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  1. Not an expert on the matter, but x3 Speed would mean a higher amount of data received / processed / sent by the servers, which wouldn't be a good thing given their current state. Not sure if it's a relevant example but FrostGrave spamming breaks everything in a similar way I believe?
  2. Welcome to Etheria Brittani! Here we have cookies, more gobus than we can count, and a lot of friendly chatter! Nice Pusheen cat by the way :D
  3. Doesn't it sound a bit contradictory? :p
  4. Statement is quite old and because of that I wasn't able to find it again (and who knows, maybe CG has changed opinions about gilding hypers since then), but at time X it was a no-no. And for it to be a thing, you would need a legitimate way to acquire 10 additional hypers. I don't think getting additional hyper sets by resetting is intended at all, and was instead just an unwanted consequence of partial progression loss (possibly due to the fact that incursions get locked behind gear score, c7 expedition). I do agree that an official statement would be better, since it would also discou
  5. Les 30$ additionnels sont les frais de ports pour le T-Shirt et le Poster malheureusement. :/
  6. I only start lagging on lost temple when the number of enemies is huge 1000-1300 (-> lots of enemies spawning at once? + frostgrave -> packet loss?). Lasts for almost the entire wave, and during building phase it is working as intended. My defenses dont shoot properly until I get close to them (makes me think of Minecraft where you need to load the chunks) Mobs will start going straight and clipping through stuff as if I had timed out. And my hero teleports a bit everywhere when moving (but if you guess where you really are by knowing where you were and your trajector
  7. The best way to catch up with all the changes would be Mr. Juicebags' channel on youtube / asking on the official discord -Spheres have been replaced by shards, which you can drop by completing a map (the list is available on the wiki for example), the most useful being destruction (+atk for towers, chaos 1 shard), fortification (+health tower, campaign shard), rate and range for towers, and so on. -Player trade is now a thing (item for gold) -Materials have been added and are required to upgrade and tinker equipment (transferring mods from a piece of equipment to another).
  8. Agreed! This way you wouldn't have to connect everyday when you don't have the time to! There's already some room available in the daily / weekly quest UI haha
  9. Don't know if this is possible, but was thinking: Be able to retry even if completed until you get 5 stars <=> Retry until you get all of today's rewards So that you don't lose a reward because X happened at the last second before you won the map. And yeah, rewards scaling on how many stars you've acquired, maybe an extra little something at the end of the month based on specific star tiers (30 stars T1, 60 T2, 90 T3, 120 T4, 150 T5, this scenario being with one map a day, might be too much). Not obligatory to be something big, just something to say hey congrats, here is a lil
  10. it is the bonus swing (attack) speed. the higher, the better.
  11. What made me dislike the mastery gamemode was the overwhelming amount of maps i had before me. But now that I've completed it, I think a daily Mastery would be quite enjoyable. Actual Challenge The map would be automatic (pre chosen), but the player would be able to choose on which difficulty (chaos tier) he wants to play -> and see the "mutators" (requirements to gain the stars). No reroll possible. Rewards It would be something external to the daily quests to gain defender medals -> maybe choose the reward we want (My guess being either some additional gold / a sm
  12. They are actually giving stuff, its just that you don't see the icons of what you got when opening the pack. So you would need to double check all of your flair and costumes to see what you actually got.
  13. 12 resets -> last floor needed for reset was floor 39 c8 amps start dropping at floor 35 and their drop rate increases until it caps at floor 83. So yeah its kinda normal you didn't get a lot of c8 amps when resetting.
  14. If i'm understanding your post correctly, you've misunderstood how the min asc level works. Indeed, the Formula is MinAsc = ((MaxFloor -30) *4.16 + (MaxAsc /50))*3 But what you've got wrong is that the Value isn't added to your previous MinAsc level (then again, if i understood your post). If i were to put in python : its NOT MinAsc = MinAsc + ((MaxFloor -30) *4.16 + (MaxAsc /50))*3 but instead it is MinAsc = ((MaxFloor -30) *4.16 + (MaxAsc /50))*3 so it simply updates the value instead of summing it with its previous value. So no, the games hasn't stolen 1233 additional le
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