. From what I have seen the majority of players like it in the 80+ range.
  15. I have also been trying to beat this map. My build is close to being winnable and my builders are also in the 3k stat range. But how hard everything hits my winning percentage is shoddy at best. Maybe if we combine our builds we can come up with some super awesome killer build haha. Add me on steam if you're interested.
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