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  1. Thanks to all of you for the answers ! It might get seen by Trendy so we could get the diversity we deserve !
  2. If you had the choice of doing what you would want, what would you do ? Changing Shards ? Changing the defense itself ? I will add those ideas to the mix if you let me do it.
  3. I did a thread relating to this the other day regarding how I miss protons, but I could also have called it "I miss diversity" Thanks for the post, I checked it and it seems like not only tower are underused and underpowered, but some counter are quite a problem too. Though if you see a Cybwork Lane, other Tower could be of use.
  4. First, thanks you for answering ! Second, I know it may sound like I only want blockade, but the thing is that I need some ideas to help me with the other towers. I want the help of everyone for it. I got some ideas, but need to be polished first. Let me know if you got some !
  5. I was talking on the Discord with some members of the community today. We were talking about some unused defenses and shards that could be better if they were a bit more buffed than what they are at the moment. With the last expansion came Power Creep, the possibility to overpower your ennemies so that it's now not even good to build blockade anymore. Even if your are not powerful enough, it's possible to CC your ennemies so they can't do anything nor try to destroy the objectives. Just to be clear, I am not telling that the tower under here are overpowered. I just wanna see a bit more diversity in the game I love. Let's check what's in the meta at the moment : Dryad : - Moss Hornet's Ness is one of the best tower of the moment. They have insane range and power and what's more ? You got 3 for the price of one ! For 3M DPS each, with the addition of Anti-Melee and Melee-Boom, those are insanely good. Monk : - Flame Aura is the most powerful tower of the starter heroes, in my opinion. It got range, it got damage and the cost is low, which make them a good investment. It's not even rare to see those go to 1M DPS with some Anti-Melee and Melee-Boom in the addition. - Lightning Strike Aura can easily one shot mobs. They are just insane for a tower that only attack once a second and do single target damage. - Skyguard are the best anti-air defense of the game, if we don't count the bees of the Dryad who can hit air target. Dealing 3M to 4M DPS isn't something to sh*t on! Huntress - Poison Dart Tower is the only tower of the Huntress that see play. Damage is good, it counter easily Control Lane in Onslaught, can hit air target and ground one too. Perfect for every situation. EV2 - Weapon Manufacturer is the best CC you could ever dreamed of. Beside dealing massive damage in zone, it can also crowd control with the right mod, 20% chance on each it. Note that those hit almost three time a second and that you got 3 of them. If you see more than this, just tell me. That is my observation. So to the main topic of the post. Those towers are powerful and doesn't need specific shards to shine. That's good in itself and that's where all the towers should be. Since now we overpower monster that easily, why not change some shard that could make other towers relevant as the best one seen above ? I would love to see the return of blockade... Even if it's only for offensive way ! So here are the shards I though about that I would like to be changed. If there are any other that you would like to see appear here and get changed, leave a comment and I would add it to the list ! *The Damage % of those shards could also be tweak to balance a bit more the damage* Blockade : - Explosive Guard : I would love to see the change of "140%-500% of Defense Health" to "140%-500% of Defense Max Health". This change change would add even more use to the shard since blockade, to start with, stack massive health pool. At the moment, you could stack up to 60K Defense Health if you really want to. if we do some quick math, 60K * 5 = 300K Damage. 300K Damage for a shard sloth with a 35% chance of activation on damage taken... Isn't it a bit on the low side since, for exemple, a Moss Hornet Ness can do 3M per Bees, so 9M DPS. I know that blockade aren't meant for damage dealing. But with this power creep, it's almost a waste of DU to put them on the ground since everything dies from your attacking towers. - Explosive Shielding Guard : I would like to apply the same change as the Explosive Guard. For the shielding part of the shard, I would do the same too. Why would you want a shield of only 130K when your defense have already 3M Defense Max Health... - Shielding Guard : I would see the same change as mention before. - Electric Fingers : Changing the value of "40%-400% of Defense Health" to "40%-400% of Defense Max Health" would make this shard a must have in any Orc Blockade. It's still a 30% chance of activation when the tower is attacking. So it will require the tower to hit ennemies to be activated. Tower : Still need some thinking. The post will be edited with new idea. I do think there are other shards that need some buff and changes like those and I encourage everyone that see one to help me gather list of them ! Thanks for reading this far, Altar
  6. Hi, I get this bug now that I try to play, trying to join games won't work. This is new since 1H since I played this morning without problem. I tried reinstallating and verifying the cache with Steam but nothing works. EDIT : I tried logging with another account and it works... So it's account related... Thanks !
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