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    I am going to put my opinion on here too. No, a big no from me. I dont want to add more time and effort when i already know im going to play the map hundreds of times. Just dont use it. No big deal, i dont affect you
  2. Oh boy its time for me to do an auction. I am going to auction this kraken cannon´╗┐´╗┐ It can be double capping in dmg and ab2 and get posetive hp, or just triple cap it into ab2, dmg and Trange. But why would you wanna do that. The auction ends 17 August 20:00 CET. IC: IC done, you will see ic when trade is going through, or if you are so eager.. just msg me Pricing: I mean events are cool but only if traced Regular diamonds: 5/10/15 Pink diamonds: 7/12/17 (they have to be pink on the floor) Pink small diamonds is 5cv, but i only accpet 1 6 coal = 1 cv I dont like raw cubes, so I do not accept them. If im not emotionally satisfied with the highest offer I can choose not to sell it. Have a nice day I messages everyone in that placed bids on it, sorry for the inconvience but i dont do trades have have no use of cv.
  3. Please no, the path you run in the wave is an important part of the strategy when playing the map, it would remove a layer of challange and it would reward the lazy players
  4. I agree with my boi washyboi here, but personally i dont think they should do less damage on bosses, ive only found them effective so i wanna use them on the bird boss on ember, But it takes much longer time to do the boss then which i think it evens it out, when you do it with eve you usually kill it in a few seconds if she doesnt fly weird. I support having different strategies for bosses with different advantages. For example when you kill with towerboost you can have more chars but as i said a cost of time. if you dont use it you have less chars in but it allows you to kill it faster.
  5. Hello friends i am nominating my friend washyboi, my boi (Pulchritudinous Washboard)
  6. Im very sorry friend, you were like 3 days late :(
  7. I have so many questions
  8. Rerolling winners, have been a week and still havent heard from the last two winners
  9. What do you mean ask Plane? is it because it is untraceable? You are the judge if you are going to buy an untracable event item. We are all different people. To me untraced events are worth less than 1 mana and should be thrown in ember pit. but its really up to the inidiviudal. In almost all cases untraced events are litterly just a hacked copy. i dont support hacking so i wouldnt buy it, unless it was to get rid of the item. no its because some modded event items have a hard to tell difference between real ones so he wants to see if plane can check it and see if the chances are higher its real. Also a lot of untraced events are just because people cant find a trace as some events were a very very long time ago. You guys should stop trying to pick on masterplays while he does act like an idiot you guys look just as idiotic sometimes especially when you jump to conclusions when you dont know ***. In almost all cases. You dont really have to be some kind of mastermind to know that majority of untraced events are hacked. It is a pretty low chance that a untraced event item accutally is a real one. Yes Plane could take a look at it, but i doubt someone would be idiotic enough to sell an untraced item that is misfigured, especially on the forums. Besides if an untraced event item is misfigured, and if its not. Its still not a real item and doesnt change values other than making it easier to pretend its real. Maybe there is a reason people pick on him, He is not really a saint. However you provided another point of view which is intresting
  10. Important! I will soon start rerolling the last two people, ive been trying to reach flapsi1 and angry dog sounds But it seems to appear that i am basicly talking to a wall, so please message me before i reroll winners
  11. rizz didint want his the chavarly, he wanted me to add it here
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