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  1. Hmm, kinda all makes sence, I agree that the Stat boosts need some work on how we'll aply them, the portal gun dosn't pose a problem though (I use it to screw with the AI all the time, DEW's jump in to lava for it.) but sadly I have no idea, since noone from trendy has posted on here I'm not sure if it will happen.
  2. Little of topic no? and yes now I think about it calling it Secondary Weapons would have been better.
  3. it was simpler to just post up a answer and seem like I was playing stupid, than ask him and seem stupid fullstop.
  4. ~facepalm~ Elemental towers, towers that identify with a specific element, EG, the mages fire tower, the huntresses inferno trap, monk's lightning aura.
  5. Yeh but removeing all the elemental resists ruins the idea of placeing different towers instead of just one, it compleetly brakes the game where as two weapons dosn't.
  6. could you add; http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?28457-Dual-Weapon-Slots it would help with traffic.
  7. Or maybe even let people have a "booster" weapon. They are happy because they get their 50 hero damage(2% dps) Im happy because i can have 2 different weapons: melee/ranged monk, physical/elemental squire, physical/elemental apprentice, ogrekiller/trashkiller hunt Its not like a booster weapon would be that good increase, so why not just let them? I know i wouldnt complain about that guy doing 102k dps while i could only do 100k dps, because i would be able to bring another useful damage weapon Example: Crystal tracker(aoe laser) for trash, van wolf(OP) for ogres and bosses well its up
  8. Support the idea, but there is one thing i dont agree with: If you only got the stats for the active weapon, that would make a mess for hybrids i think Edit: The example is in effect right now, go check it at item box between waves Makes sence, would be helpful as well. I'm fully behind that.
  9. I'm not sure about everyone else but reacently I have been haveing more and more moments where I think 'I need that weapon just for a little while' mid round. So I would like to ask Trendy if the could provide a perchasable secondary weapon slot in which you could store a second weapon and swap it with your current one and vice versa mid round. It would allow for a much more versatile carcture and much more diverse stratagies for the long range carctures. For the monk and squire it would allow them to be more helpful in given situations that go against there current equipment. The weapon bonus
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