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  1. I actually don't get why people are opposed to having c8 gear persist through reset. Honestly, the only part of the reset cycle that cuts off is a handful of c3 and c6 maps. Not exactly the most challenging part of the reset.
  2. I have an idea that will add skill to onslaught: Hear me out, what if we make it so you have to complete 3 maps per floor, and if you screw it up at any point, you start the whole floor over.
  3. Ah, i think the point of confusion was the title, "Are skill-based game modes ever gonna be introduced in DD2?" How would you make onslaught less grindy and more skill based?
  4. It's 8% more likely to freeze. Seems like a decent upgrade
  5. I think so. I don't have them and I dont see people in town with them :D Also, a nice benefit now is that the campaign is a bit shorter,
  6. What level are you? If you starting from nothing, just progress through the campaign then switch to adventures or expeditions. Expeditions give the most exp and gold. There are some tricks you can do by switching between Expeditions and Onslaught to speed up your gear progression.
  7. Don't you get like 200 dm to sign up for the newsletter? I assume they would send out announcements there
  8. It's a cake walk now. Only resets in 2.0 count. They should give a special flair to anyone who reset in 2.0. That being said, they should fix the parts of the ap/reset system that don't work smoothly. If ancient powers were useful, you'd be way better off resetting 18 times than someone who hadn't. If c8 gear didn't reset, you'd be way better off than someone who hadn't done any onslaught. Why would I spend a ton of time gearing heroes if I can't re-upgrade their gear on the next playthrough? Why would I reset if I am at onslaught 200 and asc 17000? The two endgame onslaught modes (pushing or resetting) trip over each other. It could use some polish. I have reset a lot and I'd love some updates to AP/Reset
  9. You could sell your friend your gear, do one 30+ onslaught, which will drop c7 gear. Equip that gear, then buy your gear back from friend. FYI, you can't sell gear that you have modified Edit: forgot to say, reset comes between selling gear and onslaught 30+
  10. Maybe. I don't remember. If I see it again, I'll update
  11. I think it is the base amount in the totals, but the map earned is Base * AP bonus
  12. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/947344886213019909/1BC42D783026B8D0A282D65C975FF7D1985095D2/
  13. Oh. Looks like shift on the PC displays it. In which case, I wish I had a filter to only pick up certain levels of mods, but this is better than it used to be
  14. Is there a way to turn this on permanently? Maybe toggle in the options or button press like ctrl or alt.
  15. Yes, that's why I had to explain it to you :p I was right though, so nailed it!
  16. hmm, I left the reference up. I had to explain the joke to you cause you didn't get it. I just deleted that cause explaining ruins it :) I just checked the leaderboards again. Still not good.
  17. Well, I guess I'd be sympathetic to that if you were good at something. Edit: Maybe youre good at something besides dd2?
  18. You were still way behind. I know you play with a handicap, i'm sure being on the spectrum isn't easy.
  19. Except you've never been number 1 in this game. Probably delusional about the other games too
  20. I like that idea. what about buying c4 shards with c4+ dust? So you could buy lower tier shards with higher tier dust
  21. Lawlta at some point said it was not intended.
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