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  1. Poison Gas trap is way better than rank 13. In my opinion the column ranking should be things like: AoE, Single target, walls, utility, durability(?).
  2. If you turn the master volume to 0 you can alt tab without crashing
  3. I stopped using explosive and lightning trap and stopped crashing. Still using darkness + gas with no issue. It could have been just the total reduction in the number of traps on the map as well. Also switching to flame burst towers is a huge QoL since they are so much less maintenance.
  4. Put burning strikes on a range guy. You can pre-light braziers up to approx. 10 seconds before they get frozen. I can usually have 2 lit before the dragon freezes them.
  5. I'm saying there is a failsafe with c8 amps already. I don't think it's a problem that certain people don't get certain items though. Thats a basic feature in any loot based game.. There is a way to get what you want :D
  6. Hmm, since then I've seen it on wave 4. However, it seems like on wave 4 I can suicide out of it. But not 5. I'll try to pay attention to the lane modifiers to see if I can verify the pattern
  7. Hmm, high reset people are getting like 600k per map in just gold alone. Even if you didn't sell any mats that would only take 166 maps to hit 100m gold. Depending how rare it is, even 100m isn't that high, and you'd have enough tokens to get 10/10 on it
  8. I crunched some #s for my hours played vs rate shards dropped. It takes around 35.5 hours of non-targetted farming per rate shard . Probably included around 20k DM on shardpacks
  9. How much gold would you pay for a god tier item if only 5 people could farm it?
  10. What about getting god tier items/shards that only drop onslaught 500+? It's possible to beat the game though. Do what feels good :D
  11. You have to sell them on the market. Also, I'm only familiar with Steam market which I think is the cheapest, but i'm not 100% on that
  12. I'd play c7 for Exp, gold or items still, but ya, c1 through c6 I'd be happy to never play again. But I have done my time though hahahah
  13. Is c8 gear good in mastery? So you get 120k per map + 2 crafting mats that sell for 200k+ each = 520k+ per map
  14. I mean, I feel ya. On the other hand, there are ways to farm gold if you want. Like 500k per map with no AP. You gotta work for it, but there is a fixed timeline for acquiring c8 amp with gold Or you can get lucky and find one. Do you play onslaught 30+?
  15. To be fair though, c8 amps are different from rate shard because you can just buy a c8 amp for some gold. So you're not locked out of progressing because c8 amp doesn't drop
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