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  1. It's bad optimization so don't bother, it's not your PC cause I have the same problems, I play more demanding games than this one and my PC works just fine, but whenever I launch this game my PC just gets stuck and I can't alt tab properly, not even use Steam interface without it freezing up, things get even worse when I close this game, I need to wait like 2 mins for my PC to "recover" so I can open anything else.
  2. Nope it doenst, only the 140 cap talents increases.
  3. They won't take it down because they want to make money out of it.
  4. Congrats on reaching floor 100, and I have to agree with you that the reset system is not worth it, right now atleast.
  5. So, here they are: I'm still always getting green chests on Nimbus Reach.Crane Stance number of stacks disappeared.Bugged ascension level from a player (always 0) showing in the end screen of a stage.No invalid placement messages appear when you try putting a tower/trap/wall and it's red.The "eyelids" of some lanes are black instead of the normal purple.Sometimes a giant ice block appears when you freeze a enemy.When I switch chars, sometimes they "fuse" together and I can't do nothing, needing to change chars again to fix that.Mobs and bosses getting stuck inside the spawning point.When playi
  6. I agree with everything, should make it less punishing and more rewarding.
  7. I did, 1k medals a pack, I want my medals back.
  8. Every Gato (Cat) pet can roll with the skill called Gato Fireworks, it deals alot of damage based on your Hero Damage, just reroll it if you don't get it.
  9. Good to know you guys are active and checking all of our feedback, I really like the changes that are coming but I don't see some changes to the reset system, like some better numbers: 5% instead of 1% and 2,5% instead of 0,5% Ancient Power point, 25% XP and Gold instead of 5%, some numbers that make people really want to reset cause it's rewarding, something that's not really worth it right now. Thanks again and I hope you guys don't let your community down, remember that you guys are making a game for everyone, so don't debate your ideas just between yourselves.
  10. Exactly, I don't want to wish this game to be ruined cause I used to enjoy it, but it seems that's the only way things are going to change, the devs only are answering posts regarding nothing about our ideais and suggestions for they to make a better and fun game, I was going to buy the Deluxe edition to support them but im glad I didn't, cause I don't want to support devs that doens't react to their gaming community opinions and feedback, maybe if things change for the best I will give this game another chance.
  11. These devs on Trendy are crazy if they knew this outcome, great maths man.
  12. Instead of making a floor needing 1 map, 2 maps and 3 maps, why not make it 5 waves, 6 waves and 7 waves? "Oh, because we want you players to experience our new and biggest map yet hohoho" just make it play on the 7 waves map.
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