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  1. What I am referring to as midgame is the grind that begins after completing the campaign. There is no end game that comes after it. You just do that forever.
  2. I would say if endgame is what your concern was, then nothing has changed. All they've done is make the midgame grind extend forever.
  3. Who said anything about playing like him? Everyone gets ascension cap increases when they reset. Not just people who "play like juicebags"
  4. I can't even tell what your point is. You seem to be implying that random maps, hard counters, & consecutive win streaks, some how create a revenue stream from casual players. How?
  5. After seeing juice bags video, it doesn't seem that bad. Ascension talent caps increasing are pretty big. You're more powerful than you were before and you get gold and xp faster so it wont take as long to get where you were. 2k Ascension levels are totally pointless right now. Any ascension above 630 is useless. I don't understand why someone would want to stubbornly hold on to 1,370+ useless ascension levels to not get +41% caps to ascension talents. When juicebags reset he got +58 talent cap. That's more than 1k in defense power for every defense. And it's not going to take you as long to g
  6. I see the numbers, but I don't know what any of this means. Now you're going to keep your All time high Ascension as your previous high score. BUT your Ascension skills will only be Ascension / 50 added on to the top + whatever onslaught floors you cleared after 65. What does this mean? Are you saying whenever you reset you divid your current ascension level by 50 and then add your onslaught floor - 65? Does that mean if had 1000 ascension levels and were on floor 75, after resetting you would be at (1000 / 50) + (75 - 65) = 20 + 10 = 30. So you would lose 970 ascension levels when you reset?
  7. When Trials came out, we told you that we did not like being unable to choose the map we play. We told you we did not like the hard counters that prevent us from being about to use our favorite defenses that you invested the time, money, and development resources into creating for us. When Win Streak bonuses came out we told you we did not like the implementation of the consecutive win requirements because it just makes connection issues and random bugs that much more painful. We lose win streaks over stupid reasons that are 100% not our fault. When we reached Chaos 7 and had nothing to grind
  8. I'll never understand why anyone thought requiring people to win 3 consecutive uninterupted maps in a single settings was a good idea.
  9. Is Blacksmith (Daniel Haddad) still around at Trendy? Haven't seen him since Dev Stream 73 back in April.
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