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  1. I logged in last night first time in a while , I also had lost a whole set of hyper shards. I had 1 for mastery and 1 for prime , I think the the prime changes removed the the prime set as the master set is intact. I also submitted a ticket this morning
  2. I got a 105 last night doing keep runs
  3. I haven't seen any issues playing its super smooth and the graphic upscaling is awesome.
  4. Thats odd , i have played a few multi player and no issues so far in building either way on switch
  5. Well every game will always have bugs , I have found nothing game breaking on the Switch. I am currently starting to farm massacre keep rifted. The stats issue is weird but if you see the little arrows thats where your points are and clicking L shows the amount. There is a lot of stuff to pack into a controller for the UI takes some getting use to but pretty use to it now. overall addicted to it and hope the patch updates start to come faster through Nintendo.
  6. I switched to Fusion weapon , issue solved and now I kill Sirens :) , You do get some damage numbers like 6000 3000 on those as white numbers but it does no damage. I have noticed the same thing on switch.
  7. Hi I had this happen once it hit me on wave 22 but after I had to close the game I noticed the switch had started a background update on another game. No issues since
  8. Focus on 1 hero for your main as DPS to start. Use the auto equip button as you do maps until you get into C7. Flame aura and Lightening aura will be your best overall use but Cyborks you will need some sort of Tower in the lane , Cannons and Poison Dart towers are great for that. Aura can work but you need to learn placement and have enough Range on the them ( deadly strikes , range mod) DD2 is about grinding out maps and upgrading gear and building out your defenses. Learning to know what works and what doesn't to counter enemies. Collect Deadly strike , Destruction and Defense Ra
  9. I always added a range factor as needed on heavy frost lanes. Pdt , Earth shatter , couple bees etc
  10. You do realize when they roll back your account , you wont be very happy ....
  11. This all really started with Mods when people wanted counters , to things like cyborgs. Remember the day people thought those where hard and Geo actually stopped stuff???? Careful what you ask for .....
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