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  1. Looks like ipwr is going to be on those tabs
  2. What are you doing? Trials, mastery, onslaught require different things.
  3. I guess they stack infinitely. This lane was just cursi-kaze on Timmy's revenge 12 out of 327k dps Ramsters cleaned up though. :D
  4. hmm. I've been pushing onslaught at 220-225 asc, then finish onslaught 65 at about 250. Personally, I dont' think the talent caps are that great. If they become worth it, then I'll just push floors to make up the difference. It'll probably easier later. But doing everything asc <300 means the caps are irrelevant.
  5. Feel like a crack addict: When's patch day? Literally dying over here. Ok, not literally but.. If this is what you REALLY want.
  6. I don't use it, but I dont' have it. However, I only use vicious strikes because you don't have enough gold to upgrade more than 1 and have your runs be sustainable. Is it worth running 20 extra c7 maps per prestige? Not even mass destruction makes the cut.
  7. Ya, by max c7, i mean it starts dropping highest sell value stuff. Which has been taking me 9-10 complete c7's. One thing that might be interesting to try: Maybe it only calculates "average Gear score" by the equiped slots. So if you only equiped weapons (since they seem to drop most frequently), I wonder if it'd go a lot faster.. Hmm
  8. I've tried it on both the gunwitch (no relics, 5 gear slots) and the squire (6 gear slots +4 relics) and they both took 10 c7 trials to max c7 gear. For some reason I was keeping records of progress on the first 4.5 prestiges. I use the gunwitch now, because I don't have to compare relics for upgrades. So there is less time between waves trying to decipher upgrades. Gunwitch has half as many comparisons.
  9. Depending on the volume and modifiers, I'd normally do something like 1-2 Ramsters, 0-2 Slimes, 1-3 bees. If controlled burn: add 1-2 pdt. Trivial mod, low volume would be 1 ram, 1 slime +2 bees. I put the ram right behind the tree, and the slime about halfway up the ramster's coverage. So the slimes do aoe and slow. the ram finishes the Aoe and the bees clean up the stragglers
  10. Hard counter cyborks with ramster. Some other people suggested ballista, but I can't speak to that.
  11. They are adding some kind of gear score to the items so you can see upgrades, so it'll be better soon. But one easy metric is just to compare sell value. Blue boots that are more valuable than other blue boots are an upgrade. It's hard to compare across different color of items. You can use the calculator, but it's clunky af to alt tab out, enter some values into a spreadsheet. Go back in and swap. I usually just try to gear with all blue cause they are the most common. I'd switch to another color if the average of the secondary values was higher. If there is a tie, I'd pick blue. The mule helps out a lot because you dont' want to push c5 (or whatever) with 5k life. I prefer gunwitch because there are fewer items to upgrade, so your relics aren't holding you back.
  12. Definitely do not do that. You can get big jumps. If you're close to the next tier it will start giving you bottom level gear on the next one. Otherwise you should just see incremental increases. I've been just doing the minimum number of chaos maps to unlock the next level. I start getting c7 drops 1 or 2 maps into c7. Takes about 10 C7 maps to hit max c7.
  13. It's the "gear score" of you highest geared character in your deck. You can get a rough idea "gear score" by sell value or you can estimate by averaging the secondary values and the primary stat to get something to compare. There is a guide, but definitely do not wait to max out c1 gear before moving to c2. There is a calculator too, but it's too tedious to be worth it
  14. you gotta use a mule, and put every upgrade on it. My mule is a gunwitch, but im playing dryad. I usually remove the other 2 dryads from quick switch so I get more guns. Once you get to c7 it's a breeze. If you can get to c7, you can leech in my games (barely got to c7 myself)
  15. It is 1/100th as frustrating to fail a third map now compared to before the last patch. Everytime you fail on map 3 you'd die inside. It only takes about an hour to push a floor in the current system
  16. I've thought about that. Each level after onslaught 65 adds 3 min asc. At asc 100 you're getting 3 levels per c7 which takes 8.25 minutes. So I could push 66 which would take 60 - 90 minutes. Eventually it would pay off, after about 9 prestiges. I will one of these days though. Well you could always use that new gear to up that minimum a bit more ;)
  17. Having high asc means that your min asc level will be really high. My min is 27, which means I have to grind about 6-8 hours of c7 (8.25 mins per run) to get to the point where I push 55. So if you can cut out most of that, then each prestige takes about 66%-75% as long as mine (20-30 hours). Thats huge. But the powers are lackluster atm.
  18. Good Luck! What's your min asc? I wish I was around 200, then after pushing c1-7, you'll be ready to push 55-65 pretty efficiently. People were complaining about having to do the 9 c7 maps, but that's about how long it takes to get max c7 gear anyway. After I hit max c7 gear, I have to grind out about 90 asc before onslaught 55. But it does give me some good options for relics, i guess. Anyway, you'll be in a good spot :D
  19. Huh, I've prestiged 5 times but never thought that. Between the 2 throne room maps though, I usually re-roll cause I'm tired of them. I have a different PTSD on Lost temple though, accidentally missing a lane, and not setting it up. Failing and going back to map 1.
  20. My server stability has been great. I've gotten disconnected due to internet stability. Noise on the network was crashing my modem. Fkn Comcast. You should be able to log into your modem to see a log of issues (such as crashes). Also, you should be able to check if it's your network connection by trying to open new webpages or doing a speed test. My modem will automatically reconnect after the noise is gone so that complicates troubleshooting (looking at the log helps). Whats the error message you're getting? Mine was timeout disconnection message, which was a clue.
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