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  1. juice got the flaming huntress skin from a green defender pack.
  2. I've never tried anything but AP EV2 but I was always happy with it. With the proper shards Proton Charge will get you 4M+ DPS on an entire lane and Death from Above will 2 shot siege rollers.
  3. this happens quite often with that boss and many other mobs. fortunately it's almost never actually a problem. one time in onslaught there were about 20 mobs wandering around spawn though and the game wouldn't end. luckily I had ev2 in my deck and was able to blast through them all in a few minutes.
  4. [spoiler]devs have been teasing Barbarian release for a while now on streams...[/spoiler]
  5. This is the first time I've ever seen anyone speak anything less than absolute hatred of the 3 map restart. In a game mode that is supposed to progress to infinite difficulty, I see zero need for this additional "challenge" that can send you back to map one due to countless bugs and disconnects (often after an hour plus of gameplay). Also it's one more thing that ruins the multiplayer experience since you have people leaving the group after the first map and then nobody else can join. It's literally the only thing they would have to fix to get me to play the game again. Until then I'm ju
  6. I'm surprised there aren't more lanes than this at floor 120. Isn't this the same number of lanes as floor 65?
  7. ramster was probably my single most used tower before I joined the dark side and just started using dryad for everything. if you use deadly strikes with it combined with range gambit you can safely deal with pretty much any lane in the game. as for controlled burn lanes a drenching strikes shard in your weapon will help a lot. if there are no cyborks/frosties in that lane I found a couple dryad slimes plus a PDT to be sufficient to allow you to basically ignore it but I personally just camp them with a drenching strikes dryad with light swing speed and storm damage which allows me to complet
  8. yea I don't buy the "not intended to be used as a wall" stuff. if it wasn't intended to be used as a wall it shouldn't taunt at all. it's just buggy. the only tip I can give you is to hold shift while you're building and turn the tree 45 degrees when you place it. this makes it approximately 40% wider.
  9. dryad is arguably the single strongest character in the game right now. I'm pretty sure there are people who are farming ancient power using nothing but dryad. the only cons for dryad are that the defenses can be buggy and if you build with dryad you basically only play dryad since playing actively will give your towers a huge damage boost which can get boring. right now the only thing I'm using from EV2 are reflect beams and that's more out of laziness than necessity. basically if being OP and playing nothing but dryad sounds okay to you then get dryad otherwise get EV2.
  10. onslaught until floor 15 -> chaos 5, 6, 7 -> onslaught floor 55 some people throw in a couple onslaught floors for gear between chaos 6 and 7 but this may not be necessary for you.
  11. easy solution is just to make each floor 1 map and have the temple map every 6 floors... adjust rewards/difficulty accordingly?
  12. devs said the auto kick was implemented as a workaround for a bug that would crash your session after a certain amount of wins. for what it's worth, I found that if you don't click the tavern/hub buttons and just let the "break" timer run its course it will auto kick you to tavern and you will not lose your win streak bonus in trials -- just like it was before. that being said I don't know why they added the button if clicking tavern/hub makes you lose your win streak. I'm guessing that part of it is a bug.
  13. I did a reset and regretted it then worked my way back up to maxed c7 gear. Now I'm just waiting to see what changes Trendy makes. I'd probably start playing a lot again if all they did was remove 3 map reset but I hope they tweak a lot more than that.
  14. have you considered using abyss lord?
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