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  1. can this be done for the colour of the pets as well? I also think an exception list should be included for the event items.
  2. I need that weapon so much I'm going to make a huge bid right from the start. 10 mana.
  3. merry christmas, everyone!! so apparently we enter once. so i'll edit the whole song here. On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me: Twelve LTs Lightning Eleven Rains Making Ten Buff Beams Buffing Nine Rocks Shattering Eight Traps a Springing Seven Gaias Gifting Six Mages Healing Five Golden Roosts Four Polly Parrots Three Chickens Two Cavalries and a Queen Georgia in a Pear Tree
  4. Haiku time! dungeon defenders hours sunk, too much to count, but time to sink some more
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