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  1. C8 Ampuoles are a joke - i got ONE between floors 80 and 135.
  2. " (1/0,3) * (396k + 0,438*1,5*396k) =~ 2,187m dps" here instead of 1,5 use 0,5 because Crit damage is added to normal damage tick. Otherwise you count normal damage twice.
  3. By the way, how your C8 ampule drops? because i got only 1 from the run 80 to 90 floor.
  4. Who talks about chaos? I climbed up to 120 before AP resets - that was challenging and intresting. Right now i afk 89 floor. And i see no way it can become harder for me.
  5. Because he is having 13% extra crit chance on his mods, it is basically like one extra shard. you are welcome Lol Nope! In this patch Crit damage isn't counted into overall dps. So 1.2m dps + (0.468*0.50*330k)/0.3 = 1.46M+ DPS. Its just pure DPS. Add 40% damage to melee foes = 2M+ DPS to melee mobs on TIER 1 !!!! Thats three times more than i had before the patch. Now i build and go drink tea. No challenge anymore.
  6. The idea of Protean shift changes is good, MODS system is great. But the balance is broken now. For example before the update i had 650k dps bees tier 1 and now they are 1.2m+ without counting MODS bonus damage. Floors 60-65 were hard enough and interesting to build and play. Now i AFK 80+ floors. And the worst part - im not overpowered - i have tons of ways to become stronger. The game will become boring because there is no way to loose. Any awful build works. Trendy needs to nerf tower damage a lot.
  7. Yep, the 3 map floors take 1 hour time gameplay. It is not very much. Most games have events and modes that require MUCH more time. When i don't have 1 hour to play - i play trials to farm shards. When i have more free time - i rush onslaught. So, what is the problem with the game?
  8. Explain whats the problem with 3 maps in a row?
  9. I'm on 7 AP reset, planning to go 50+. For a each run up to 65 floor i use 3 defences and Dps hero. That takes 22 Normal shards and 2 hypershards total. I spend 4M for the normal + 4M for hypershards each reset. Each reset gives me 8M gold income on my way to 65. After ONE investment in gilding 44M i will reduce my expences in half. Its easy to count that i will get my gold back after 11 more resets. As a bonus gilding will give a little damage boost and AP resets increase gold income. Summary: Gilding is necesary for players who are plannig to go really far ingame. For the casual players
  10. Ten shards is good - gilding shouldn't be easy. It must be a reward for long and hard play. Like crowns for 735 mastery stars or aura on 114 floor. The problem is only in the bag capacity - mine are maxed out and they are full already. Maybe DEVs can make shards Stack? That would solve the problem.
  11. + I dont always have time to go 3 maps in a row. A save function would be GREAT!
  12. Ну в целом да. Процессор i5 и 16 гб оперативной памяти это сейчас норма, а вот две видеокарты пятилетней давности - это серьезный провал производительности ПК. сейчас выходят карты на gtx10XX, это на 4 поколения старше. Две gtx670 по производительности примерно как одна 860. Вам я бы рекомендовал задуматься о покупке новой видеокарты. Кстати к вопросу - вполне возможно что Ваши технические проблемы связаны с наличием именно двух видеокарт. На машинах с одной актуальной видеокартой и подобных проблем я не замечал. В любом случае, это вопрос технический - для этого есть отдельный форум. Еще ра
  13. Insane? THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!!! Серьезно, от чего Вас так сильно это беспокоит? Ну допустим, поменяют слово блокада на слово аура, и что изменится? Функционал все равно будет такой как сейчас. Использовать дерево будут все также как сейчас. Ведь на заборе тоже много чего написано, но забор то остается забором. Попробуйте расслабиться, скоро Новый Год, праздник, веселье, а Вы так переживаете по пустякам. По поводу кристаллов, стройте башни дальше от точки спавна - будет Вам счастье. Близов сюда причислять совсем не имеет смысла - у них платная игра с огромным количеством игроков - совсем дру
  14. Зачем? Дерево вполне выполняет роль блокады - его достаточно для привлечения внимания дальнобойных монстров. Все блокады разные. Такие особенности конкретно у этой. Если Вам она не нравится - не используйте. Все очень просто.
  15. Good question, i also would like to know that.
  16. Белухин, у всех построек есть свои сильные и слабые стороны. Вот у деревьев низкое агро. Если Вас это не устраивает, то используйте другие баррикады. А то получается. что вы просто просите апнуть дерево только потому, что Вам нравится играть дриадой.
  17. Hello! I have done Ancient Power reset twice already. There are two sad things i encountered was the gear progression. While progressing to c7 loot a player puts on and takes off hundreds pieces of gear. 1- Please return iPWR indication or add any other indication. So that players can compare items of different colors without calculations. 2- The shards! When a player equips a new piece of gear, shards should be also taken out from old gear and put into the new item. All i do ingame is taking out shards and putting them back. SO ANNOYING. As a solution to this i could advise to make shards
  18. Hm, i wonder who that might be? =))) Anyway Good Luck in further game. Power of Ancients is supposed to bring new top 10 rush =) What!? Another friggin' event!!!!!????? How do you know!!!??? I may be wrong, i read something like that in news. Couldn't find the source right now =(
  19. Hm, i wonder who that might be? =))) Anyway Good Luck in further game. Power of Ancients is supposed to bring new top 10 rush =)
  20. Sorry, but you did not understand my point - I mean that looking at ascension leaderboards makes players know who will be their opponents. And to be ready to compete with them. For people in top of asc leaderboard the masteries will be easier in general than to players who are not so high leveled. Not that the results will be predictable. As an example when masteries started i were ~450 asc. that wasn't even close to the leaderboard - so i grinded low chaos tiers for shards and c7 for equipment. I found friends who also want to beat masteries. I watched SimonB and Juicebags videos of mastery
  21. Yes! All exclusive crowns are different. C7 crown differs more than others. And yes! I wear different crowns on different chars. The value of crowns is that few people have them. If half of the server would have them - they would be junk. Xbox players compete ONLY with Xbox players - same chances. There was no competition between Steam players and Xbox players. As a matter of fact best of Xbox players won exclusive crowns. If 7 people could finish all - it means it is quite possible. It is simple logic: Players who play more than others get better in game and win prizes (Read: Sportsmen who
  22. It would be very strange to do that. Just imagine we were talking about Olympic games - you say like "Lets do 3 gold medals, 3 silver and 3 bronze so that more people can win the prize!" Or "People who already earned a medal before don't compete in all next Olympics" Everything was fair enough.
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