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  1. Great work on these two improvements! That black screen was obnoxious when it happened. More optimizations are always appreciated, especially since there are no checkpoints in Onslaught. I see patches like this all the time, but I'm still nervous to come back and waste an hour or more of my life just to have the game freeze on the third map =/ I wish that the checkpoint system as a higher priority, because until it's there Onslaught continues to be unplayable.
  2. Absolutely. My husband and I have stopped paying altogether, even with the goodies in the new patch, because what good are new characters in a game that is literally unplayable?
  3. I really wanted to come back to this game, but it's just unplayable. After an hour and 45 minutes working through onslaught floor 33, map 3, wave 4....the game just froze. First the graphics froze and the sound was playing, but then the entire thing stopped. There's no way to submit a report because the game didn't crash. I would gladly spend money on this game again if there could just be some way to continue a floor after a crash/freeze/etc. As it stands, Onslaught is completely unplayable. We had stopped playing for 2 weeks or so because of the crashing problems, saw that there was a new patch and decided to try again. Same problem as before (crashing on the third map) just a different face. =/
  4. I agree. I bought extra bags with real $$$ and I feel like at the end of the day this is basically "undoing" that purchase. I think we should get at least 1-2 bags added to the default storage if there's no plan for a designated shard storage system.
  5. Yep...and now all our shards are going to be sent to our inventory and take up even more space on top of that... =/
  6. I also physically can’t play this game anymore. I got a puppy a few weeks ago...I just can’t get 3 consecutive maps down in one sitting. It’s so frustrating because WINNING the maps is not the problem. I really hope something is done sooner than later....I miss playing :(
  7. My husband and I stopped playing for this, even after recently spending money. THe game is just too unstable to be able to play, and the mandatory 1.5+ hour sessions to do 3 maps in a row is just stupid. I don’t mind needing 3 wins to progress a floor, but to do it in one sitting...who thought this was a good idea????
  8. Got stuck for an infinite loading screen -again- today. Both times going into map 3 on floor 35. =( PS4 Original, happened around 8:00PM CET, local multiplayer no other players except the two of us. One thing that was maybe notable was that I had opened my shards and sold things (this is a habit we've gotten in to because if we don't do it before going to the next map we sometimes lose our things). And the other player waited until after I had hit the ready button to open his shards and sell items. Since selling items seems to update the servers, maybe this has something to do with getting stuck on loading screens? Do you know if the infinite loading screen issue will be solved as well in this new update?
  9. To respond to the MODS: We're investigating some memory fragmentation issues with the ps4 (our programmer is going nuts). Can you guys tell me a few things: 1. Most of the reports listed higher floor maps. Is this a consistent issue with lower level floors as well or just higher ones? This happens on pretty much all the floors we have played on - we are only on floor 33. 2. Is this something mostly happening in multiplayer maps or is it just has consistent solo? We always play only local multiplayer. 3. Most reports say it only happens when you use the "next floor" button. Has anybody had a problem with this going from map to map within the same floor? The full crash almost always happens with the "next" button - either to the next map or next floor. The game is still getting stuck on loading screens and this happens both when hitting "next floor" and "to tavern". 4. If possible, can you list how many maps (not floors) were completed consecutively before it finally crashed. Ball park it if you don't have an exact number. Seems very random to be an overtime thing. I believe we were able to finish about 5 maps (1,2 (failed 3), 1, 2 (crashed loading into 3). We're actively working on this right now and have been for the past 2 weeks. Our hopes was that we increased stability at least a little bit with the last update (while we continued to work with it) but it does look like it. I have not had a "blue screen" crash as much since the update (I think we sent in only 1 error report this weekend through the ps4), but we're still getting stuck on the loading screens pretty often. =/
  10. Is there any other word on stability issues? My husband and I just lost on Onslaught map 3, so we tried to do the whole thing over again. Won map 1 and 2 more easily than before, and then the game is stuck on the loading screen for the lost temple now. These stability issues continue to kill this game mode. Is there any way to keep track of the win streak without having to play consecutive games? That would make a lot of people happy who don't have 1.5-2 hours to play 3 matches back to back happy and also save all of us the trouble when we get disconnected.
  11. I often wonder this as well. I've never had any problems with them. Not saying it doesn't happen at all, but I just can't replicate it.
  12. Yeah....for early chaos levels you can pair poison darts early in the lane with stun shards in your cannonball towers. Should be more than enough. Ramsters are your only real AOE option, though a well placed flamethrower (with empowered flame? I think that’s the shard name) can be good as well - just don’t fight close to them or they’ll take splash damage. Later chaos levels you will be able to have the AoE explosion shard for poison dart which really helps.
  13. This....was looking forward to playing a bit over the holidays but the game is basically unplayable. Europe (Lux), playing around 22:00-23:00 most days. No other bug fixes matter at this point.
  14. Do you plan on ever address the crashing and disconnects between floors? I haven’t seen anything about it....that’s a way more pressing issue.
  15. I’m also getting stuck on loading screens or the game is crashing (PS4). Winning three maps in a row is impossible, and it has nothing to do with my ability to play. We’ve been stuck on onslaught 12 for a week now - after 4 attempts (all with failed loading screen or crashes) we are about to give up on this game until some major fixes happen :(
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