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  1. well ppl hack this game because when you go on youtube and you type dungeon defenders hack you have 10,000 videos that shows you how to... shouldn't we QQ at YouTube about that? rofl
  2. I used to love this game, but now, high 200^+ weapons/armors/pets have -2000000000 stats when they said they fixed it with patch 7.14 Your post is too long. this game will be dead once Diablo 3 is out. End of the story.
  3. they said they fixed it back in patch 7.14. They lied.
  4. i can help you with that if you still need, but you need to accept the steam invite...
  5. Don't worry, if they dont make NM fun for you guys. D3 february 1st 2012.
  6. Heres the proof. name of the toon: Elora Steamid: Joe Gamename: Mythic 200+^ WEAPONS ON FLOOR http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596957419708067574/13BB035F838B0B329C92C8C01B648CA9EF075D9A/
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/id/jack_bauer_ctu Hi, I'm playing since release. 860+ hours played. Did everything except high end NM misty surv. That's what I need and other stuff of course. I like playing with others, but the ppl I used to play with left the game... SO I need other ppl! I got full mythical sets and level 74s. Hoping to hear from you.
  8. and he is grinding, he's failing his way through the easiest nightmare map for loot to possible win. it should be equal to failing your way through Umf on the very least a loot/time or loot/chest basis. there should be nothing short of godly and nothing short of 30^, but tier 1 drops cap out at 80% of insane Umf gear, tier 2 is equal with awful mystical, tier 3 would be the stuff you need for post nightmare campaign I don't agree on letting newcomers that started 2 weeks ago to be able to be as geared as me right now. The only reason I'm able to do nm, is because I'VE BEEN PLAYING for
  9. @ Jack: yeah, the items that drop for me, is useless for everyone, so i cant sell it to others or anything, and i get like 20k mana for a armor. I guess the game is for the elitiest that was here from the first hour. but the game as it stands now, is not new-player friendly. no its not, follow my guide and you will catch up dude... That's how everybody did it anyways, so why wouldnt you? #1. get a monk/huntress turret at level 74. You can do that by farming bonus:glitter insane (not survival) around 15 times. To level 2 toons at the same time, get a gamepad and add a toon while you dps
  10. Do i seriously need to start spend countless hrs in stupid survival stuff to get some sort of mana? I mean, there is no point in thinking of getting any good gear anywhere, i gotta go to a shop, right? I guess that is the plan. And not to speak of the sheer amount of hours you need to spend, to get to any reasonable amount of mana. And the expenses to upgrade items to any levels that is apparently needed to start on nightmare, is in my view aint even foreseeable. THATS FINE! need better gear...so how do i actually get better gear then, to close this gap? Is the answer seriously 40hrs+++
  11. I understand that for newcomers doing NM is near impossible. Here's the reason. I, myself, have 2 mythical sets: one full dps that gives me 750 hero attack, 500 health, 300 casting rate, 300 mov speed and 500 (second skill)... and one full resist... and I can't do nightmare alone with this 7.14 patch. So, I can imagine its hard for you, but keep in mind that I've been playing since release, I did normal insane survival, farmed giraffe, like 5 times. Then I did survival insane mix mode around 20 times to farm some gear at the time. Then, I did UMF 1.0 like 50 times to farm better ****s. An
  12. Mythical crossbow 207^ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/59...E9F1D839F168D/ Bonebow 160^ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/59...A2135D1DDBF09/ offer here first plz with steamid.
  13. Mythical crossbow 207^ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596957419685150373/ABCE412D48D46794CF670FB9472E9F1D839F168D/ Bonebow 160^ http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/596957419685156312/8DD218D0A24B05193BE458AC68BA2135D1DDBF09/ offer here first plz with steamid.
  14. Go here and make your report. http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?45-Report-a-Player Do they really check this section at all?!
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