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  1. I've used replay and re-roll and they both worked as expected. On 2 man fail, I voted for re-roll and other person voted for replay. In that case it selected replay.
  2. Yup, I'm at 5, with ~230 asc, but it says 4 with 272. Ascended about one week ago
  3. For a base frost lane I'd go 1 ramster, 1 slime, 2 bees. Usually set up the slime so it's 1/3 back on the ramster coverage. The most I've ever done on this kind of lane was Controlled burn and high volume. In that case I went 2 ram, 1pdt, 2 bees, 3 slime (lined up down the lane to get 100% coverage by slimes). Maybe that was overkill. I did get thorc as the boss down that lane on wave 4 or 5, map 3. Sweating bullets
  4. Jaws, What floor are you on? I'm gonna push 55-65 over the next few days. (PC)
  5. Don't the defender packs drop (by some chance) on your highest onslaught level? So if you reset then you can get them on level 1.
  6. Based on this thread it seems to be a bug. Probably from fixing the lavamancer getting pulled out from underground. I hope they resolve it as soon as possible. Not sure how many people use lavamancer to cheese assassins, but a ton of people were maining dryad for onslaught :(
  7. I didn't think about putting the reflect beam way lower. Surprised that works, cause they come in at a high angle. I'll give it a whirl. Seems like a design oversight that they can throw from the screenshot locations. The normal trials don;t have throwers, then onslaught added random monsters to lanes
  8. What chaos trials can you do? Even if you have to start at C1, it only takes ~6 hours to get through all the gating to c7. It could go faster since you don't have to re-gear after every wave c1-5.
  9. With cyborgs? 2 ramster + 3 bees +2 slimes. You just gotta place the slimes so the ramsters keep the cyborks off them. After a few levels into slime though, they can't get close on onslaught 1-65.
  10. I think Ancient power should not affect other party members' tower stats or they should at a reduced rate. While I don't have the exact stats on this, I think most people play dd2 solo. However, because the ancient powers stack by all the party members, now the game is balanced around having four times the value of a particular stat (tower damage, for example). The result of balancing around this makes it feel trivial for individuals playing solo, which accounts for most of the gameplay. If you balance ancient power around feeling meaningful for solo players and they stack then you would have towers doing like 200% more damage which would be OP. It seems like removing the stacking would help enable to balance playing solo and group. People would still be better off pushing harder onslaught floors with others (more prestige the better), because of additional dps, boss and lane management. Alternatively, it could stack, but at a reduced rate. So half of your tower damage stat will apply to group member's towers. In terms of prestige stats points, I think these would be meaningful but not OP: Tower damage: 5% for each level/5 levels Tower crit chance: 2% per level/ 5 levels Tower crit damage: I am not sure how this is calculated but could be integrated into prestiging. Chance to debuff (oil, drench, slow, burn, etc) tower life leech Crowd control reduction for hero and towers.
  11. "Targeting next week" https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/152534/thursday-checkin-with-elandrian
  12. Can your friend start a map of the same difficulty? Your friend can't join C7 maps unless they have done 8x C6 maps, for example.
  13. Yesterday's patch introduced a new bug that when you get attacked by an assassin, it pulls the dryad out of corrupted form (and if you happened to be upgrading, cancels that too). Definitely makes assassins 10% more annoying. In C7, the assassins come at the exact same time as all the bosses. Now in addition to having your hero disabled, all your defenses are "disabled." If you happened to die as a result, then your defenses are down for at least 15 seconds or more because that assassin is going to hit you right as you respawn. In some onslaught maps there can be a lot of assassins.... Bug or Nerf stick?
  14. Can you tell us when the shard management patch is going to happen? Another dev said, "soon." Also, what other changes are coming in that patch?
  15. Wall leech and vampiric need to be tuned down a bit. If certain bosses get to your walls, your best option is to sell your wall (or let it get wrecked) then try to take out the boss. I fought seige roller for like 5 minutes after the last monster had spawned, but he kept healing to 100%. Some of the controlled burn lanes are scary af. I had a frosty lane (controlled burn) doubled with a cybork lane last night. Ended up having to use tree, 2 slimes, 3 bees, 2 ramsters and a pdt to cover it. Comparing resets: I did 15 more onslaught maps (due to failing) on reset 1 to 2 than I did 2 to 3. I think Lost temple is pretty generous with the mana, so I'd usually only fail the first wave. But usually fail on map 2, or at a random time when I accidentally wasn't corrupted dryad.
  16. If you just have normal heroes, play as the squire (has a high life pool) and mainly use cannonball + stun shard. Stand in front of the barricades while you're getting attacked (pretty much the whole c5 match..). Dryad is good too. Just stand in the slime pits. + auto healing
  17. Where are you at in the progression? For onslaught, Abyss's Ramster is OP, EV2 reflect beam is great and mystic obelisk is good. I can't speak to mastery specifically.
  18. Onslaught has been pretty tough. After failing a match I wish I could see the info about the lane that got pushed through. That way I could learn which combos I underestimated or built wrong.
  19. I failed 57 map 2 or 3 like 30 times before I could push through to 65. The problem is if you get help, then you'll just be stuck on the next map. That being said, I wish it was easier to learn from your mistakes. What were the mods/quantities on the lane that got pushed through? I wish I could see the lane info after the match.
  20. Does the exp bonus stack every time you prestige? Like if you prestige 20x do you have 100% exp bonus?
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