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  1. I hqve 20 heroes lvl 100 propubly could have had more. Its too easy to get xp. It should be lowered.
  2. Oh, i have 240 hours and i have not noticed that! Ofc they change thing.
  3. Yes, i am experiencing the same thing. No one can join me
  4. Remember that this is a dd1 remake
  5. Same here, i was playing and randomly everything stopped moving and then i was kicked. I watched netflix so i know i did not have connection issue.
  6. Yeah, but currently now its totally useless.
  7. Heal aura was insane and healed u full hp in 2 sec. and i had 3k points in skill and my weapon damage was 100k in massacre. it wold be more usefull if it did damage way faster. I did not really get to try it for long since it made me crash.
  8. Heal aura was pretty glitchy before the recent hotfix, but it was amazing. Heal aura was good for the first time in the game. After the hotfix heal auras almost does not heal at all, you bearly notice it. Im just saying that heal aura should be buffed so it works as it did before. Also i tried dps with c ability ev and it was really bad. i did more damage just shoting normally, later i crashed because of the ability. Dont know why they put the ability in th game if it does not more dps than shooting normally. It was really annoying to crash since i was on pet round.
  9. I havent gotten pure strat achievment. But i have conpleted survival and not getting reach wave 10. And when i did wave 9 i got it
  10. Just saying, if you join someone else on wave waves above 10 for the pure tra achievment it does not count as to reach wave 10, you have to so wave 9 on each one to get it.
  11. I can solo alch 23-25 and beat boss on mass survival. I get around 4-9 pieces of godly armour per wave and just amazing loot from the boss. I can not relate to you other guys at all.
  12. I am not the only one experiencing this. When i am playing massacre survival with other the people that are not host gets kicked all the time. I was doing alch mass survival boss with a friend and he suddenly got kicked while shooting boss and then we lost. This is a massive bug that makes co-op mass survival a horrible experience needs to be patched soon.
  13. Prom is literally the easiest to buils dude. Its just gas trap, inferno, ensnare, strengthdrain and wall in front of all gates and 4 dst with boost buff. Its the previous meta without so many dst
  14. Dont really understand why people are saying prom are so "hard" right now. I dont feel like the DU change makes a lot of different. I can still easally run the map with 4 people afk. In case that you think prom is "too hard" to afk right now im sorry you cant afk and actuqlly have to play the game instead of standing afk on a map.
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