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  1. Well Hailminon, you could be crazy like me and refuse to use weaponmans imagine the fun like that. I myself can barely bring myself to log into to just do my daily quests anymore because of the unplayablity of that map. My real concern. DD1 had this issue on survival mode. I don't know how it was on Xbox but it would lock up my ps3 95% of the time while attempting to get a giraffe. DD2 has it worse. It's the map itself and a map that you are forced to play to advance. DDA? DD3? Any and I mean any at all unaddressed long running gameplay issues like this will be the end for me.
  2. Well 100mil is a good start for sure. But the fastest/laziest way to ap reset is to just buy your gear right back up and run a c7 map to unlock floor 28. But that ofcourse only really works up until ap 15 or so. But you can also skip a few and save a bunch if u add in an onslaught map after reset. By leveling up a random set of gear to unlock c7. I believe once you hit ap 7 or 8 you naturally unlock c7. And there's no need to level your gear up. Disclaimer-- it's been a long time since I was ap<10 so my numbers are probably off by a bit
  3. Floor 150 should be doable with the only trouble being the lag of the lost temple. For every floor that you complete you get 12 levels addes to your minimum. Provided you go above your highest completed floor. Where you're at now is fine. But what are you looking to do ? Once you start the ap grind it's expensive to stop. The First 10-15 can go rather fast. If you have the resources and gold you can get burn through them in days.
  4. My only disappointment was not a single gunbroom or canister. But saying that is still crazy as I have no intention of giving up the absolute zero for a long time. ;)
  5. Chances are yes, you may be wasting your time. Leaderboards are a bit of an after thought. mastery especially. With introduction of mods mastery became much easier. Because of this I don't think the leaderboard gets updated as the game has changed alot since the first week race to complete.
  6. Click here for more info. Mobs just like frost, but for storm instead ?? ;)
  7. Reset mastery haha uhm yeah not for me thx. To go through that again ? Nope no thank you
  8. And here I thought they were busy counting all those DM they've been getting since the holidays have started ;)
  9. Lost me at except Gunwitch I'm still waiting for the books to be fixed. They've been broken for quite some time now
  10. Well for headstrong there's not to much to counter them. Either raw dps kill them before they kill you. Or the new frost weapons can freeze them off a player. That of course requires a 2 player min tho
  11. Sadly no only works on freezing and ogre snot slow
  12. Ya know I understand that stacking shards may be an issue. But what about the unopened shard packs? Sure it's not ideal but it could go a long way to help with the inventory management stress.
  13. 1500 should be just fine, floor 80 doesnt require excessive amounts of ascension. That's if you're intention is to reset a few times. But more Ascension never hurts ;)
  14. Yup and since the update dropped we've had a new mod every week. Dunno how many more if any there are before the cycle restarts
  15. All pirate mods are obtainable. But only on the pirate maps. As far as frost fire dunno. Depends on how many mods there are in total
  16. You have to complete the campaign first. It gives you a quick all be it small tutorial. Once your gear score for your best character breaks 400 you should be able to start c1 expeditions. Adventure is an extension of the campaign sort of. Don't bother with mastery until you have a few of the necessary shards. As far as chaos 8 gear is concerned that's for late game onslaught floors 150+ maybe even 200+. A guide? Sort of we have a few good sources that on can check. Juicebags is definitely one he puts out a lot of updated content on a regular basis. The discord server can be a good place and the wiki itself is currently getting a massive facelift by a team of highly active players with dev support.
  17. I don't use 2 I use 3. I'd use 4 but splitscreen gets rather laggy. It's not just console. PC can do it aswell. As far as the drops are concerned I just finished an ap run from 50-80 not a single 10 mod dropped. The only drop of value I got on that run was a single c8 amp.
  18. Split screen from my experience becomes quite bad above floor 50ish. There's just to many mobs. Smaller maps work fine but larger maps like the temple are rather laggy
  19. I've only seen this happen when using my 95% tenacity on my frosty beams and put them directly into harms way. The more the negative status stack the worse it gets
  20. For your consideration. In onslaught after a certain floor maybe floor 50 or really any floor above chaos 7. Instead of a campaign, c7 and one random shard. Can we have three random shards instead? After a player reaches a certain point in the game nearly every campaign and c7 shard gets turned to dust as they're generally not needed due to how frequently they are obtained in late game activities.
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