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  1. It can get up to 25 Million and only does good dmg on Rollers because of the reduced Resistance in the back. And the One shot is only if you play Solo with more Players you would need 2 Shots. Each shoot got 30sec cooldown.
  2. Hello, I´m a new Player started like 4 months ago and spend over 500Hours on the game. Because it is Fun. I like the Trails progression, different mobs, maps, Towers, Heros.. It just feels great to play. Its Fun toplay and progress. Now the new Update POTA hits. Onslaught with Prestige For me to go and Prestige doesn't make sense, you lose everything(Gear/shards go back to Zero and your Ascension lvl drops nearly zero too) and gain nothing until you do it 20 times. But with 20 Times yougain just double XP and Gold+20 Power Points. And the Talent caps you gain are unusable because you don't have enough Ascension to spend. Do this in the current state 20 Times and you will spend your hole life with it. The Prestige itself doesn't give you anything good. At max you gain 5% Defense Power(DP). If we take a look in game to a Destructive Power Pylon that gives you 30% more DP in game with C7 Gear this is still 30-50k more Dps and we gain 5% now think what number that will be. For Players who do this solo it makes no sense to do this, maybe in agroup of 4 it give you a little Boni. The Prestige now feels totally wrong for DD2. This Prestige is like the ones you see in Call of Duty a fast playing Ego shooter. DD2 is no Fast playing Game its Grind to get better. I came up with an suitable System for Prestige: If you want to Prestige you must hit minimum 250 Ascension (A) and Floor 65(F) and you lose all of your Shard and Gear upgrades and start over by F65 each time. But you keep your Ascension lvl and Gear lvl! Why only Shards and Gear? Because that's whats makes you strong. That is what you gain on your first Prestige: each 50A = 1 Talent Point(TP) /F65 = 0 Talent Point /20%Xp and Gold /1Power-Point(PP) After your 1. Prestige at 250A you need 250 new Ascension to your currentlvl and F66 to Prestige but you only gain talent points now form new farmed Ascension. 2.Prestige: 500 Ascension 250A new = 5TP F66= 3 TP and each floor you did and do more give also 3TP +1PP Your XP/Gold boni goes up to 40% Total gain: 8TP,1PP and 40%XP/Gold 3.Prestige: 750 Ascension 250A new = 5TP F67= 3 TP and each floor you did and do more give also 3TP +1PP Your XP/Gold boni go up to 60% 25. Prestige: 6250 Ascension 250A new = 5TP F89= 3 TP and each floor you did and do more give also 3TP +1PP Your XP/Gold boni go up to 500% You still need a 100 Maps here to Prestige again thats are 14Hours of Game play if your fast (8min per Map in Trails) But get to the 25. Prestige first^^ Now you have a total of 125TP form your Ascension and depends on how many Floors you did more i go with basic: 916Tp from floors. Total of 1041TP if you start by Zero Ascension(New Player). Players that had already Ascension will get 50A=1Tp. You had like 1200 Ascension you get 24Tp for that additional. After you hit Prestige 25 we change to progress: You get now only 10% more Gold and XP for each time you Prestige but everything else stays the same. 50. Prestige: 12500 Ascension 250A new = 5TP F114= 3 TP and each floor you did and do more give also 3TP +1PP Your XP/Gold boni go up to 750% Now you have a total of 250TP form your Ascension and depends on how much Floors you did more i go with basic: 916Tp from floors. Total of 4085TP if you start by Zero Ascension(New Player). Cap is anyways by 999 if im right? With this setup we can use the Additional Talent caps immediately without farming a life time for it. The Goals for the Flair and Trails are also considered here. Its also a steady Progression 50.Prestige is Floor lvl 114 and that's what only the best of the best will achieve. As you see Trails(XP-Farm), Onslaught(Requirements-Farm) are both needed for the Prestige. What do you think about it? Leave a like if you want something like this :D Greetings, Xtraknusprig PS: Onslaught has to many Frosty-Cyborgs and Cybrogs. Those make 80% of the Defense in the game useless. The Reset after you Fail a map is insane thats just stupid. Keep your Floor 2/3 lvl at what you did. Insane..
  3. Sure do that. It happens everytime i start any Mastery Map. No Goals or ingame counter for the 30sec. build. The Message that shows if you fail the Map is just like " FAILED: " and nothing else. Maybe a Translation error or a corrupted Codeline . But keep your workpower for the new Update ;)
  4. Is it solved? I still cant see anything :( If you need help with it i have time.
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