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  1. The patch that will be applied to xbox SOON will fix that. 
  2. In addition, to ev2, and dryad, I also use Abyss lord and mystic a lot in onslaught.
  3. It'd be really hard. There are a lot of hex throwers, cyborks and kamikaze air lanes are going to be really big problems. Controlled burn can be okay with PDT (explosive poison shard), but that can have geodes. If I was going to try: Flame aura (times 2-3), Lite aura (times 2-3) and blockade would be my default. Ballista if there are cyborks. And I'd build a blockade in front of skyguards if there are kamikaze guys. You might have to babysit hex lanes. Report back :D And if you have more specific questions let us know!
  4. TL;DR We need a better way to select between many builders required to succeed in onslaught. Hey All, First off, I'm very happy with the huge improvements made to the UI that came out in this patch. One of the changes, however, made it more difficult to change out the characters in your deck. It now requires more UI interaction do change out a character. Just looking at a sample build from Onslaught 61 I did last night required all these different builders. Trees Bees Slimes Ramster AL EV2 (Reflect) PDT Huntress Skyguard Monk Obelisk#1 Mystic Obelisk#2 Mystic Obelisk#3 Mystic Thats 10 guys. Consider the 3 dryad builders are required for every ground lane. So you're just switching out 1 slot as you build. Probably requires ~ 20 swaps per map Possible solutions: IMO, ideally we could have 8 builders accessible during build phase (could be restricted during battle mode). Alternatively, map "browse heroes" to a keyboard button (or one in inventory UI) then allow us to map characters from "browse heroes" screen. I'd like to be able to re-organize the character orders on "Browse Heroes." Thanks!
  5. I get you. You can also keep low geared players out of public games. Now you're not limiting by ascension level
  6. Ya, around there. They are thinking about changing 3 maps per floor. So that might change at some point.
  7. 57 has 3 maps you need to complete to progress. Everything after 59 does too.
  8. Can you make more characters to store them on? Fill out all our builders' open slots? Also, since c7 is one of the "main farming modes" you might also consider reducing the number of shards that drop there.
  9. You have 9.5 pages of shards? Dude. You definitely don't need multiple of some shards. "those of us who weren't prepared for it." You had like 2-3 weeks to prepare. How much more time could you possibly need?
  10. before todays patch, you could jump from 90% c6 gear to bottom level c7 gear. In the seven c6 games, you'd be really close to the jump point. Then it would take 12 games to hit max c7 gear. I'm curious how progression speed compares in the new system. Either way, it is a huge improvement (drops upgrades compared to what has dropped, instead of what's equiped). The reason I suggested that configuration is that it doesn't require many defenses. The FA's clear out the trash (AOE), then the LSA's (single target) can focus on guys that matter (beserkers, bosses). You only need 3 deadly strikes and 2 power transfers. Maybe 2 deadly strikes if you skip skyguard. Don't worry about the frosty beam shard. it's an upgrade but not necessary to succeed in c7. (It costs too much to upgrade so if you reset you would skip that anyway). You can skip proton beam, and go with 3 FA's +3LSA, but you don't have that much space on some short lanes (like in Siphon D). That's not an onslaught config, just c7. But C7 is the fastest way to get items, experience, and gold.
  11. That's definitely a problem with getting carried. I'm not sure how it is now, because the patch just rolled. But before, with muling, it would take 2 full games to jump from c6 gear to bottom level c7 gear. Dryad can def do c7, no problem, with bottom level c7 gear. Another configuration worth trying is, starting at the spawn: Flame aura, Proton beam, Flame aura, Lightning strikes, LS, Blockage, LS. Proton beam and Blockade should be in the overlapping sections. Also, LS can take care of air lanes as well. But supplement with skyguard as needed. How many deadly strikes/ Power transfers do you have?
  12. So you have unlocked onslaught 55? All you gotta do is get to a multi map floor and just farm the first map. Probably level 56 or 57.
  13. "Barbarian's Wrath releases tomorrow on PC/PS4 and coming soon to Xbox One! We had an unexpected delay on the Xbox One update and we'll have more info soon." https://twitter.com/trendyent
  14. If it is just controlled burn + Geodes: 2 slimes +2-3 bees. I try to put the slimes as close to the spawn as possible. In that case I will usually cover the lane with PDT, just in case. You don't want invincible enemies banging on your trees
  15. They've been addressing feedback with patches every 2-3 weeks. It sounds like they are going to address endgame next. It takes time to work on solutions, develop, test and deploy. Additionally they are also putting out new content: the barb, onslaught. I think they are doing a great job. i hope te is working on it and IF they do i expect it to be GREAT witch is a word used poorly by trendy ent at the moment :/
  16. I'd be curious to see that. I wish we could adjust how aggressively the waves spawned. Like maybe 2 waves at the same time.
  17. Fun is hard to quantify. I think "interesting and engaging" gameplay is a virtue. Rewards (roughly) comparable to effort. I think onslaught is interesting and engaging. It is F'ing hard. I was stuck on 57 for weeks (no replay was brutal). The lanes require you to think about building. Prestiging requires mastery of the game mode and many fleshed out builders. Grindy games definition of fun is different than action "fun." It has an endgame, though, ideally prestiging would allow you to push yourself and your "wall" further. Although in the current endgame, "Pushing" and "prestiging" systems trip over each other.
  18. Click the magnifying glass. Select shards, sort by name.
  19. That would be cool. I was imagining the endgame being similar to the way it is now, but it doesn't have to be. I think a skill point system that allows you to customize what bonuses you want might help make resets feel more rewarding. By bonuses, I'm referring to the exp/gold/caps/starting level separately from the passive skills. The higher the floor and level you reset on, the more skill points you get for bonuses. As you raise each of them higher, they also start to become more expensive to help avoid anything scaling too out of control and to nudge players away from just dumping everything into one stat. A system like this should in theory make every reset feel like it's doing what you want it to, rather than the current trend of doing one large reset for caps and starting level, and then spamming the rest for the rate increases. It would also still benefit both types of resets. If you want to spam resets you'll be getting smaller power spikes more often, and if you want to push further you'll gain a larger bonus at once when you do decide to reset.
  20. Can I also just put a plug in for balancing XP and gold in onslaught? I don't have exact number on this (since it also depends on maps), but around onslaught 55 - 57 you are getting 31%-41% of the xp and gold per hour compared to c7 maps. Per map, ons57 is around 60% xp of c7. But, any high level onslaught map takes 20-30 minutes to complete. I think onslaught should give at least 1:1 xp and gold compared to it's "equivalent" trial level. It could be upwards of twice as much, which it would break even (xp/hour). Shooting from the hip: 30-50% more for onslaught would probably be a good balance.
  21. This is the same discussion with TE weighing in.
  22. You could use an Auto Hotkey script to jump every 5 minutes so you don't get kicked for AFK
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