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  1. Your answer aligns with my thoughts about my PC. That's why the original Question. So... Like minds & all :)
  2. Thanks Luuk! I just finished doing that. Even though it is still in beta, as I'm watching Juicebags & others play it online, my game is WAY WAY laggier than theirs. Is Laggier a word? Haha. Anywho... thanks again!
  3. This might be the wrong place to post. but, here goes: As I've been playing DDA Beta, I've had to play with low visual setting so I don't get major lag. I feel confident it's my PC and not the game. That said, I purchased the PC DDA for release. My question is this: Chromatic, is there a way you can swap my PC key for a PS4 key? If so, what will you need from me? If not, is anyone in the community able/willing to swap their PS4 key for my PC key?
  4. I feel like Slice and Dice either has high HP and low DPS or Vice Versa and thus die quickly. I'll need to make a squire specifically dedicated to Slice and Dice to further test. So far, that's how it seems to me, which makes me agree with you.
  5. I understand the concern. Toggleable options are always useful.
  6. If you hate the idea, please be respectful.
  7. I already gave some feedback a few days ago. Here's more: I'd love to see heroes be able to auto jump over small things like short walls, hero defenses, etc. Kinda like in DDE. That was nice QOL. Will it come back please? Pretty please with your fav. desert topping on top? I feel like each tier of loot should be better from the previous. uncommon better than common. rare better than uncommon, etc. i.e. I had a purple staff doin 165 dmg with x6 spread and 1265 projectile speed. I found a legendary staff that did 86 dmg x6 spread and 1100 projectile speed. It did have 100 fire dmg as well, but the purple coulda easily had element dmg. I feel like this shouldn't be the case. Sure, the iPWR is higher, but the base dmg was lower. Here's what I'd like to see (Hypotheical #'s): Common dmg 1-50 Uncommon dmg 51-100 Rare dmg 101-150 etc. You get the idea. The higher the iPWR the more dmg the weapon would do in each category. All stats on all gear would also have a range based off the category (common, rare, etc). When I get a legendary item, I don't wanna have an immediate happy moment be immediately killed when I look at the stats. Legends are better! Or...at least they SHOULD be, because currently, they aren't. Maybe this is a dumb idea. Maybe it's the best idea since sliced bread! Haha! Agree or disagree with the idea? Why or why not?
  8. not the point. the point is there's no reason for the game to favor hero damage over ability power and it misleads players into thinking they're on even ground and wasting time looking for abilitypower/health that doesn't exist I suppose I can see what you are saying. I read the patch notes so I know that AP/HH weapons don't exist. Not everyone reads the patch notes. Without reading the patch notes, lots of wrong assumptions can be made.
  9. Not entirely true. We also have Discord Twitter Facebook Back to topic at hand... I , too, would enjoy more rewards/better chance at better loot/mods/mats, etc. in multiplayer. The Enemies have +25% more HP per player added, but no increased reward. Hopefully we see this realized this year. Maybe also some way to communicate in game with PS4 other than voice? Please and thank you.
  10. You can always go to Onslaught & gain some stronger gear there. Sometimes progressing in Onslaught is easier. It may take longer, but it's a smoother transition.
  11. Stuck Mobs are actually brilliant. If you were part of an army and you saw everyone else before you die, wouldn't you stay somewhere safe?
  12. Maybe Lawlta will respond on Monday. I know he will read this. He sees everything. O.o
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