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  1. Personally I really like that mastery is unreal hard in some challenges. The wings would be not half as cool and would not stand out as such a grand personal achievement as they do now if it was any easier. But I agree it should be easier to find a group ingame - I have done all my progress to the 420 star wings in solo and it was really hard for me. Yesterday I had the chance to do some c5 maps with a mate and it was soo much easier, no problem to get 5 stars with 2 people that know-how. So I strongly recommend Trendy to look at their options to push the social aspect of mastery - in the current state many will hate it and abandon the game because of this mode, which is sad.
  2. Are we all where this bug happens 100% of the time from DE (germany)? Maybe it has something to do with that?I also fixed my steam name to show no umlauts because I thought it had something to to with that - but didn´t help.
  3. Might be simple but seems not intended this way. I am in for the idea to bring back a new (better) server browser where I can filter everything as I want (mode, level, ascension and so on).
  4. You are on a good path - the right shards will help you definitely. But remember you could always skip stars and for the most maps you might even be able to get 4/5 stars by just repeating and focussing on only one star at a time. This way you will miss only some of them and then you just continue in the next higher mastery until you reach what you need for the moment.
  5. I too am suffering from this problem since mastery came out. I tried to reinstall my game after removing everything but that didn´t work. Is there any solution? I mean.. mastery mode is out for a while now, if "some of us are just unable" and they don´t fix it, maybe its some configuration? Please help, I count the 30 sec build timers loud and my girlfriend hates it
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