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  1. That seems really low, imo. With 0 Ap and no run bonus that would take 4 maps. I think 5mil is reasonable so I'm guessing it'll be 10 mil
  2. The other option besides DM is gold. Could be like 5-20 mil per shard. Actually gold is the only thing that you get wherever you play in dd2. So, imo, it's more likely. Edit: A new currency is possible too, but I think this is unlikely.
  3. In my opinion, you don't even have to lock the items.. Make 5/5 c8 gear not reset. So what if people will have an easier time resetting again. People will argue that "it'll make it too easy" but you can already do 51 with campaign gear to get decent relics. People are already swapping decent relics to avoid having them reset so it's not that different from what people are already doing. But it'll just be less clunky
  4. Dude, I'd pay money for more content.. I dunno how hard it is to change the monetization system in this game. Just saying if you made a new expansion, and sold it. I bet people would buy it.
  5. Yup, hopefully they have an announcement about future of dd2 soon.
  6. Yup, it should just automatically apply the stat if it is an upgrade. No second click required.
  7. OOOOHHH, it was a joke, hahaha, i get jokes :D
  8. There is a fast way to get through low resets if you have a friend to help you (that's in c7 gear). Only required to do 1 map of each chaos tier
  9. Flame auras won't get wrecked by bastille, but they aren't good for single target/bosses.
  10. I think you have to have Ev2 in your deck for that shard to drop. There are increased drop rates if you active play as her
  11. This is controversial but, just reset whenever you feel like it. just make sure you have enough mats to upgrade a couple relics to carry yourself though
  12. Just sell the trash shards. Target farm them later if they ever become relevant. Let me know if you'd like list of good shards to hold on to
  13. Lawlta said they are working on some big things and that we should be able to announce some stuff sometime this month.
  14. Just for the sake of clarity, "within the next month" equals February or the next 4-5 weeks? Exclusive or pls. On our streams we've announced that our next update is going to be more player-centric. As of right now, that's all we can announce, but within the next month, you'll hear some really good things.
  15. Jaws, what's a typical play session look like for you?
  16. This is an interesting idea. I like that it addresses the fundamental problem with having two conflicting endgames.
  17. Heard Juicebags talkin about this (I think). I think you might have to reset and re-upgrade it to c8 to fix that. I'd maybe ask him, or reach out to support. What % reduction does it say?
  18. It seems like there is a bug with communities. I frequently get this message, "PLAYER1 has been invited to Trondo" in red text. Once I saw someone saying hi on this "channel" as well. ALso, I am not part of any communities. Edit, Am also PC
  19. [[174624,users]], Would you spend generic mats or item specific mats to do upgrades?
  20. What about 5% more crafting mats per reset?
  21. you can upgrade campaign gear all the way to c7 with materials that drop. Ctrl click the item should open the menu
  22. Ya, but where is trendy really?
  23. I thought you were talking about towers, but then you were talking about heroes in the conclusion. Kinda confusing. I'm also confused what the problem is. Do you have a tl:dr of the problem?
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