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  1. Completely get that frustration. We mentioned it on Friday that'd we're looking into changes right now, and that is one of them, seen here: that sounds alot better, on the right track
  2. i will be back playing once i see you actually change stuff to do with the loosing last floor and having to restart it all. That is so frustrating.
  3. Why is the onslaught just pure frustrating and bull***
  4. Grinding to get to more grinding isn't fun, loosing at the last round of a 5 map onslaught isn't fun. ^^ there was an easy lane, only needed flames arua's. rounds pass still only needing flame aura's the one time you forget its there they decide to put a cybork boss, thus disabling all flame aura's and ruining my grind for like 4 ***ing hours. that's not cool
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