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  1. I'm not sure if it's going to be better to do my first prestige before or after the next update. I am currently ascension 890 and on floor 126. If I rest now my talent cap goes up 77 and min ascension is 231. I didn't see anything in the latest blog about how the talent cap and min ascension will be affected by changing the floor system. Any advice info would be appreciated
  2. I've been to imagine what the playing quality of the game would be if I reset.Im asention 550 with 15 heroes and have tons of shards for hero's and towers I still can't upgrade because of gold bottle neck.Ive only upgrade a few select weapons/armor/relics and have a number of max pets.Im 1/3 of the way through mastery. If I reset mastery is just straight up over.Id build 1 hero to gear up by leaching off players In trials so I could get gold/exp/gear from c7.Then grind c7 more. Then grind c7 more.Heres the loop I'm still playing c7 instead of playing onslaught because it's faster.Then I could grind onslaught by switching shards back and forth between relics while other shards collect dust and take up bag space or sit on heros without upgrades because I'm saving gold for that grand time I decide to stop resetting.Then when I finally get shards/gear/pets upgraded again I start moving up floors from the expansion that is now a year or two old. NO THANKS I'm going work on mastery,level up, and play onslaught with what I've got.Im a big fan of this game but this reset is broken and doesn't make sense.
  3. My game is currently bugged and unplayable.my big rectangle button is not working it works fine on other game I've tried other controllers and tried uninstalling and reinstalling.im an experienced player asention level 500.i hope this can be fixed soon I was looking forward to the next update.
  4. Is the dps info on training dummies turned off on ps4? My game isn't recognising pressing the big rectangle button to ready up and my controller and that button work fine on any other game.This started happening at the same time dps info stoped displaying on dummies. SUPPORT says it's my controller and dps was turned off of dummies can anyone confirm this.I don't understand why my controller works fine on other games but wouldn't work on this game.
  5. I deleted the game and reinstalled but it's still bugged
  6. Does anyone know how to fix this I can't play at all because I can't start a game
  7. I'm playing on ps4 this morning I tried to play but my game is bugged.The go button on my controller wont work anymore and the training dumbies don't show damage anymore.My controller works fine on other games and I've tried turned ps4 off and tried to play again but it's still the same.
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