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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to talk about different type of builds for heroes. I've been writing things down on paper in regards to stats, shards mostly. Let me know what you think of these builds: Hero Dmg Build: Weapon = hero dmg + health Boots = armor + hero dmg Chest = armor + hero dmg Gloves = armor + hero dmg Helmet = armor + hero dmg Total is armor x4, health x1, hero dmg x5 Shards: Critical strike, Power gambit, Charged shot Ability Build: Weapon = hero dmg + health Boots = armor + ability Chest = armor + ability Gloves = armor + ability Helmet = armor + ability Total is armor x4, health x1, hero dmg x1, ability x4 Shards: (depends on the hero) Inspiration, Power of storms, Channel, Mana capacitor Health Build: Weapon = hero dmg + health Boots = armor + health Chest = armor + health Gloves = armor + health Helmet = armor + health Total is armor x 4, hero dmg x1, health x5 Shards: Worm scarf, Bulwark, Life leech, Retribution? Stun Build: Similar to health build or can mix it up. Shards: Brain of confusion, Overwhelm, Drenching strike (with lightning mod in weapon), Beacon of storm, Electric retribution? Annoyance?
  2. Thank you. Hmmm well even though i will go the long way to reset but like you mentioned, i will get plain motes and i'll get shards, gold on the way.
  3. I see, well i will link this thread to my friend and let him know also. Thank you for the information. I personally will go about it the usual way but my friend is interested in this it seems.
  4. Thank you Paloverde, it didn't really cross my mind until this friend mentioned it yesterday. But anyways I will just carry on with resetting and going through the various chaos levels. Thanks again.
  5. Hello everyone, a friend of mine suggested that when one of us resets, the other can sell to that person, C7 gear. Firstly is this ok to do? (as in not against rules or anything like that) and is it possible?
  6. I'm sorry to read about that happening to you. You know when these sorts of things happen, it's best to just brush it off your shoulders and carry on with the game.
  7. Very good suggestions. Could you also do a heroes version and also shards version for defenses and heroes please.
  8. Sneaky. I will certainly be telling the old one and the siege roller about this.
  9. Do you think Father Christmas will make an appearance in town?
  10. Thank you. That is another defense that I will look into in regards to that shard.
  11. How does frosty power work? I tried it some months ago? but didn't figure it out. Boost aura, combined with frosty power, was ridiculous to see in action. Huge combo!
  12. One day I will look into boost aura. Since i'm not confident about the bee's but I do like slime pit.
  13. Fair point but name me your fave 5 defenses or 5 in general defenses that you believe?
  14. So, at the current state of the game, which defence do you think is out-right the best? Or if there isn't a defence that is the best, which defenses would you have as a top 3 or even top 5? I'll take a guess on a top 5 in no particular order: Flame aura - lightning aura - weapon manufacturer - PDT - Earth Shatter.
  15. That's impressive that you have gilded 5 defense rate shards.
  16. I've not been selling plain motes but I was just giving an example of what i've done before and only if some one asks. Omg, please don't tell me you have been selling plain motes for just 500 to 900 gold, c1 to c4 crafting materials are very expensive. A stack of 99 plain motes is 1,000,000+ gold. Is that what you sold?
  17. I have 2 question to ask: 1) Not for awhile but before that I would get asked by a new person which hero should they buy? I tend to think of Eve2 because of the reflect beam for c6, Abyss lord or Dryad. But what do you think? What would you say to such as person if asked this question? 2) I don't really sell stuff to other players unless i'm in a game and somebody would ask for something. And even then I would just give it to them for like 500-100 gold. But my question is say for example you have a 99 stack of material that in the inventory says it would give you 990 gold, so does that mean that this material if put in a players shop should be sold for this much? Or is it just dependent on the individual selling it for whatever price they think? How do you determine when an item being sold is way over the price it should be?
  18. My new mind set that i will try to implement is to just have fun regardless. I also have goals that keep me going because I like the game. I guess everyone has their own reason and motivation to play the game. So i'll generalize here just to keep it simple: People with lots of free time which results in many hours of game play in a day/week People with a few hours to spare per day/week People with very little time to spare per day/week However there is another factor to include time with, and that is effort/intensity. So you could further add more categories which include the time with how much they push in that given time. Examples: People with lots of time and push to get as much done in that time People with little time and push to get as much done People with lots of time but play casually etc, etc, etc.
  19. I've decided after my 12th reset, that from now on i'm just gonna enjoy the game and use as many defenses i want to. Instead just using 2 defenses. What will be will be but as long as I continue to enjoy the game and play it my own way.
  20. Hmmm i don't know what the pro's and con's are for that.
  21. Defenses that need a review/change. Boost aura, Buff beam, Harpies, Training dummy? Arcane Barrier. Any other defenses that need a review? As well as bringing out new content, it would be great if these defenses get looked at.
  22. I knew it! I will claim a ultra shard!
  23. Hello, i'm sorry that has happened. I'm sure somebody with knowledge of these sorts of things will respond soon.
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