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  1. We've all been there farming for shards
  2. This thing is badass... thanks for all the work that went into putting it together
  3. No... you're guaranteed a 10 every 286 rolls So it should literally be impossible to roll 400 times and get zero 10s Also... don't reroll 9s... 9s are good so use them. If you roll a 9, keep it and grab another servo and continue rerolling that one. It's also possible that you rejected a 10 roll without realizing it.
  4. Very fun update @LAWLTA Poison combo is an interesting game mechanic. Thanks for all you guys do. Hail Chrumbus
  5. 1/219 is 654 for 95%... (or 503 for 90% chance) So this begs the question... how many should it take... or rather maybe how long would be acceptable to find a weapon?
  6. I just did the probability on this. Assuming 1/661 you would have to loot about 2000 of these to have a 95% chance of finding the one you're looking for. (1978 to be exact) And even after you've found one after grinding 2000 of these it may have a bad secondary stat. I agree that's pretty extreme when you consider how much time it takes to loot each one.
  7. Er... yeah... I meant talismans. I hardly use them rn
  8. Would be kinda cool if tokens could reroll secondaries or shot types/speeds.
  9. Special hero weapon vfx ideas: Lightning strikes visual around hero Fire wisps Phoenix thing that appears and flies around the hero occasionally Maybe a snek Ghosts Dark doomish haze that comes and goes Flash of light
  10. I guess rippling explosions could be complicated. I wasn't thinking of that and drain aura seems simple at first glance
  11. Exactly... Drain aura is miniscule damage... But could be useful as a utility option to set up combos and put conditions on enemies
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