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  1. Yes, but it also breaks the consecutive win bonus that is supposed to kick u out after [x] amount of games. Which could be the reason. But I see no reason for it on onslaught. Onslaught is indeed rage inducing but I think we know when to stop playing. Trials, on the other hand, need a break has a very good reason to be in the game. To stop unlimited amounts of XP boost. Correct me if I'm wrong but the XP boost keeps stacking.
  2. Also, try to delete/remove any type of virus or malware as that can be a problem
  3. Completely get that frustration. We mentioned it on Friday that'd we're looking into changes right now, and that is one of them, seen here: What about reset changes? It's kinda punishing for the little we get, even in the long run cause the gold and time to do that is not worth it alone. I think when you reset it is a little too grindy. That is my personal opinion on this topic.
  4. yes i would like to see trendy confirms something of this sort
  5. There is a lot of people saying you need to get to the certain amount of floors to get 999 point caps. But that is in 50 prestiges. I am wondering if you can get over 50 ancient power. Also seen in a dev stream they had more than 50 ancient power.
  6. There are mutators in Onslaught obviously. But, it would be helpful if there was a percentage where it is needed. Like spellbreaker how much-reduced damage does it do. It would be helpful for longer runs in Onslaught. There is something that also takes away from you look at the path of air lanes. Where it does not show where the air lane is going. Without this, it could be problematic for players climbing up with the higher health air lanes. Tell me what you think. - iBlurryy Bolded sentences are the things I think are problems.
  7. Mastery does give you loot at least in m7 it does. It just looks like it isn't good or useful.
  8. Yes, it would be easier but Mastery isn't supposed to be easy. It is meant to be difficult and for more experienced players. This is also why they are releasing the Revised Onslaught Game Mode because it will give a variety of ways to level.
  9. So, the bundle of the beast pack is no longer. My question to Trendy is will we be getting ways from Onslaught to unlock these older flairs or/and newer ones as well. If so how will this be achieved through the game mode? Since you guys are adding new flairs, will there be more add-ons to Mastery after M7 is released? Tell me what you guys think about this new game mode and how you guys think we will be getting the new flairs. Peace out, iBlurryy
  10. While yes this does make sense, it still is supposed to be very difficult. I mean the game mode is called Mastery.
  11. Check out DD2 Tools it has different hero builds, map builds, and share information. It is very useful even for me and I'm in c7
  12. So there are accessories in the game that are exclusive and they are now gone. For example, the bundle of the beast pack as well as the Defence Council Pack. I think these should come back time to time just because the people want these things can't get them. Yes, they could be more expensive but well worth buying. This would also be good the Trendy as well making more money for motivation, updates, and things of the sort. Although bringing it back would make it not as special. The newer players would get a chance to buy it. This does not have to be permanent, it could come back here and there
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