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  1. This is slightly unrelated, but might be cool. Maybe there'd be a way to keep track of your account highest onslaught. But not have it step on the toes of prestige system. Imagine you do up to 114, then prestige, but they add some cool flair for completing 115.. What if after completing onslaught 65, it actually unlocked 65 through your current highest floor? So in the example above, you would be able to jump back to 115. I mean there's not really a reason to make people do 66-114 again if they completed it once. They'd probably have to make it so 65+ always had a chance to drop chests. Let's be real, lost temple should always drop a chest.
  2. I've thought about it. Even at 140% xp I still have to do around 37 c7 maps. They said they are considering changing the rewards for 114+, so I'm not sure I want to do that atm, then realize I barely missed something. How long did it take to go 66-114? I'd guess 60 hours? There are diminishing returns on the xp bonus. The next 5 prestiges I do, I will have to do this many fewer c7 maps: 3.57%3.45%3.33%3.23%3.13%3.03%
  3. TLDR Minimum Ascension increases every prestige.After completing 65, you unlock highest completed onslaught +1 (completed 114, so 115 would be unlocked)After onslaught 65(?), Lost Temple always drops a chest (or maybe chance.).Hey Guys, It sounds like ya'll are going to start working on the prestige system next, so I wanted to provide some feedback on a part that really hasn't gotten much attention. I've prestiged 8 times, each time I reset to ascension 27. By the time I am through progressing to max c7 gear I hit ascension 130. That means I have to grind out c7 till asc 220, then I can push onslaught 55-65 and end up at asc 250. This does get better (slowly) by prestiging more. I could push higher onslaught, but each level takes ~ one hour, vs the xp required to move up low ascension just doesn't justify it. For example, getting the xp required to go from asc27 to 30 takes less than 5 minutes, I would have to prestige 12 times before I broke even on the hour it took to beat 66. ANYWAYS, here is the suggestion, each prestige should increase your minimum ascension. I think ideally it would have dimishing returns. Like adding 15mil xp worth of asc, so low level people would get more, but asc 250 folks would get less. Otherwise, adding 5 or 10 asc might work too, but that's pretty godly if you're higher level. From the discussion below: it would also be cool if after completing 65, you could unlock 65 to your current highest onslaught + 1. So if you had completed 114 in a previous prestige, you could jump to 115. You'd have to change how chests work: but, honestly, 65 + lost temple should always drop one. It takes an hour at least.
  4. Juicebags has some guidance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFwla5fMRl4 IMO, chaos is faster to progress through since the challenges and maps are straightforward.
  5. Ya, you need a hero score of like 350 to open t2? Im not sure about the numbers, it was like 10 seconds of the last dev stream Does that mean the # of trials you need to proceed to the next Chaos tier is being nixed in favor of a "Champion score" min?
  6. There are some gating updates coming as well. I think it was last stream, but you just have to have a certain hero score to access the next difficulty.
  7. I dunno about double. He is fast AF Whoa! This means double speed with the speed boost shard?!
  8. Ill be updating in real time, if i can.
  9. Maybe we can summarize it for others, Maybe get some screenshots
  10. I think if you don't have OP defenses, then you're supposed to open up the air lanes, and just hold 4 ground lanes. Buried Bastille has waaayyy too much DU. You can upgrade every single lane except 1. Nimbus reach, and little horn valley are really tough on onslaught.
  11. I can't say what time, since it appears to be secret ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ OK, After thoroughly digging, I was able to locate the time.
  12. Might have missed some stuff or not heard quite right. IT's hard to type something and listen. PATCH DAY, waiting for console verification(?). Looking like wednesday or thurs. Maybe Tuesday. Summary: Recap: Shard system update (moved from items to UI). Equipped shards will auto move into the same gear slots. Cold storage. They are thinking about "additional storage options." Incursion weapons will have a 4th passive (3 slots for shards). Balance pass incoming. Gear system update: Gear score (previously known as ipwr). Hero score is sum of gear scores on a character. Champion score appears to be highest hero score for equipped deck. Upgrades should be more straightforward. No more mules. Chaos tiers still cap out (C1 won't drop c7 gear). Auto-upgrade toggles for each item slot. Just selects highest gearscore (doesn't min-max). You can click on a gear slot, and the UI will show you all equipable gear for that slot, sorted by gearscore BARB: New resource: Fury: Gained through taking damage. Wrath: gained by dealing damage(?) Looks like abilities take fury. Towers take Wrath. Weapons: swords, axes (?) and wide swords (FF style). You can have 2 stances active at the same time. Situation specific. Abilities: Right click: leap slam (mostly movement skill,aoe) Furious slash: for air enemies. Tornado stance(?): increased attack/movement speed, reduced damage turtle stance: DA proof. attack slower, reduced jump Syphon stance: increased life steal. Maybe attacking tower repairs? Wrath abilities Lightning stance: Increased damage. every 3rd attack is chainlighting. Drains HP while being used Staggering shout: Huge aoe, debuff. Works differently dependin on the second stance that's active. Whirlwind: Looks like movement speed is increased. Depends on other stance that's activated. Hawk stance: Small aoe. Burns all your wrath, dps propotional. Damage is proportion to amount of Wrath you have, full bar can OHK rollers BOOT SHARD FOR BARB increased movement speed. The barbs has the highest health pool, but the least amount of damage reduction. You can buy just the barb. Or the barb + 1 costume, Or the "Complete pack" with all costumes. You can buy some (all?) the cosmetics with DM. He has 4 full sets of costumes. New cosmetics and flair for other heroes too. Q/a: whirlwind damage based on ability power (?). Yes! Shards work the same way, just different UI. Barb can use 2 of the same weapon shards (1 in each weapon in dual wield). Cant put shards back into "cold storage". https://www.twitch.tv/trendyent
  13. In my screenshot above, Giblock was taking no damage from the bees. I haven't seen them act weird on this lane before. It's also weird that the wall can block line of vision for the bees, so once the bezerker runs to the side of the tree, they will never get attacked.
  14. Thats a good question. It's easier to figure out why the lane is failing now. Before when you'd fail the whole floor, you wouldn't be able to check the lane mutator. Anyway, you basically have to fail a map, then google it to figure out why. I've seen the bees thing. Here's a screenshot of one. One Dead Road lane always gives me problems. I can post a screenshot of the lane configuration. It might be good to make a thread specifically about bees buggin, so we don't muddy the water here.
  15. This was posted 12/23/17: "IV. Power Block: immune to HERO’s ABILITIES and SLIME (Pet Abilities count as Physical damage)" https://dd2tools.com/deck/mangos-comprehensive-onslaught-guide/ I thought more people knew about it, but it looks like this thread is the first one on the forums.
  16. "Shielded" = Power block mod on onslaught.
  17. Jaws: Definitely agree that the shard system needs some polishing. Trendy was asking for feedback on shards so hopefully some changes are coming down the pipeline.
  18. Just crunching some numbers. If you are looking for a specific mod on an item, then your chance at getting it is 1 out of the pool of mods (instead of that denominator being cubed). Also, I am guessing that people that are prestiging have a lot of builders, so most of the drops would be useful. You already said it in your primary post. Make the unique affixes % stat boosts. Just like POTA powers. Make it like 5% or something to a specific stat. And each piece of gear could give the stat boosts. It’s perfectly fine in that perspective. You can’t think about the shards as special affixes. You need to think in regards to base stat boosts that no other gear has. And the onslaught idea was perfect since currently you can’t get any gear upgrades past c7. So grinding onslaught and getting some %stat boosts to power, crit and range would be amazing.
  19. Another alternative is Ramster and bees. Swap ballista for ramster if you don't have Abyss Lord (watch for geodes and vangaurd though)
  20. So I've given this idea some more thought: I think making the item uniq abilities modular through shards was a huge QOL upgrade. I can't imagine trying to get power transfer, Deadly strikes and Defense rate on a medallion would be nearly impossible (almost 1/40000 for the mods, yellow medallions drop ~33%-50% of maps, so that'd be a lot of grinding). I still think there has to be a good way to make items more interesting. I'm not sure what the answer is. Maybe it would have to be developed in conjunction with the shard system optimization. I assume there is some changes coming to that system since they were asking for feedback on shard usage,
  21. I would bet that they go into your inventory first, then over to the scavenger storage. You could put all the shards you want to move into cold storage into items, then fill up your inventory. Patch is next week sometime.
  22. Thanks for the feedback. You can complete c1-7 and up to onslaught 65 with just yellows so they wouldn't be critical. But it could enable some build diversity. Hopefully it would just be a sweet find, but ya. I wouldn't want to have to do the equivalant farming for 6 + power transfers (1item per slot) for each prestige or even to start pushing high onslaught.
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