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  1. Its not really a bug as it allows the Dryad to be used on the map. As it requires the tree for everything and having to build a tree and something was much more restrictive then other heroes is my understanding.
  2. it was pretty easy , your defense get a boost to remember
  3. IMO there is absolutely NO reason to do inventory management during or between waves. If you need to do that you can do it after the map in Town or Tavern if you have to. I don't know a single "builder" or Party leader that will would even consider allowing it.
  4. I agree, floor level mob wise its around 200 ish but as Exglint points out without the mutators of onslaught I don't think people will struggle until near the end of primes. Lots of folks with no AP have gone into and past floor 300 ( with Mutators ) that I know of and even that its more about pure ascension level and proper defenses then Ap resets. I am not sure where the Talent Cap threshold will be or even if its a factor with CC effects.
  5. to many issues now with not hitting G and getting kicked
  6. The sorting hat will be in full force
  7. uzar


    I use poison Wm and Reflect beam with torpedo and add from there as needed. Many many many options to choose from.
  8. "but you're almost never going to be pushing high Onslaught in a group" Pushing high onslaught with no tenacity gear? what is high onslaught? Proper gear for "high Onslaught" the map is a non issue.
  9. We are waiting on a kickstarter update today
  10. I have done it also and helped some friends , never seen those issues
  11. If any Mob hits you at that level or higher your dead. Most use turtle stance or some form of CC and they reroll HS air lanes as needed.
  12. Could be cloud issues as i am not seeing this issue on any servers. I am located on the west coast canada
  13. I use Pdt on them with a fissure
  14. They did say for seasoned Defenders on the stream, I don't think someone struggling on floor 30 or draken frost will enjoy it.
  15. I like my gold. And it really does mean coated, not trim. Any images of Gilded is solid gold coat .. not trim. You may be referring to gold trim or lace , but not gilded. Gilding is any decorative technique for applying a very thin coating of gold to solid surfaces such as metal (most common), wood, porcelain, or stone. A gilded object is also described as "gilt"
  16. You don't need C8 for floor 100 many people i know are well past 250 with no AP and a few c8 on some key relics. At a certain point you have to go to Floor 80 every time for reset. I would suggest going to at least floor 100 the First reset as the first 20 AP are pretty easy. After that it would be rebuild and push higher to at least 265 at which point you should have 3k min asc on next reset. OR just do all the resets at once but its to floor 80 every time. I actually did 55 to 76 yesterday in 7 casual hours with just c7 drop relics. Currently at Ap 35 with min asc of 3100 i went to floor 263 for reset.
  17. I use frostfire and pdt and Es all the time in my Ap grinding. I have not noticed procing very much if at all. I have seen Frostfire proc off a pdt on a flier lane the other day tho
  18. It adds a 25% chance to drench on hit. The water mod is 100%
  19. That would be a waste of a shard slot since Water mod is 100% Drench , same as Wm with poison it's insta poison as soon as they get hit.
  20. Water elemental Shard C8 adds water to any Defense as its not a Mod.
  21. Let me rephrase , no one plays incursions anymore they should be removed as any updates just wont be enough for anyone to bother with anymore. If your still having issues with assassins.. I am not sure what to say its just not that complicated. We are clearly playing very different games. X Fingers for Endgame.
  22. Sorry that sounds even more boring, or rather just like Chaos tiers. Hope Endgame games brings some challenge while i watch my kids Ap for me.
  23. People actually play incursions?. Petrify combo no need for BS shard.
  24. Remove the Dragon , then Torches are useless. this maps becomes the easiest map in the game .Back to 6 yr old play and more reason to wait for DDA
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