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  1. Does anyone know what happened to the Google doc file here? Is it being updated? Was it deleted by mistake?
  2. DD2 once had an entire tutorial training map. I think they've had 2 or 3 of them over the lifespan of dd2. Although, I do like the idea of running from behind the castle gate and being thrown right into battle, there is still alot to be desired in the way of a tutorial. I think you can still keep the current tutorial idea of what I just said (running into battle), but add in things like: What are mods and why do they matter? What do pets do for me? What are elemental combos? Where should I go after campaign? Why should I care about adventure mode? ...... speaking of which? Why is
  3. Yeah, master builder for each wave. I really don't know how much it is these days, either. What I really want is to be able to hero swap during combat anyway. I'm just looking a reason to request it :-P
  4. I know it's long been a thing in DD! and now in DDA where we can swap heroes between waves, during the build phase. So far, that's been fine. As I've been DPSing with the Rogue (Super fun, btw!) with this update, I've realized a new problem come up: I can't build with the rogue! "No duh dummy! That's idea" I hear you. hand tight and let me explain: I love having a DPS only hero. But, when my defenses get destroyed (I'm looking at you fusion ogre who throws kobolds), and while i'm DPSing with the Rogue, I can't build a defense to replace the one i lost in order to get that extra XP
  5. What other options would there be? There's: Physical Fire Elec Poison
  6. Is the bling king pet only found in prime incursion?
  7. I love the new pet abilities! Some of these mods & shards sounds super exciting!! Time to poison some Spiders while throwing goats at them while also pushing them back with Etherean mine carts!
  8. They did do the gender swaps of the other 2 OG heroes. So, why not? I'd love to see the countess in DD2, too!
  9. And still no news about it this week. I guess they didn't say WHEN this week they'd have info on it.
  10. Big D, what on EARTH are you talking about?! What is an elemental relic?! I'm glad you asked!! Instead of elemental mods, assign the relics we pick up with elemental attributes...and add wind as an element. Further, instead of a flame aura, we just have an Aura. Instead of Poison Dart Tower, we just have a Dart Tower. Instead of an Earthshatter Tower, we just have a Shatter Tower, etc. This way we can use our defenses however we want! We can even have Physical relics drop for physical dmg. Similarly, we can have elemental weapons. Each weapon that drops will have a chance to drop
  11. I had that same thought! If he’s back, I wonder who else we’ll see? I mean the Harbinger DID escape. Will we see him again? What about some of the other incursion bosses? That would great! Hey Devs....will you turn the shock beam into the weapon manufacturer with stun ability? Pretty please? With beans on top? We need the atomic missiles back! Haha! It’ll be better to shoot down these new air ships and the return of Captain Dreadbones.
  12. But then COVID 19 happened and that threw everything off. I think they mentioned that somewhere. Not 100% sure.
  13. not the point. the point is there's no reason for the game to favor hero damage over ability power and it misleads players into thinking they're on even ground and wasting time looking for abilitypower/health that doesn't exist I suppose I can see what you are saying. I read the patch notes so I know that AP/HH weapons don't exist. Not everyone reads the patch notes. Without reading the patch notes, lots of wrong assumptions can be made.
  14. Not entirely true. We also have Discord Twitter Facebook Back to topic at hand... I , too, would enjoy more rewards/better chance at better loot/mods/mats, etc. in multiplayer. The Enemies have +25% more HP per player added, but no increased reward. Hopefully we see this realized this year. Maybe also some way to communicate in game with PS4 other than voice? Please and thank you.
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