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  1. I would like to see an inventory management mini game where its a race against the clock to sort the items faster then they drop
  2. If the devs don't do something to prevent bots, then it is going to happen regardless. Also, how does someone making their game-play more afkable affect me and why should I care if someone else wants to play the game that way?
  3. With how the replay from wave feature is implemented in DD2, extending the feature to allow people to save their build for wave 1 seems completely reasonable. As far as I can tell, it would only affect quality of life and would be a welcomed feature if the devs decided to implement it.
  4. Daily challenges can be fun, but if its implemented, it would be nice if it isn't implemented in a way that forces players to play in a specific way. In other words, something along the lines of "beat X map y number of times" is less appealing compared to something along the lines of "kill X enemies Y number of times".
  5. Pfft... everyone knows that "Junior Defender" is the best rank
  6. I never stated or implied that it would go on forever with no cap. So far CG has not provided enough information to determine what gear is going to look like or even how the difficulty is going to increase. I only indicated one possible method of making an infinite mode that could resolve the issue of the mode taking too much time (in one sitting) so that it is not accessible to people who don't play 24/7 while still being rewarding enough to be worth playing. However, what I did not do is make an assumption as to how gear is going to scale or whether there are or are not any caps to such gear scaling.
  7. If balanced incorrectly then I agree with you completely, but I believe that it is possible to implement it in a way that it has a trade-off such as how negative stats dropping on items was implemented. Couldn't a decrease in another stat (such as defense power/rate/range) in exchange for a lower DU cost balance in a way similar to how how negative stats was implemented in DD1. Depending on how they implement the stat system, it is possible to implement a reduction in DU cost as an item stat while keeping it's use as a choice rather than a necessity.
  8. If you are referring to DD2's original version of onslaught, modified to have each wave get increasingly more difficult, drop better items commensurate with difficulty, and have a way to save and exit during build phases so we don't need to re-build or re-upgrade unless a core is destroyed (resulting in having to start over). Then yes, otherwise no.
  9. If they made an endless mode that allowed us to save our wave/build/mana/so on and come back to it on another day and time, then I would be fine with it. Otherwise, I agree.
  10. Assuming that they can find a way to balance it (so that its not 100% necessary on every build), I would like to see DU cost as a tower stat.
  11. You have all failed to include the most important treadmill pet of them all......
  12. Solution: EVOLVING DAILIES! ..... for every day you don't do it, the reward compounds and the task become slightly harder (to a maximum # of days of course)!
  13. A huntress costume with an arrow in the knee (that gives you -9999 to all stats)....obviously
  14. After watching the dev stream, I just had to do this..... Now that we have the concept, feel free to post images of how the BEST Inventory Simulator of 2019 is going to work!
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