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  1. Given how stupidly high the seahorse's damage is, I don't really think it matters. That, and uh - are you sure they weren't poison immune enemies?
  2. Fyi, they're not machines, there's little goblins piloting them. They'd easily be affected by the gas. However, the propellers very likely blow it away, hence no impact on the gobbos.
  3. DST: The animation does speed up. In fact, at exactly the same rate compared to that of MM and FB; the firing animation on all ranged towers is reduced by the same percentage as the displayed attack rate. Going from 1.00 to 0.50 attack rate also halves the animation speed. It's just that DST's attack speed ramp is worse, so the attack rate doesn't improve as fast either plus the animation is fairly long to begin with (the animation is longer than the attack rate, but it does decrease wih the same proportions) I didn't believe initially, but I tested it and you're correct. Currently have a 0.37 attack rate and it's, well.. it's not attacking at a significantly high rate, but it is going faster than I'm used to witnessing. Updating the initial post with just this for now, mainly because I've gotta go run several errands. Bouncer Blockade: Next you'll be asking for it to hit Djinn, Archers and Mages somehow. Maybe it houdl deal damage when a monster hits it, like a spike wall, but the range is realistic to the object in question. Actually, one issue that nobody realises with Bouncers is that the rate of fire doesn't really matter beyond a certain point - eventually it becomes the amount of time it takes for the monster the blockade knocked away to get back. If you can get an ogre into a bouncer blockade's damage range, it is insane - it can't knock them, warriors, or a few other units back (the fattest thing it can knock back really is an orc), so when it's ticking off 5-9 times a second, it really adds up. I simply wish ogres wouldn't start pounding on them until they're within aggro range. Sure, it doesn't matter for trash mobs - but those rarely make it past the lightning aura anyway, save orcs.
  4. I finally did this like, two months ago? It wasn't bad to solo, just irksome. Particularly the moment that flying fat baby started shooting me, although the moment he looked at the defenses it was far easier to obliterate him. Then again, I did use the series EV - spamming the decoy ability did help a good bit in attracting gender mobs (as well as every warrior on the map D:<).
  5. FOREWARNING: This is a mixture of a suggestion and a rant provoked by seeing apprentice towers get a 15% exponential buff. I was hoping Trendy would rework the underused towers in the game before falling to that route, but it seems my hopes were a bit high. Hopefully this post will get some discussion going, and provoke Trendy into tweaking the core class's defenses a bit! Feel free to respond with input and opinions, and I'll gladly update the initial post. I posted something similar to this roughly 6 months ago, but it covered so much ground that it went largely ignored - so I'm going to keep it niche this time, and avoid touching on guardians / monsters / map issues, and stick to the core of the game - tower defense! Let's look at the 4 core classes, and evaluate the towers which never see use aside from a simple gimmick or concept: i. Apprentice: We're starting with the class who needs the least work in terms of tower mechanics / DU balancing. Really, the only thing that players rarely use is - 1) DST - For the DU cost, I've only seen it used in niche situations like shooting down wyverns from a single spawn, like the western wyvern spawn on Mistymire. Issue: DU cost, single-target usability, and relatively low damage for where one would expect to see it (read: killing high-level survival wave enemies in one to two shots). Solution: Fix it so that the DST properly targets something where it's damage will not be put to waste. It could also use an animation tweak, as with 0.37 attack speed (around 1900 in the tower speed stat while being buff-beamed), it's barely attacking more than one and a half times per second. I'd suggest either a functionality overhaul, or a drastic increase to it's damage if one intends to keep it single target. Like, a 900% increase. With a cone of fire as narrow as it is, it really should be whittling ogres away - at the moment it's DPS is strictly inferior to the harpoon and fireball turret, while being single target. The advantage is that it pierces walls and has longer range. Woo. ii. Squire: What towers do you ever use aside from the harpoon? If you don't own the series EV - and the spike wall? Be honest? Let's look at what needs to be changed - 1) Spike Wall - Given how the game has evolved, I'm simply going to parrot what several other players have mentioned with regards to this - it really should be 2 DU. It's a simple barricade that provokes ogres into smacking it, rather than derping endlessly into the EV's physical barrier. Issue:Over-costed in terms of DU. Solution:Lower DU cost to 2. 2) Bouncer Blockade - This is actually a really, really strong tower - watching it work under a buff beam is something to admire. However, they don't have the range to hit an ogre who's decided to wail on it - I'm not quite sure how to remedy this aside from advising that their range stat actually increase how far they can damage things, rather than the range at which they begin to attack. Issue:Unable to hit ogres who have decided to beat down on it. Solution:Either give them the ability to knock back ogres (this will provide a secondary solution to ogres rather than setting up a physical beam for them to grind against), or increase their damaging distance significantly. 3) Cannonball - I love this tower. It's fun as hell, and I've used it.. once, on Magus Quarters survival. Truth be told, I'd probably have been better off with harpoons - because they do more dps, pierce ogres (GUESS WHAT CANNONBALLS CAN'T DO?), and cost less DU. So, why am I using this over the harpoon? I like balls. Issue:Strictly inferior to the harpoon, even moreso in the presence of an ogre. Solution:Make it somehow superior to the harpoon in some aspect. 4) Slice 'n Dice Blockade - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Strictly worse than bouncer blockade. I think it had more base health last I checked, but the same health scaling - so it had like 50 more health? And it does less DPS. At full spin. Granted, this is with enough attack speed and a buff beam to make the bouncer blockade something of a wondrous bumper-car of doom - but the fact of the matter is, it does less damage for twice the DU. Why would I touch this? Issue:Strictly inferior to the bouncer blockade in damage and DU. It also suffers from the BB's issue of being unable to hit an ogre who's decided to club it from out of range. Equivalent health scaling, it should be at least twice as much, given it has twice the DU and less damage (at the moment). It's attack speed scaling only reduces the time for it to hit the max "spin" rate (meaning every .2 seconds, it will apply it's damage rating to all enemies within the radius at max spin). Solution:Buffs across the board for this. Reduce the DU cost possibly. It's god-awful, people only use this if they're playing for the first time or goofing around. iii. Huntress - Truth be told, her towers are used pretty effectively - particularly gas traps for their utility, and inferno for their healthy, constant DPS regardless of range - all while needing virtually no maintenance. However, one tower stands out as being nonexistant in it's usage: 1) Ethereal Spike Trap - Elemental damage while providing less DPS than a proximity mine forces it into a niche usage of 'countering' aerial units. Name 5 spots you can place this trap where a harpoon simply couldn't cover it from better angling? It's just garbage. Issue: Sub-par DPS and elemental damage when compared to a proximity trap. Yes, a proximity trap does less damage at the outer edges - but it also proves it's worth tenfold the moment more than one thing attempts to cross the trap's threshold. This is actually a major issue in survival, given how Trendy coded the wave to suddenly dump several spiders, djinn, sharken, and gobbocopters all simultaneously. You know when you see about 20 spiders fall from the ceiling? Guess what. Solution: This trap simply needs a rework. A spike of damage is almost always going to be considered ineffective - at least if it's only on a single target. One solution would be to remove the trap reset timer - or make it ridiculously tiny, so that it would hastily deplete all it's charges in effort to kill whatever is on top of it. I'm talking a 0.05 or so reset rate. This would justify the elemental property, and dissuade people from trying to abuse it in tandem with a buff beam, given it would likely expire in hasty fashion and take the beam with it (not to mention the huge radius provided with said buff). iv. Monk - Truthfully, after the reworks to enrage and the buffs to the electrical aura in nightmare - he's solid. For a while enrage was garbage because it didn't take the minion's aggro from towers - enrage could be placed near defenses, but even then an enraged creature would simply keep targeting it rather than allies if they were afflicted. This was remedied a while ago, so I've no suggestions here - although tweaking the DU costs back to launch would be amazing, but that's asking a bit much I think, given how amazing electrical auras are.
  6. That's it. I'm gonna make a huge post in a new thread with what they need to do to towers - and not just buffing damage across the board. This is so ****ing lazy. Not saying App towers couldn't use this buff, but I am saying this isn't the right answer.
  7. I wouldn't mind if they took away the ability for copters to be buffed. Usually those are a major threat the moment they happen (as they'll almost always reach their destination to unload the ogre, not to mention the huge amounts of damage their rockets + suicide will do).
  8. From me, I think the best change to make is to let him become hittable from the center of the map because like this, it takes too much time. That's actually a great suggestion. And, you /can/ kind of.. see him, about 20% of the time from the map? But only when he's closer. I do admit trying to see a black silhouette against the void is kind of.. ****ing annoying.
  9. Anyone else feel this is absurdly annoying? It eats up a vast majority of my time - he's quite literally trolltastic in the way he'll start flying into a harpoon's line of fire, then do a 180 and fly the other direction! The earliest I've killed him was with 3 minutes left (after starting his segment at 15 minutes) and I've noticed a few things - 1) The first time I knock him down, I can usually only get in 5-6 million damage before he takes off. The second time? I can crank out 20-25 mil and he's just below half before getting away. This isn't a bug, it's happened three times - why does he take off after taking so little damage on the first knock-out? 2) Please stop letting him hover anywhere that isn't in front of a ballista. Alternately, add 3 more ballistas - there's only 3, and the only one I can consistently tag him with is the top, assuming he doesn't pull a 180. That's it really. He just drives me nuts - it's fairly disproportionate how much time he eats up, especially if I've got 3 bosses right after him. I haven't even reached the Kraken on NM yet - not looking forward to taking down 2 of them with god-knows-how-much-health. tl;dr - Boss Rush Dragon is bullcrap, please fix his flight pattern or tone down how smart he is with stopping just short of ballistas, 'cause it eats up more than half of the entire challenge's time. Have to knock him down 3-4 times while soloing before he bites the dust.
  10. Can you be more specific on whats the issue you're seeing? Perhaps a screen shot or a bit more detail. Once you hit G mission setup appears and you shouldn't really be able to move. I'm not really seeing an issue, and I forgot G doesn't exit the crystal menu. Swap 'G' with 'Escape' and it has the meaning I intended. Snake is simply pointing out that it's a, uh, "hassle" to click nightmare and then escape, then move a bit and hit E to do the Crystalline Dimension map.
  11. This seems like such a minor issue that I don't think it's really relevant. Go to crystal, hit nightmare, check hardcore, hit G, then take two steps and hit E. This is meant to be a 'special surprise' anywho, and I don't think they have a way of hiding what content you can't access yet, given that clump of 4 warping core challenges I'll never pay for still persisting on the screen.
  12. I'm not fond of how little DU there is to go around on the second area. Imagine doing this without the series EV and/or the summoner, good lord. I've already encountered some bugs (particularly with the goblin airship's damage - was one/two-shotting my harpoons on hard), and I do admit it's pretty cool and fun - but that second map in the crystalline dimension is just silly.
  13. How'd you knock it out on Nightmare? I can't get the dragon to ever hover in front of the ballista long enough. I'll probably try again once I have a better huntress weapon for my series EV (mainly to make good use of the charge beam ability to it's full extent, given I have 2 app weapons atm).
  14. I'm expecting them to nerf goblin helicopters in the first hour of release.
  15. Holy smokes, the first good suggestion on the patch-notes page in a few months.
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