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  1. We've all been there farming for shards
  2. This thing is badass... thanks for all the work that went into putting it together
  3. No... you're guaranteed a 10 every 286 rolls So it should literally be impossible to roll 400 times and get zero 10s Also... don't reroll 9s... 9s are good so use them. If you roll a 9, keep it and grab another servo and continue rerolling that one. It's also possible that you rejected a 10 roll without realizing it.
  4. Very fun update @LAWLTA Poison combo is an interesting game mechanic. Thanks for all you guys do. Hail Chrumbus
  5. 1/219 is 654 for 95%... (or 503 for 90% chance) So this begs the question... how many should it take... or rather maybe how long would be acceptable to find a weapon?
  6. I just did the probability on this. Assuming 1/661 you would have to loot about 2000 of these to have a 95% chance of finding the one you're looking for. (1978 to be exact) And even after you've found one after grinding 2000 of these it may have a bad secondary stat. I agree that's pretty extreme when you consider how much time it takes to loot each one.
  7. Er... yeah... I meant talismans. I hardly use them rn
  8. Would be kinda cool if tokens could reroll secondaries or shot types/speeds.
  9. Special hero weapon vfx ideas: Lightning strikes visual around hero Fire wisps Phoenix thing that appears and flies around the hero occasionally Maybe a snek Ghosts Dark doomish haze that comes and goes Flash of light
  10. I guess rippling explosions could be complicated. I wasn't thinking of that and drain aura seems simple at first glance
  11. Exactly... Drain aura is miniscule damage... But could be useful as a utility option to set up combos and put conditions on enemies
  12. I just want it to drench to trigger controlled burn. And I think it should. The fact that it won't make use of an elemental servo seems like a bug to me. If I want a boost aura just for buffing then I would set up a different separate relic.
  13. The title says it essentially. Essentially if I put drain aura and fire servo together on a relic for a boost aura it should double damage vs frost and proc ignite on oiled enemies. Then it would actually have legitimate uses.
  14. I hope there is some kind of change to the frost dragon in the coming dd2 updates
  15. "Instead of freezing zones, the dragon could freeze the torches and any left unlit at the end of each wave increases Drakenlord's hp by 10% for the 6th wave" - Exglint's idea. I thought it was brilliant. Basically if you never light any torches the drakenlord at the end will have 600% hp... (120% for each wave). So 200m health drakenlord could become 1.2 B additional health if you don't warm the map up. It kinda makes sense. Drakenlord likes to chill, so he likes the map cold. The more torches lit for more waves, the warmer the map gets. I love this idea as it doesn't involve unpreventable lane freezing but turns torch lighting into a strategic choice instead of 100% mandatory chore/hoop.
  16. This would be fine with me: "Instead of freezing zones, the dragon could freeze the torches and any left unlit at the end of each wave increases Drakenlord's hp by 10% for the 6th wave smirk" Exglint's idea.
  17. A different game came out around drakenfrost update and I just took a 3 month break from dd2 assuming the lane freezing dragon would be temporary or adjusted to be much less annoying. I was wrong. And I think part of the issue is that although there is a large proportion of the playerbase that don't like it they seem to have been quiet about it. So I revived the topic on here hoping to bring light on the wishes of much of the playerbase hoping it might bring about a change before dd2 is left in a "final state" There is more I'd like to do in dd2 without the frost dragon freezing my fun.
  18. Something should be adjusted. But I wasn't unsatisfied with onslaught or frost until the lane freezing dragon was added as mandatory and repeated. Although headstrong frost are annoying. I suppose there was some undisclosed reason that they added that mechanic into onslaught and I don't think that reason was "fun" necessarily. Whatever that reason is, I doubt it had anything to do with the average person grinding under floor 300 in mind. But that's the bulk of who it affects.
  19. Project #1 : Make frost dragon breathe candy instead of freezing lanes.
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