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  1. Could be your graphics driver. Try going to customize and setting the graphics lower maybe. Probably doesn't like the opening video format.
  2. This used to happen to me a lot for games, turns out it was my graphic card's fan. It wasn't spinning right so it would overheat. Could be your problem maybe.
  3. Not quite sure where this belongs, but I think here. First off, this does not happen in any of my other games, in any other folders, no where else on my computer. I find sometimes when playing Dungeon Defenders the custom maps will just disappear from the list, and then when checking the folder they belong in, they're gone. Just gone. Not in the recycling bin or anything. I'm wondering if this happens to other people and why it's happening?
  4. I've got better gear than these, and it's all legit. So it doesn't mean this is hacked. Maybe rare, but not hacked.
  5. I bet u are actually a 36 year old male or the FBI. And I bet you still added her.
  6. People seem to not understand diminishing returns. We had this discussion in another thread, the extra 360 points will barely increase damage, Squire still has way more DPS than a barbarian. I figured the extra 360 points would help barbarian too, but I was proven wrong. Point is if they did somehow use the block percent as a bonus for the barbarian he could possibly become useful. Depending on how much of a boost it is.
  7. Once you buy it you just have to copy a certain heroes file over, forgive me I can't remember where it is right now. You can use local characters online, however they will be unranked. You cannot play ranked characters with unranked characters.
  8. Just some thoughts. I only read random posts on first two pages, so forgive me if I am repeating. 1)Does barbarian DPS depend on what the two weapons he is using are? Such as, Two katanas theoretically should be the best because they are the fastest and thus should do the combo more. If not, how is attack speed determined? If determined by primary weapon then obvious best would be primary katana and secondary the slowest but most damage, which is hammer I believe? 2)I would think barbarian DPS slowly gets better than squire DPS as attack goes up. At max stats (though almost no one would leg
  9. This thread is kinda pointless. They have already stated there will be a female Barbarian outfit released later as free DLC. The differences in male-female classes (example; Squire and Countess) are negligible once you get to higher levels and nightmare mode, so it doesn't really limit your gameplay at all.
  10. Great, so now to delete items I have to check to make sure I don't do anything stupid, click sell all, click yes, then click to recycle bin, check again, click sell all again, click yes again. Sounds like everyone would have to suffer for the few people who make the mistake.
  11. on Open all you can meet are hackers. That's not true at all. The only difference between ranked and open is that on open when asked hackers will admit it.
  12. I'd like to add to point 1) and say that the ability to send chat messages while the history is up would be fantastic. You can type, but you cant send it. You have to press F1 to leave the overlay, hit your chat key and then send. Thats annoying. No you don't. I just hit F1, and I can still type and send. I can hit tab, type, hit F1, press enter and it will send. I can't find out how to duplicate your problem.
  13. How did you buy it? You got consoles which will update to the highest patch available before you can play them. For pc, Amazon; it needs to be activated on steam before you can play it, steam will update it. Direct2Drive is version 7.0, no refunds. Impulse, 7.12. Gamersgate, 7.12e. So either direct2drive or pirate, either way it appears you got screwed. It's the providers responsibility to deliver the patches, Trendy should not have to do their work. Contact direct2drive or wherever you got it from and complain or ask if there is a way to update.
  14. Or you know, export your characters to open, play on EXPMap and MadMana map and test it out.
  15. So many problems with this. The foremost being desynchronization. Different internet speeds, computer builds, already causes some lag. Fast forwarding would destroy any chance of online play.
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