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  1. I don't see viscous strikes as the problem. It is more of being able to stay in corrupt form for the duration of most waves. Maybe increase the consumption of resources to force the dryad to switch out more often to drop stars and recharge.
  2. I bought 3 DLC's with real money which included millions in gold which I then used to upgrades shards, relics weapons and armor. With the reset they take away stuff you paid for with nothing in return. To me that is akin to stealing. Get a rope boys
  3. Save progress option should be priority number 1. Some of us other needs in the household that need attended to. If it's late at night some us don't have the option to keep redoing the map till we win. This is the number 1 reason I will never do ancient power reset. i have better things to do then regrind all my stuff again and nor being able to save progress.
  4. That map needs another 150-200 du just to better protect the secondary objectives. Unless you get some real easy lanes the best bet is just turtle and be done with it. Try the mastery C7 map for 5 points if you want some real fun.
  5. After beating the map I get 1 Standard campaign shard 1 Choas 1-6 Shard and 1 choas seven shard everytime. Make it have an equal chance to drop a shard from every choas level. Smaller chance to drop a standard campaign shard I don't need anymore freaking standard campaign shards or a choas 7 shard drop everytime I need PT/VE/DS they don't drop in standard or choas 7. Right now it is a small chance to even get one of the desired choas level shard drops
  6. only use for volcano was in mastery. no other good uses that i see. Never really have the DU to waste on it.
  7. Based on other maps little horn valley with 3 air spawns and 5 lanes should have another 200 DU I think.
  8. Will be easier to get to floor 65 once you are able to save your progress
  9. 1 pdt plus 2 cannons = 2 Ramsters - Go with the ramsters. You might have to babysit the lane for the first wave or until you can upgrade the ramsters and wall 1 tier
  10. Would like to see them limit the total number of cybork and geode lanes on a map that has 6 or more lanes. Say a 1/3 can be geode and 1/3 can be cybork.
  11. They should just give out prestige points every 20 levels starting at 65 to see how high players can go. Sort of like greater rifts in Diablo. Just scale up the monster difficulty along with it.
  12. that map would make a great endless dungeon map if you start with 4-6 air and ground lanes then add 1 new/path each wave. Wonder how long it would take till you had every possible path opened up.
  13. I prefer DCD instead of VE on my hornets. I trade a little less upfront damage for a much higher crit damage.
  14. Hopefully this gets patched on Tuesday hate to put up with this replay 3 map crap for another week
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