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  1. To me when I hear DD1 timer and read the above threads , know your map know your build rinse repeat do it under so and so Time. Sounds very static and boring. I rather enjoy the same map in onslaught with random mobs every time, never the same build which will be hard for the know your build know your map game play. Id like to have some thought in it rather then i have this amount of time to build the same thing. Your not gong to build the same thing on the same map for Headstrong Ogre lane as you will with Controlled burn Ogre lane. ( now toss in a timer ) Again I will reserve judgment until i see the game play.
  2. Oh kids need something.. timer fail. It seems timers will be a thing. I will have to wait to reserve judgement until i see how it plays but it will be death of DDA for me. I want to play on my time frame.
  3. you would have to find one that dropped that way previous to update and was not tinkered.
  4. I start resets with about 15mil I have 60mil now. Again just use drops and the most important step get the highest start Asc possible before starting.
  5. I don't trade anything i just use what i find as drops and maybe the odd tinker of a relic. You can also do floor 30-40 in campaign gear after reset with starting asc at 1k + I believe there is a video out there of floor 80 in campaign gear no upgrades just ascension based.
  6. It will be a snap and delete your account......
  7. If built right you can afk any map or bosses.
  8. Roller lanes instant reroll even if they are easy lanes to handle it just slows down a map so much.
  9. Use the lanes to your advantage you don't have to spawn camp all lanes use the merge points. group defenses for easy torch lighting
  10. I have been using the poison Wm as it blankets Poison much faster and better then PDT for larger groups on CB Lanes and CB flyer lanes. I don't use it all the time and normal reset set up is PDT , EarthShatter and Earth Viper with Split vipers. It can hold down pretty much any lane including HS. I just use Earth Toss on EarthShatter and Explosive poison on PDT. I also add Fissures with Embermount ( i know but it works Lol ) as required for frosty lanes. I have done 2 full resets with this set up and just using dropped c7 un-upgraded relics. Drakenkeep I have automation and put that on the Poison Wm and use Vipers and a few Fissures. I only have to keep 2 or 3 Torches lit. ( fissures embermount keeps burning) and no I never have an issue with more then 10 mobs as things die faster then that.
  11. uzar

    May 1st Hotfix

    It works great I use explosive poison and watch a whole lane explode in green mist for 30secs on Timmy's revenge lane.
  12. I am on Ap 28 and use maybe 1 mil on shards that are not gilded and i use all Heroes and 6 or 7 defenses. I spent 5 C7 runs last night after reset and Floor 30 to open it. I got all the relics i needed in those runs and will take those and maybe exchange some as i got up to floor 72.. With zero issues and zero mats spent. Done 7 Ap since the patch very casual time frame and no mats used.
  13. They take damage but the bar doesn't move until they unfreeze and while grey other mobs will attack them. So it is common to see a boss go from full to Dead :)
  14. uzar

    April 23rd Hotfix

    Yes confirmed not showing on dummy but in map you can see the ticks and explosion and poison spreading, also confirmed Harpy and Ballista poison mods working.
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