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  1. what is the radius on frost orc AoE effect? honestly it seems to be huge!!!
  2. well i prestige 7 times and the exp% bonus needs to be higher. its honestly feels no different if i didn't go through with it. pls make it 20%.
  3. ever try going to tavern after finishing a 3/3 map?
  4. i'm done with onslaught until there a replay option or or the 3/3 map get thrown out the window. also, i'm sick of seeing cybork in every lane,
  5. my biggest problem is frost and the amount of health that have. its either i have enough tower dps to deal with them or i stay in that lane. if 2 happen to spawn, its over. combine that with control burn..... yea, i give up at that point. one last thing....i'm sick of dealing with cybork. they're in every freaking lane.
  6. 7 i'm on the ps4. and the trend back to c7 is a pain. btw your gear reset to campaign level.
  7. i hate this mode. damn near impossible to find groups to help with X maps, 30 sec build map are a complete utter pain to do, and the loot(overall) just doesn't feel like it was worth going through this frustration. seriously why wasn't there any chaos shards in any of those maps?
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