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  1. So, I have had a lot of bags for god knows how long. Got grandfathered in on a lot of things since buying the game during the beta phase... but I have some friends who are now just starting to play. Got through the campaign with them, they got the 600 gems (or whatever the real money currency is called)... and a new bag is 640 gems. This was a face palm moment. Two bags is not much at all when you think of how many shards there are out there. Can we at least make that first bag 600 gems so that new people can get a 3rd bag as a reward for completing the campaign? Keep all the rest 640, but
  2. Thanks so much for this. After burning badges to respec heroes when range gambits seemed to do nothing, I've been too afraid to put any points into that stat. Now I can look and see which ones it will help.
  3. +1 ...Though of all the things that need to be fixed, I'd rather a few other things be focused on first.... but as a general quality of life thing... yes please.
  4. After the most recent patch I went in with some of my friends (3 total, haven't tried 4 yet) and it seemed much better. We were able to survive, and I actually thought it was nice playing a hard map with them and trying to work out tactics / roles. I didn't feel like I was better of soloing, and that's the important part. Will keep my eye on how things feel, but so far so good!
  5. If it wasn't a logistical nightmare and a trip across an ocean, I would take you out for those ribs.
  6. +1 Yes. Right now I have a serious problem with the shard system. In the Dev steam last like... December? they said there was too much RNG in the game for finding gear (which I agreed with) and they wanted to make that less... now we have shards, which are GREAT. Don't get me wrong, I love the shard system... the problem comes that I work my butt off in Chaos 2 or 3 for 20-30min to get a campaign shard... or worse a gun witch shard. I'm not Ascension level 120, and I feel like I"m still missing somewhat basic Chaos 1 shards that almost feel required to have a hope of getting into Chaos 3 witho
  7. I also have problems with this. Right now I have friends that I want to play with, but if I do, the defenses just can't handle the enemies at all. So right now I have to choose between playing Chaos 3 and maybe getting better gear / progressing.... or I can choose to play with my friends. It is impossible to choose both right now... it's really discouraging because it makes me feel like I can't play with my friends.
  8. To keep siege rollers from feeling weaker and weaker, but still have traps be a thing you aren't afraid to upgrade, how about they super stun traps? Like for 30-45 seconds? It's not destroyed, you don't instantly lose all the mana you put into upgrading, but you still have a penalty for a while for letting it get that far?
  9. First off, I'm really happy with the changes they announced today as a quick fix. Yes it will create a meta at the top tier, but not everyone is there yet anyway. This at least makes the game feel playable again until they can implement a bigger change. +1 all the way for the themed lanes, it does mean more hero swapping up front, or it could (sometimes) just mean playing with other people means there isn't just one builder and everyone can chip in a little which could be really cool.
  10. Bug fixes are good. Can't wait to see the blog post :)
  11. While I did post earlier about my displeasure about where things are now (and for the record still feel that displeasure), they did say they have more changes coming. I agree that maybe the order of these changes is very inconvenient, but I don't think the game will die. Let's just take a break for a while, let some things settle in after a huge update, and I'm sure it will be fine. When all these kinks are worked out, I really think things will be better than they were before. I hated how gear was before. This is a step in the right direction. Some of my friends hated how easy things were be
  12. I'm crossing my fingers that these changes they have coming soon involve being able to use other heroes again... They went and gave the monk a new aura... but you can't use Auras past Chaos 1... might as well give me the serenity aura back because soon it will just be walls that heroes stand in front of and kill as much as they can before they die. I love the new challenge.... I like that I had to build things to shoot shield goblins in the back instead of the face. I liked that I could think again of new ways to defend. I got to try hero defenses I hadn't touched for a while, and I got to pl
  13. Where are the Counsel Events posted? I'd like to participate, but I can't find them.
  14. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Ltearth/Sex_Counterparts_Revealed! Post by someone else: The consoles should be getting it soon. Here was the response: Username* The simple truth is, patching Console is very time consuming and expensive. As an Indie company we get 1 free patch. Then it's something like $10,000 a patch. We can NOT support console like we can PC. If we want to patch Steam... we can do it within a few hours for free. If we want to Patch Console, we have to fork over a large sum of money, go through the submission process, see if we are approved, then m
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