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  1. well we could only vote for 10, so was it so wrong to assume only 10 were coming back? but that is awesome, thanks papa lawlta
  2. Why not bring all of them back? They are all fun and every new player should have the option to use them, bringing only 10 back will not fix the problem of "legacy" shards. "/
  3. Nobody? I'm offering a pretty fair gold amount. FeelsBad.
  4. Willing to Spend: 30m+ Time Usually On: 12:00-23:00 PM EDT Description: Perfect tenacity mod for towers. Where to find me: Zeon Erudon@6339 Discord. LONG LIVE THE LEGION
  5. maybe, just maybe, this system is not meant for new / intermediary players? :thinking_emoji:
  6. Removed the Cybork / Geode schedule from the Onslaught rotation. FeelsGoodMan , Feels Good to oblivion, just FeelsGoodMan. I like this news Format ElanDaddy, do it more often xD
  7. This is a LONG shot in the dark, but I'll give it a try it anyway With the new TCG a lot of changes were made, but the rewards happens to always be random, which is not totally fair in the viewer side of the things and here is why: Back in old TGC days I used to watch Argick, Teck and Proncs a lot, I entered every giveaway for the TCG mask I've seen and never got the mask, while people whom appears out of nowhere, don't even play the game anymore or don't stay in the stream for long gets the same chances as someone who is in chat all the time? It feels unfair. So here's my suggestion: a fidelity system for viewers. Most of bots this days have a System that you get points for time you spend watching, exemple this img from Akanbar Stream: https://image.ibb.co/gfaPCw/Screenshot_8.png If instead of giving the flair/accessory piece randomly, give it to person who got the most points that month in that stream channel and you can only get it once, just like "Discord Defenders", where you encourage people talking for in game rewards with this system you are encouraging people to stay long on streams and talk more in chat. Heroes codes/Heroes bundles will still be at random giveaways so people whom just got to the stream/game have the chance to win something too, this way its feels more fair for everyone.
  8. 1) Most of us wanted (and still want) to be able to have one hero for DPS and build all towers, Trendy was trying make it happen, but they failed because with ascension you still need one of each hero, so your heroes are not useless. 2) Spheres are gone and nobody miss them, Shards are MUCH superior because you only have to drop one, and you can keep them from gear to gear which makes progression easier. 3) Ascension never replaced defense stats on gear, the gear stats were added in medallions, you should have the same stats as before with only a medallion, so you can build your hero for dps and multi towers (see answer n1) 4) Inventory system is better now, because of only one fact: you dont have to organize it, the last "tab" has a sorting function (that in my opinion) was one of the best things to ever happen in this game. 5) Loot progression in trails is broken, dead and gone, but according to what Dev's said on the dev stream, ons will have loot based on floors, so you will always find better gear if you keep progressing on floors. Ons will released in 5 days.
  9. Buff Beam: Strong beam: turns buff beam into a materialized wall.
  10. I only play Dryad Defenders II
  11. I have almost 1.7k hours, play since 2015, have all heroes and some mastery was fun, others are just unholy cata c6 ou bazaar c7 where I get punished by not playing with people I got all the shards so probably I shouldn't be complaining, but I get frustrate with how I can't get the good looking flair because I'm playing solo (before some come and say "bla bla bla SimonB bla bla" not everyone is as good as him, people in the middle ground like me should be able to do ALL mastery solo) But whatever is not like Trendy will listen, Sorry for the salt, really frustrate right now.
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