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  1. I'm in the same boat as well. I paid the $35 and got all the cool stuff from that. But, would like to be able to pay the $5.00 difference to get the extra bonus cool stuff. I'd be willing to pay an extra $10 to get the upgrade as well!
  2. not the point. the point is there's no reason for the game to favor hero damage over ability power and it misleads players into thinking they're on even ground and wasting time looking for abilitypower/health that doesn't exist I suppose I can see what you are saying. I read the patch notes so I know that AP/HH weapons don't exist. Not everyone reads the patch notes. Without reading the patch notes, lots of wrong assumptions can be made.
  3. Not entirely true. We also have Discord Twitter Facebook Back to topic at hand... I , too, would enjoy more rewards/better chance at better loot/mods/mats, etc. in multiplayer. The Enemies have +25% more HP per player added, but no increased reward. Hopefully we see this realized this year. Maybe also some way to communicate in game with PS4 other than voice? Please and thank you.
  4. You can always go to Onslaught & gain some stronger gear there. Sometimes progressing in Onslaught is easier. It may take longer, but it's a smoother transition.
  5. Stuck Mobs are actually brilliant. If you were part of an army and you saw everyone else before you die, wouldn't you stay somewhere safe?
  6. Maybe Lawlta will respond on Monday. I know he will read this. He sees everything. O.o
  7. I'd like this, too. All level 0/10 shards of the same kind (destruction) stack. All level 1/10 of the same kind (Fortification) shards stack, etc. I'm sure this is no easy task, but I'd guess it is doable.
  8. I'm in the same boat as uzar and Nigiri_Toro. I don't have any problems with any of the kobolds on any regular basis. Sometimes maybe the Koboltz ch7 enemies end up hitting me or my AA towers. But, that only happens when I have poor placements or I am trying out a new build (which goes back to poor placement). All of my gear is ch7, but not all of my medallions are level 10/10. The thing about Flying kobolds flying into Proton beams I am pretty sure is not a bug. Bad programming? debatable. Either way, It's a great strategy to use proton beams or even oil geysers to bait them.
  9. Where do we find Prickly Shield chip?
  10. Others have already answered most of your questions. Here is what I will say about pets: Lavamancer and pets: You will want fire shield pet ability if you want to fit his theme or use a shock shield pet ability (same as fire shield but higher %). This pet ability reflects dmg enemies do to you. Since you are in the fray with Lavamancer, this is a very useful pet ability. Best used vs Ogres and Tuskar. Pet ability with Monk: Gato fireworks (any gato pet) Rock Throw (any earth pet) There are a couple others that are similar. Use this with a HD monk. When you use your healing wave, that will boost your HD & nearby friends HD. This will increase the amount of dmg your pet ability will do. If you have the right items, you can reroll the pet abilities until you get one of the above abilities. you can even reroll the pet stats until you get HD on your pet. Look up Juicebags in Youtube & search out his Nuke Monk video. Actually, I just hyperlinked it. Go forward and defend Etheria with your new found knowledge! TCPOP (Take Care Peace Out Peeps)
  11. Lack Luster how? As in power? Something else? My hopes with this idea is that the tag team ability will A) Be stronger than any 1 single ability B) Give us a reason to do multi player C) Have a variety of combos i.e. 2-3 combos per hero pair. Squire + Hunress = 2 combos, based off who jumps off who. etc.
  12. Ok Peeps, here is where DD2 has the biggest opportunity to shine ever. check out their Dev Stream #24 and watch from: 21:20 to 23:23 and then watch 39:00 to 39:50 Between ascension powers, Ancient Powers and Passives via shards and the new magical Properties (work in progress name), there is no reason why Tag Team abilities and Supah Meter cannot be implemented. In other words, now's the perfect time to start implementing these 2 things. I realize it is too late to add these in to this next big patch coming up. But with what we have been told so far, the ground work is being laid for so many possibilities. With this ground work, Ancient Powers and passives and magical properties, these things can be in game by the next major update. "That would take too long?" I hear you say. These things were essentially put together in 1 week. Albeit, I do not know how many employees were on the team that produced these 2 ideas & I know Trendy is a smaller team than they were back then. That said, I'd imagine that these things could very well be implemented within 6 months time with the current size of the Trendy team. Please like, comment and discuss. Do you like these ideas? What other ideas do you have that you think could be implemented? TCPOP (Take Care Peace Out Peeps)
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