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  1. I would have put this on the other thread but I can't reply there. Some of the shards seem useful.. but I can't say I'd want them back in the drop pool. It's already pretty hard to get the shard you're after. Diluting the drop pool makes it harder.
  2. I have't struggled with the lanes you specifically mention but, Control burn air lanes, Cursi-kaze on timmy's revenge are kinda annoying. One thing I do with lanes like #2, is build normally, but cover the whole lane with pdt (so you only rely on pdt to poison, but other towers do the damage.
  3. On Lost temple, make it way (way) more obvious where the new lane is :D
  4. You can exactly adapt the current 3 map floor system to a 1 map floor system. There are some virtues to keeping it the same (namely, everyone is familiar with it). They said they think, (and I agree) there's an issue with difficulty scaling between onslaught floors. It is way too slow. There are 2 solutions to that. Either you increase difficulty, but now 150 (270 in new system) is a totally different part of the progression. Alternatively, you could unlock more than 1 level if you do "well."
  5. You could also make it so you could spend shard dust at 2 shops: One for Hero shards, one for tower shards
  6. Sweet ad hominem. I already stated max c8 gear is for pushing high onslaught floors. You can use that later to grind max caps faster.
  7. here's an analogy of the conversation: ram: "There should be a way to break dollars into quarters!!!" Beer: "there is a way to do that" Ram:"see im right"
  8. I'm not vitriolic. You just don't understand the endgame. There is a post c7 mode and there is a reason to "perfect" your gear (past c7) and increase account stats (AP).
  9. What's the farthest you've gone in onslaught? The challenge is that you have to do it with the same gear people are doing 200 levels below you, because you developed some skill. Grind AP efficiently to help. You can get on the leaderboards too if you're inspired by that. Bet youre 1000 miles from c8 gear though.
  10. Well if you can GET chaos 10000 and there isn't chaos 10001 things to fight. what's the point? wat's onslaught even?
  11. "c8" and "C8" gear exist in the game already. They are onslaught 80++ and buried under rng that increases as you go higher adding c8 to expeditions doesn't add anything to the game. Actually would decrease the game's longevity to add it. The "Special" things that drop in onslaught are c8 crafting mats.
  12. This thread is hilarious. Summary thus far: OP "I keep failing maps... What's trendy doing wrong?" Community: "just do this easy thing." OP: "no"
  13. Probably nothing. I wouldn't hold onto it unless it was 5/5
  14. People aren't really complaining because if you had 5 power transfers then you probably also had the 2 destruction shards required to crush content you were struggling with before. The meta changed. The critical system also needs some balance. But your "feedback" is usually less than constructive
  15. that'd be fine if crit system was balanced in the next few patches. PT got upgraded to different shards/mods that are way better. so what? Not everything can be best in slot. Assuming they tailor their design decisions around Fozzie's complaints. Next patch drops "Destruction is now worse than PT." Fozzie complains," OMG, I had to grind for those destructions. Make Destructions best in slot again"
  16. Critical system needs some balance to be useful. But there was a ton of power creep this patch, so most people aren't complaining.
  17. Just gotta bait them. I'd suggest obelisk or frostbite tower
  18. It's still the best value gems per $ spent, If you were going to buy at least 1 vault tab
  19. So, Even if power transfer did -10% power, 50% crit chance, 500% critical hit damage, it would still be less of a damage increase than using a rate shard.
  20. The crit system doesn't really work because you can't get enough critical hit damage to make it worth it. If you could get chd into 200-500% then people would spec into crit system builds
  21. auto-loot still pick up consumables? Those are crafting mats right?
  22. Oh, I actually don't think those are c8 shards. Juice bags was talking about them, but I don't remember what he said. Afaik, they don't spawn anymore though. I bet if you made a guy, put them on the guy, then deleted they'd go away.
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