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  1. thx, im gonna use that stat as reference
  2. Hi guys, im kinda confused with that ancient power stuff. Havn't reseted so far, but the AP ghost says the following: Onslaught floor beaten: 73 Highest achieved floor: 44 Shouldn't my highest achieved floor be also 73?
  3. And we have only 2 types of shards. Base once and fully upgraded. Nobody keeps them in levels between unupgraded and max.
  4. Petstats feel indeed like a drop on the hot stone.
  5. Ahoi, so i just used the drenching shard in my flame aura against a controlled burning lane and it worked fine. Next map it stopped absolutely, the enemies walked straight without any interuption so.... huh? Is this a bug, or was the first try a lucky coincidence caused by some sort of celestial constellation?
  6. That's a very reasonable caveat that I can also get behind. Right behind you guys
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