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  1. I have to disagree, adding shark to a teriyaki based marinade is something that should be fervently avoided.
  2. I believe that the requires level to use a CVII trinket is 30. In your picture the player is level 46 which fulfills that requirement. Also, If someone were to hack then their tower would have much better stats then the tower in the following image.... And if you are wondering how it is possible to get stat similar to the above image, you might need to farm a trinket with stats similar to the one displayed below; I should probably mention that the trinket was relocated to my dryad in order to provide a more comparable example (never put tenacity on hornets).
  3. I would also note that the "Chaos IV Shard Pack" option appears to be highlighted, which could possibly indicate that you have the option to purchase 5 random shards or one specific shard. Another thing to note is that the window displaying the shards is titled "Available Items", which makes me think that every shard displayed can be purchased. Also, I believe that they said, on a stream, that CVIII shards will be purchasable but that the CVIII shards wont be available for purchase when the system is initially implemented.
  4. the game is free to play, if you support the game and like the cosmetics buy your own chest. I enjoy the devs gifts to play more but do not expect a cheese on your breakfast tray. The tone of my post made it clear that I was making a joke...... Also, the game is for everyone and the amount of support that players provide is irrelevant. That point is especially true when the devs are kind enough to give us a fun holiday event such as the non-existent tree that provides non-existent presents that include an item that players can get from just playing onslaught.
  5. Tree, what tree? There is clearly no holiday tree giving out free chests beyond the holiday that it was implemented in. None of us have been receiving free onslaught chests for weeks. I sure haven't been logging in every day to pick one up. Lets all just forget about that obviously misinformed part of this thread. Let Trendy focus on important things that have nothing to do with removing the clearly non-existent tree (^_-) handing out the clearly non-existent onslaught chests (^_-).
  6. It would be nice if we could get an option that lets the game repeatedly re-roll until we get an upgrade and just keep the upgrade. Clicking 2x270+ times for every 10/10 really wears down my mouse...
  7. It depends on what its going to be used for. If you want to use it for pushing onslaught, and you use a tower that benefits from it, then you place it in that tower. If you want to farm Drakenfrost and ignore the annoying Incursion mechanics, then place it in a tower you use for that. In other words, it really depends on what towers you use and what your goal is when playing.
  8. I haven't had this happen to me more then once, but the suicide command (CTRL+L on PC) resolved the problem when it occurred. I don't know what the command is on console though.
  9. do i have to reroll a mod 285 times at once? What if i reroll 50 times and logout, login and reroll on the same mod, does it count? It doesn't need to be at one time, I was doing it in groups of about 40 tokens at a time and I definitely logged out multiple times before I finished re-rolling. But, I was re-rolling a single mod at a time (so, I don't know if re-rolling multiple mods at once has an effect or not).
  10. I managed to re-roll two Tenacity from 1/10 into 10/10 and it took about 250-300 rolls each, so I'm sure that that 280 something number should be relatively accurate. Also, I can't confirm whether this happens every time or not, but Tenacity rolled to 8 and 9 before tey rolled to 10 (so that might be an indicator that you are close to a pity 10 roll).
  11. They moved the version of the map with the secret switches to adventure mode. So, you need to play the map in adventure mode to find them and get the flair.
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