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  1. Mastery mode. you get 0-5 stars depending on how you do. need 50 total
  2. Dryad bees or LSA can still hit them. Just hope you dont have controlled burn.
  3. First of all, I'd just like to say that I'm really enjoying the new itemization system. However, looking at (mousing over) every single item is a bit tedious.  One thing that might help item management would be to add a filter in Auto-loot that only grabs green mods or higher, for example. Alternatively, the battery indicator could just be in the corner of the item picture in the inventory. Such as this picture For items that have multiple mods, the highest battery level would be the one reflected on the icon or selected by the filter. Thoughts?  P.s. Please separate pet food from crafting mats in auto-loot.
  4. 2.5 hours times # required to gild. (Unless tradeable, but who would trade deadly strikes, etc?)
  5. Well, I assume people would target farm for shards so the 48 hours isn't the best number to represent that. doing c4 specifically should yeild Power transfers every 2.5 hours on avg.
  6. uh huh. I mean, you vehemently complain about everything. Even things as trivial as assumptions you've made.
  7. I have 1k hours and have 21 power transfers.. It takes about 2.5 hours to have an avg chance to find another one. Conversely, it takes <20 minutes to get enough gold to upgrade it... Although, I think the huge thing is, you can spend X amount of time and gild ALL your c4 shards.
  8. It could be worse. Imagine if you failed any map, you had to start the whole floor over. But, why you so salty?
  9. I vote for 5. 1/100 people won't have a power transfer after opening 154 c4 shards. There's some soul crushing RNG for you.
  10. I mean, the whole item system has been re-designed. I'm inclined to try it to see if it's balanced. You get to customize 6 mod/shard slots and also select the other two stats on the item. With that level of customization, how can you not be compensated or close to it? I wonder if the meta will shift around...
  11. Ya, nobody said they could be gilded more than once. But nobody said they couldn't be gilded more than once either ;)
  12. What if it was 5, and increased by 1 every re-gild? Any particular shard you're looking for takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to farm up on average. So 50 would take 117 hours of c3 for Deadly strikes....
  13. What does this even mean in terms of games?
  14. You could grind c3 for deadly strikes or c4 for power transfer and defense rate. or just do c7 for exp/gear or just do onslaught for AP. I wouldn't fret the DM, since they just accumulate then before you know it you have way too much
  15. The mystic has a lot of utility in onslaught. That's who I'd get if I were you
  16. "not counting these "passives" heroes are stuck to two builds... Maybe the passives will make up the difference?
  17. Should just make any shard cost 5k dm each (buy known shard). Or make them tradeable with other players. I got like 10 extra deadly strikes I could sell you ;)
  18. Before 2.4 you could oil all the frost mobs. Trendy fixing slimes for beserkers broke slimes oiling frost mobs (which should be fixed in the next patch).
  19. Ramsters are better defense for frost lanes because they usually have frost orcs (and/or cyborks). Ramsters can kill them before getting debuffed. Flame auras and LSA get overwhelmed.
  20. Maybe there will be a bean party on friday though?????
  21. It's weird though. If you don't upgrade any items then usually all yellows are higher gear scores. If you do upgrade then the yellows drops are a couple hundred behind your current gear.
  22. I was trying to get through c6 as fast as possible, so I max upgraded every legendary item that dropped between each wave. It still took me 8 instead of 9. That 1 map saved was just from bumping the items up over the threshold. I know lawlta and other say it works differently, but I think they are mistaken.
  23. I think it usually takes ~9, if you don't upgrade anything. I also don't think upgrading improves you "Highest item dropped" score. I could be wrong, but last time I ascended I upgraded Leg items all the way through c6. I would still get other legendaries that were a few hundred behind the upgraded ones.
  24. Just do this pattern 1x chaos 1 map, switch to onslaught's highest map. Do 1x chaos 2 map then do the highest onslaught. Repeat till you hit chaos 6, just keep doing c6 until you unlock c7. Around ons15 you might have to do 2-3 maps. Upgrade gear to go over the threshold.
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