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  1. Nigiri_toro mentioned that the way it drops might be bugged. Start playing as ev2 and it'll drop more frequently. That was his experience, and I found it in a few maps after I did that.
  2. As far as the item management stuff, I had suggested this: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/154128/item-management?scrollTo=1320330 If you have questions, it might be best to just ask them on here. Mostly the features are new, so the content hasn't been generated for google to find it. :) Hopefully the wiki will be updated soon
  3. people been reporting that inventory tabs that definitely have items will show nothing, but later they show back up. Happened to me a few times. Maybe that's what's happening with you
  4. I was just trying to build a 2 node (minimum) Reflect beam. That's a good thought. I should have sold all other defenses to see how much DU was used. I kinda feel like I hit the buttons weird, Maybe hit "place 3rd node" and "finish placement" at the exact same time. But I tried that and wasn't able to hit it again.
  5. Here's their normal range. same shards/mods
  6. onslaught 78. Not sure how it happened. Couldn't reproduce
  7. the quality stays the same, but the range increases as you upgrade it to the next tier (c1 -> c2)
  8. For skygaurd I think I"d go Chaos enemy damage (for kamakazi), Controller (for skygaurd slow), and rate/range or +range damage (if tests suggests working)
  9. [[18530,users]], What are your aura mods/shards?
  10. Stun is OP for dark assassins. Shocking revelation on Weapon manufacturer. Stun fire on cannonball. Sparkle party pet. Dryad defenses usually work better if you main dryad, but slime pit is great for dark assassin. Barb can stance to miss all dark assassins. Alternatively, you can just be a lot tougher (so they don't kill you) then heal (squire is good if this approach).
  11. Gotcha. I use Flame aura to clear out all the trash. Then LSA takes care of anything that makes it through the AOE, which is usually bosses and maybe lady orcs.
  12. It's intentional. They wanted to make really high demand for certain items on the market. At this point nothing competes with 5/5 mods. If mod effects scaled linearly, 4/5 mods would decrease demand for 5/5 mods, since in some cases they'd be "good enough."
  13. It's interesting how different our's are. What do you use each defense for?
  14. The scaling on the drop rates for quality is too steep too. 5/5 quality is probably less than 1/1000 items. I've seen 1 in 50 hours. Even with trading it's too rare. (Quite frankly, I'm surprised anyone trades 5/5 extremely useful mods).
  15. I have been using Flame Aura: Melee damage, Melee boom, Tenacity Lightning Strikes Aura: Miniboss damage, atk rate, atk range Barricade: Accumulator, Protective downgrade, Hardened Maybe including the shards would be helpful too?
  16. I had this happen too. Finished a floor went to town then page 1 of inventory was empty. Went to tavern and it was back...
  17. Hmm, every post you make is about how you quit..
  18. Flying or double jump shard on boots. Could be a mod too
  19. Woah!! You quit?!?!?!?
  20. Uh oh. Think you just killed fozzie wait so you're going to 4? no... 5? damn this is terrible! /s 10 map floors baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  21. search and/or gild should look through vault too! good idea
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