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  1. I want to love this game like I did a year ago but everytime I load into a game I'm done after one map. I hope they can turn it around and make dd2 addicting again. I want to play towards rewards that are rare and difficult to obtain.
  2. With only a couple hundred people playing dd2 daily on steam and most of the hardcore players quitting on all platforms, does this game still have a heartbeat?
  3. The process might be repetitive and not as rewarding as it should be for resetting almost everything but without Onslaught would we be playing dd anymore? It gives us something to do and work towards even if it's something small. Working your way to the highest floor you can beat is also a great goal to play towards.
  4. I would go with 2 ramsters, 1 nimbus, 2 hornets. If you have a low DU map just omit the nimbus on the easier lanes.
  5. BTW jaws, that's probably the longest post I've ever seen in DD forum.
  6. Id like to add - being able to change button mapping so I can open my inventory without having to accidently hit the gigantic middle button on the PS4 controller - info about the map you just played, especially what damaged the cores if you lose.
  7. We should get a blue defender pack everytime we get a blue screen. But it's nice to see problems and QOL issues fixed. Thank you
  8. So the ps4 blue screen lives on. Sadface
  9. I doubt they would revisit DD1 while DD2 is still being expanded. I could see DD ultimate edition including both games and content all in one package in the future
  10. Just to improve quality of life of DD +Probably the biggest request of the DD infrastructure, a better social/party format to play and meet other players. +A way to see your stats and another players stats. Like hours played, highest floor, total damage, etc +Button mapping or controller configurations please. I hate how easy it is to hit the ready up button on accident, especially when trying to open the start button menu. Which is also not the best way to open your inventory. +A way to access your other characters faster. Going thru the inventory menu and having to manually replace each character when building multiple times a map is not fun. +Game stats when you lose. Such as what damaged the cores, and other helpful info. +Boss health bars all visible on screen when multiple bosses appear at the same time. +Better vantage points when placing towers. It's often impossible to see clearly where the towers range is unless your above or right behind what you're placing. It would be much easier if we could move or toggle the view when setting the direction of the towers. Sorry this post got long. Hopefully some of this can be implemented so we can all enjoy the game even more.
  11. I love that the game feels endless with a prestige option but my soul dies a little every time I have to say goodbye to all the gear and levels when I hit reset.
  12. There are things about DD1 that I wish carried into DD2. Most notable: -Rare pets and weapons felt much more unique and special in dd1 -Fun missions -Controls/button map was less annoying for consoles. -Way Less bugs/glitches in my opinion. (Smooth gaming for the most part, except the whole corrupted save fiasco) On the other hand DD2 is a bigger game with more maps, customization, modes and characters. Also, I've never encountered anyone hacking the game making ridiculous items and ruining the game in DD2, which I truly appreciate hasn't happened. If I had to pick between the first and second dungeon defenders, the second is what I'd play, no question.
  13. Anyone else getting a black loading screen that basically freezes completely sometimes? I find it happens more often when leaving someone else's game.
  14. I do believe, Everyone's just picks what they want to do at the end. Are you wondering if there's a way to vote like how you vote to kick a player? I dont think you can "call" a vote
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