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  1. These numbers seem a bit high since they stack with other players but I agree at the same time. The numbers are wayyy low since I have come to realize only a few people really care to take the game to the next level. Even maxed out some of these aren't that crazy. Raise gold/exp for sure. Resetting sucks!
  2. As I mentioned in another forum though, is all the grinding really worth it? I have recently begun to realize how little of us there are to stack these prestige points. Maybe over time it will get better sure but all the time it takes just to get them... Idk. So maybe it should be a LITTLE easier. . . unless you think a lot of people will play for over 1000 hours getting all the points to stack with other players?
  3. I think you have a very good point here. The reset floor is the biggest killer for sure. I know I spent hours trying to do a floor just to fail on the last map every time. I also think it is completely ridiculous to assume that people will have hours of free time to dedicate without breaks or fear restarting. I will start a union just to strike for our rights! lol.
  4. Pretty damn amazing if I do say so! At the same time though... how many players are there with you? Which is even worse on consoles over PC. For the few of us that actually grind this hardcore, don't you think it is a little hard and repetitive for a few points? It is only useful with other people that have prestiged too. I mean even if you had the full 50 points would you say its worth all the work put into it? I mean, I don't know, maybe I am winning with my extra 1% damage. :^) I don´t wanna toot my own horn here, and I might be wrong, but I´m gonna go out on a limb here. I play solo and
  5. I will say having the new map is awesome and we should have more adaptive maps like it but it gets boring very fast. I only say that since it is literally the last map every time you get to the 3rd map on a floor.
  6. I think it's HARD AF. Most people are using Dryad since you can kind of build with no thoughts behind it. Put Hornets way outside reach of being EMP or froze. We should definitely have some tweaks done so it is easier to use other characters. Overall it is achievable though as many of us have made it to 65 across all the platforms. Restarting the whole floor is just terrible though!
  7. There is no way I am going to drop a slot for each item. Just make the current shard pay out more or make a hypershard jackpot.
  8. I really like these suggestions and think they are not that bad to ask for. The ability to at least look at the table when you are not party leader. Too many times I have to remember stuff off the top of my head to describe to someone how to make the proper game.
  9. I also like to grind for the nicer weapons with the right stats and looks. We should not have skins for weapons.
  10. I do agree with having more bags. The main complaint behind the bag space seems to be a different problem though. If we fix the shards and pet food boxes it would be a lot less painful on the bag space.
  11. Hmm... I only fear this would make things a little too OP. Having prestiged, I can definitely say it is very grindy and painful though.
  12. With the wing flair out now I would have to disagree. Did those give you the fix you were wanting? I will say I absolutely love my floor 65 wings!
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