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  1. How is everyone enjoying those Assassins :)
  2. in fairness it was "mostly afk"
  3. Far from perfect , never said ever play like me but do agree with your last edit cant reason with them.... Posted 10 hours ago (edited) Can’t be ask to argue with a arrogant guy who believes he’s perfect and everyone plays exactly like him Edited 9 hours ago by MrPeterPFL Can’t reason with dickheads
  4. You can put all the reasons and math you want and in the end it takes away from the group play aspect and encourages more afk in group play which in turn takes you to the kick thread discussion.
  5. Your issue with hoarding is not my issue and still not a valid reason :)
  6. Isn't like 800 + with no ascension and without double hypershards
  7. Its not really a bug as it allows the Dryad to be used on the map. As it requires the tree for everything and having to build a tree and something was much more restrictive then other heroes is my understanding.
  8. it was pretty easy , your defense get a boost to remember
  9. IMO there is absolutely NO reason to do inventory management during or between waves. If you need to do that you can do it after the map in Town or Tavern if you have to. I don't know a single "builder" or Party leader that will would even consider allowing it.
  10. I agree, floor level mob wise its around 200 ish but as Exglint points out without the mutators of onslaught I don't think people will struggle until near the end of primes. Lots of folks with no AP have gone into and past floor 300 ( with Mutators ) that I know of and even that its more about pure ascension level and proper defenses then Ap resets. I am not sure where the Talent Cap threshold will be or even if its a factor with CC effects.
  11. to many issues now with not hitting G and getting kicked
  12. The sorting hat will be in full force
  13. uzar


    I use poison Wm and Reflect beam with torpedo and add from there as needed. Many many many options to choose from.
  14. "but you're almost never going to be pushing high Onslaught in a group" Pushing high onslaught with no tenacity gear? what is high onslaught? Proper gear for "high Onslaught" the map is a non issue.
  15. We are waiting on a kickstarter update today
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