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  1. Ya! That looks awesome. Thanks for the screenshots!
  2. Say more about that. I never played when passives were a thing.
  3. It'd be sweet if there were tiers of items above unique. There are other RPG games that do this (diablo 3, borderlands 2, etc). They new item tiers should have some interesting "flavor". For example, think about a normal medallion, but it has a 5th modifier. Something like "10% additional fire damage" or "% chance to pierce" or "cannot be disabled" or "chance to poison," etc. Each slot would have its own set of modifiers. Couple of options for drops: they could drop c1-7 with reduced %'s. OR! they could only drop from bosses onslaught 60+ Power creep would be offset by onslaught scaling. Also, depending on when you get the items it might make ascending different if you are getting equipment for a specific build.
  4. Crowd control reduction would be sweet in ancient power. Probably go 2 nodes. CC for player and CC for towers. Maybe what I was proposing before could just be a new item tier. Drop rarer than uniq and has some cool modifier. Borderlands 2 has 3 tiers above uniq. Diablo 3 has 2 above uniq. So that might have some insight into making items more interesting.
  5. How cool would it be if a shard had "Defense cannot be disabled" as a special modifier. Make it as rare as power transfer :| I bet people would use a mark if it rolled that.
  6. I've seen this too with most (all?) of the chaos bosses. PC. I'll try to grab a screenshot next time I see it.
  7. I think having lanes with random mobs and interesting modifiers is a cool idea. Which makes you customize your defenses. Makes you think about what you're doing. Breathes some freshness into maps that you've done hundreds of times. It'd be cool if some of the unique items had some unique flavor that would buff defenses. E.g.,"Ballista has a 15% chance to pierce all enemies (including geodes)" on some gloves. If you put enough mods in the pool, then each ascension could look different depending on the unique items you get. Also, the power creep is already "balanced" because of the way onslaught works.
  8. Huh. I've been building all my cannonball towers in front of my blockades. The first wave comes and wrecks my towers then my walls. Why are these regular mobs hard countering my lanes? Can anybody tell me what Trendy is doing wrong? Maybe they should take defense HP out? Saying that hard counters aren't a thing doesn't make it so. There's no need to guess about a complaint that's spelled out in full detail, all you need to do is read the post. :)
  9. I am saying, "hard counters aren't a thing for well designed lanes." I guess you're complaining that "the endgame has a meta." If you want to free play on easy mode, just go back to the campaign. You don't even have to optimize. Here's the issue: All that has been done in the name of changing up your build has ironically only encouraged using the same, most efficient builds, repeatedly. It has gotten even more obvious will the release of onslaught and ancient power. You know how a lot of people are handling all these crazy mutators, mob combinations, and resetting of shard levels? Using the most versatile defenses and only them --- a.k.a bees and ramsters. So yeah we are not spamming flame auras whoopdeedo. We're spamming something else. Can you honestly tell me anything has changed? The only difference between now and then is the punishment for NOT spamming a defense. Look at how fundamentally awful the experience is if you don't. You really want to spend all that time building each lane separately, all that time farming relics and shards and gold, and all that time and effort swapping them in and out tediously, all that effort trying to positioned countered defenses in a way where they can screw you up the least? Ancient power further hammers my point in. All your shard levels are reset so you really want to minimize the cost of upgrading --- by only using the minimum amount of stuff. You see what I am saying? Everything about the game encourages you to be as efficient and as boring as possible. Doing anything else feels like a colossal waste of time and a punch in the gut. Back then sure people only spamming flame auras was an issue, but guess what it still is only it's a different defense. Nothing has changed in that regard. The game has only gotten more punishing everywhere else. At least back then you had the option to change it up. Now the game decides that for you and most of the time you bypass it with versatile defenses. I always get baffled when people say that these hard counters, mutators, and restriction challenges improve diversity. They don't. They have done the opposite for as long as they have been in the game.
  10. well, There are definitely some OP mobs. Vampiric Quibly on a short lane. Good luck with that. However, I don't think c2, c3 mobs are problems by themselves. Why would you build lanes unoptimally anyway? It's not like you can do that on higher onslaught. There isn't a difference between "punishing" and making you start over.
  11. That's the most up to date windows available? It sounds like it's trying to write/read the ram outside of the range. Are your sticks of ram the same? I'm not sure how to open a ticket with trendy, but that might be the next step.
  12. What version of windows? YOu could try doing a memtest to see if there are any issues with your ram.
  13. Wait, was there? I miss all the stuff on twitter :| Lawlta said, they'd announce something this week if people were hyped (or something). Today!? WHOA! Why there isn't an announcement yet? Oh Nevermind....
  14. onslaught. I assume we're getting some update today(?) about the barbarian and shard system. Not sure if just update or patch. Although I wouldn't be surprised if the patch comes out next week. Also, the whole hard counter thing is super overblown. Sorry you cant use 2 flame auras + 3 lightning strikes auras for literally everything. I don't even see having to customize your defenses as a bad thing.
  15. Devs have said they want to put guilds in. They also said their roadmap for development is to add a lot more content. So it's a definite maybe.
  16. Have fun if you enjoy it. It's hard, and has a loot grind. There's a leaderboard too.
  17. Totally agree. Also, if you haven't seen, they announced that there would be an update announcement too. Unless you follow the twitter it's pretty tough to find.
  18. Huh. What are you doing to farm items, exp, gold and shards? There's almost no reason to play Trials any more, ...
  19. I think the endgame is supposed to be pushing onslaught as high as you can go. Trials are good for farming items, exp and gold (and shards if you need them), but they are simple and repetitive. Onslaught is slow and challenging. It tests your understanding of the game, and the number of (well sharded) builders you have. I wouldn't say no to c8 but it would fill the same role as c7 does currently.
  20. I agree the rewards are lackluster. Trendy is working on that afaik. Prestige rewards should be proportional to cost. Currently they are outta sync.
  21. You can farm enough gold per reset cycle to upgrade your essentials. After reset 1 I was at 0 gold, but have steadily been getting more each time. You only get to upgrade one hyper shard (vicious strikes) though. 
  22. I thought this was super helpful when I was stuggling with c6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oblY62wkE60 Tldr: for c6 (and onslaught), Hex and thrower lanes get a reflect beam in front of the wall. Side note: He does suggest not using Lightning strikes. I usually do a few fire auras then later in the lane transition to Lightning strikes. Basically, the fire auras kill all the lower tier mobs and the lightning ones can focus on the bosses and stronger mobs. You might consider putting a V shaped Ev2 proton beam over a good spot (two/three overlapping Fire auras near the start of the lane). I'm assuming you will have the shards to make lightning strikes work.
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