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  1. probably the best configuration for onslaught is obelisk + skyguard. If you're at c7, bees are fine.
  2. For some reason I frequently miss the ! mark showing new lanes. Do they even show up if that lane already has mobs on it? It should be marked on the minimap. Or stay up in the HUD for the entire build phase. Or stay up for at least 30 seconds.
  3. You can sort by name. Click "Rarity" in the upper right and select name.
  4. Curses an area on the ground. It's pretty big but i'm not sure exactly. Any new towers placed in the AoE will be debuffed too.
  5. I actually think cursikaze is bugged. This lane only has one kobold per wave. It's like 99% damage reduced.
  6. Did you test that? I only tested that having 1 max ipwr item equipped, and the drops were less than max. So it definitely averages more than 1 slot.
  7. I'll play if you wanna go slimes https://imgur.com/a/rkSoE
  8. As of the last few patches, "soon" has been about a week or less. Maybe next Tuesday, which will be a week from last patch? I'd bet $$ it's less than 2 weeks. *soon* Aiming for 1 month? Aiming for 2 weeks? Aiming for 1 week? Can't confirm any time table? Please and thank you for a response my good man! TCPOP
  9. Just equip blues on your mule and just make sure you are equipping ones with higher sell value. That will ensure you are just increasing your ipower. Also you have to do all of your items, and blank slots are averaged into a characters item power too. So if you are ignoring relics on your mule eventually it will cap out below the c7 max
  10. It will be more obvious soon, but in the meantime, here is how you make sure you are getting upgrades: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/152722/problem-with-drop?scrollTo=1309665
  11. For example, an item that is item power 100 will sell for 300 if it's green, 350 if it's blue, 425 if it's purple and 500 if it's yellow. An item power 1000 blue (c7) will sell for 771 which is higher than a significantly lower item power yellow (c1).
  12. It calculates the item power of each hero, then generates drops based on the highest one. It takes the average so definitely don't leave open slots on your mule. Don't bother swapping relics on non-mule characters for towers you don't use. Make your mule the same kind of character you play during the match (for weapon drops) unless you're getting carried (then, gunwitch). Your buddy needs to make his own mule, because his drops are relative to the highest equiped char in his deck too.
  13. It's wayyyy easier now. You can replay a map or re-roll. Technically that didn't happen this patch, but prestiging is now 100 times easier than a month or two ago. Also the dryad fix makes it a lot easier too.
  14. The huge benefit to just using blues is that you can always tell when an item is an upgrade. When comparing across different colors it's not clear. You can use some kind of calculator, but Alt-tabbing out, entering the value to compare is soooo much slower than just going blues. I use all the colors but I give preference to blues. I've mostly just been averaging the secondary values as my ipwr. I also use gunwitch as my mule because the fewer items you have to compare means you have less time downtime between waves when you're just calculating math problems and switching. Also, since you don't have relics you have fewer items holding you back.
  15. Good to know. It's nice to have alternative configurations.
  16. If slimes are any indicator, cursi-kaze can do reduce beam damage to 0%, so I'm not sure any range will be effective. In my case, 2 ramsters + the uncursed bees cleared the lane fine.
  17. This is what cursi-kaze did to my slimes: 99.996% damage reduction, 98% range reduction, Slimes regenerate 28x slower.
  18. Only if it's toggleable. I skip the chest on every chaos tier except c3-4, because it adds like 30 seconds to the run for no discernable benefit. Personally, I'd rather be able to toggle "Wait for 4 seconds to sell this trash" if I had to pick development priorities. I'm also pretty sure equiping then opening isn't worth it. The chance that there is an upgrade in there is pretty low compared to the number of drops that happen on wave 5. And I am pretty sure it calculates the ipwr of the items in the chest when the chest spawns, rather than when it's opened.
  19. Ya, that's up to date. We got it all squared away now: Took a shot in the dark, guessing this is you:
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