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  1. Focus on 1 hero for your main as DPS to start. Use the auto equip button as you do maps until you get into C7. Flame aura and Lightening aura will be your best overall use but Cyborks you will need some sort of Tower in the lane , Cannons and Poison Dart towers are great for that. Aura can work but you need to learn placement and have enough Range on the them ( deadly strikes , range mod) DD2 is about grinding out maps and upgrading gear and building out your defenses. Learning to know what works and what doesn't to counter enemies. Collect Deadly strike , Destruction and Defense Ra
  2. Good Stuff we still have a pretty good community on Ps4 just beware the eating of the Sourdough Toe conversations.......
  3. I always added a range factor as needed on heavy frost lanes. Pdt , Earth shatter , couple bees etc
  4. You do realize when they roll back your account , you wont be very happy ....
  5. This all really started with Mods when people wanted counters , to things like cyborgs. Remember the day people thought those where hard and Geo actually stopped stuff???? Careful what you ask for .....
  6. Your forgetting tho it can take only 1 roll . I have not made any max rolls yet. Actually I don't think I have gone over 150 on any yet. I don't happy click either
  7. Why are people still grinding lower levels for shards, grind highest level and buy the shards from the vendor ......
  8. With all the changes I am not sure what grind there is. 1. Use to have grind low levels for shards, Now shard vendor. No grind 2. Use to have grind low levels for Materials , Now material converter. No grind. 3. Had to grind out Mastery for Hyper shards now only have to do that if you want 2 of each. 4. They increased the motes a while back also , I believe it only dropped 3 prior The only grinds left are onslaught levels if you want them or AP resets , neither are required
  9. How is everyone enjoying those Assassins :)
  10. Far from perfect , never said ever play like me but do agree with your last edit cant reason with them.... Posted 10 hours ago (edited) Can’t be ask to argue with a arrogant guy who believes he’s perfect and everyone plays exactly like him Edited 9 hours ago by MrPeterPFL Can’t reason with dickheads
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